December, 2015
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Am I the only one who wants to dance at the return of satsuma tangerines every year? And the persimmons, pomegranates and pears, too? Winter fruit is delicious and colorful, sweet and versatile.  I hope you are enjoying this abundance from the earth. And also from the earth, after the little bit of rain we've had so far, new green grass is sprouting on the edges of trails! Spring comes to Marin in November, cold temperatures notwithstanding.  Watch for milkmaids blooming in the hills before the end of the month. Wishing you a peaceful, loving heart filled with gratitude and joy in these last few weeks of short days and long nights.

Book News

Saturday, December 5 - Book Reading
Micheal Bedar at Open Secret Bookstore
At 8:15 PM on Saturday, December 5  Michael Bedar will be reading from his new novel Sweet Healing at Open Secret Bookstore, 923 C Street, San Rafael.  The book is about a man whose encounters with a mysterious neighbor lead him to a path of healing and health.  Dr. Will Tuttle says that the book is "a heart touching and inspiring novel about holistic approaches to healing diabetes. . . . uplifiting and potentially transformational."  And Jia Patton says it is about "where the extraordinary becomes the ordinary."    The book provides seven proven tips for overcoming health obstacles, and includes suspense, adventure and wisdom. Congratulations to Michael on publishing this first novel!

Tuesday, December 8
Dr. Michael Greger's Book Launches
How Not to Die, a new book by Dr. Michael Greger of, will go on sale on December 8. If you pre-order the book or the audio book before then, you can enter a drawing for prizes. Go to for more information.

Off The Reservation Named One of Best Books of 2015
Now Available as Audio Book
Glen Merzer's satiric novel about a vegan politician's run for the White House has been named one of the best independently published books of the year by Kirkus Review.  This prestigious publication about the publishing industry included Off the Reservation as a best book of 2015 after publishing a rave review of the book in its newsletter.  And if you would rather listen to the book than read it, Off the Reservation is now available in an audio version. To buy the book at Audible, go to  Here is the review:

Culinary Magic in Italy with Miyoko Schinner
Miyoko Schinner will be leading a culinary trip to Italy in September, 2016 with Vegano Italiano Tours and Green Earth Travel.  Limited to only 22 people, the trip will be to the "heel of the boot"  in the south of the country, the region of Puglia. Highlights include vegan cooking classes, wine tastings, local markets, beautiful towns, caves, guided tours and more. To get more information and to sign up, write to or call Donna at Green Earth Travel at 301-229-5666.

Getting Out of the House
While it is tempting to curl up with a good book and spend your free time at home in the winter, if you want to be social, there are many good options.  A cooking class, a book group, drinks with vegan friends . . . find all this and more at     For a vegan pizza party and outreach at a farmer's market, take a look at   And in Sonoma County, you will find potluck dinners on the third Monday of every month and other fun outings at   Be sure to check these sites regularly for more events that might entice you to leave your house and socialize with kind people.

Which Side of History Are You On?
James Corcoran of New Mexico is the co-founder of VegFund (  and Plant Peace Daily (, two stellar not for profits that promote a peaceful, vegan way of life.  His recent article in the Santa Fe New Mexican is well worth reading.  It is called Going Vegan is Being on the Right Side of History. Read it here and share it widely:

Turkeys Sold at Whole Foods Market
A nine month investigation of a major supplier to Whole Foods Markets revealed horrific conditions for turkeys.  Contrary to what Whole Foods marketing tells its customers, turkeys sold at their stores lived squalid, awful lives.  Here is the well written, scathing report written by Michael Goldberg, Leslie Goldberg, and Wayne Husing from Direct Action Everywhere:   This report is a good reminder to be wary of marketing ploys that tell you an animal was "humanely raised."

Best Burger of the Year
GQ magazine has named a New York City vegan burger the best burger of the year! Read about this wonderful news for the future of burgers at   The winning burger is a creation of Brooks Headley of Superiority Burger restaurant in the East Village.  For a slide show about the burger and a review of the restaurant, go to       Closer to home, I vote for the plant burger at the Plant Cafe in Strawberry Shopping Center in Mill Valley. 

More Good News About the Future of Meat
Former McDonald's CEO Joins Beyond Meat
I was delighted to read that a former McDonald's CEO has joined the board of Beyond Meat.  Let's hope that Don Thompson's experience selling McDonald's burgers will help bring Beyond Meat to the same level of popularity that the murderous fast food chain achieved. To read more about this, go to

Mark Bittman Joins Purple Carrot
The former New York Times columnist and author of VB6 has joined a vegan meal kit delivery company called The Purple Carrot.   Bittman is not a vegan, but he knows that more and more people want more and more of their meals to be vegan and prepared at home.  Learn more about his new role at this new company at   Sign up for delivery of pre-measured ingredients and recipes for three meals a week serving two people ($68) or two meals a week serving four people ($74)  at


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