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November 2015

Thanksgiving is on the 26th of November this year, but I like to express gratitude every day.  Naming and acknowledging our blessings calms the mind and opens the heart. 

May we be thankful for the abundance and variety of nourishing food on our plates at every meal. And especially on Thanksgiving, may we be mindful of the privilege of having so many choices, so much food, and so many people with whom to share this bounty.  

Having enough to eat is something we take for granted, but food security is not available for many people in Marin and around the world.The SF-Marin Food Bank provides food for those who struggle to buy food.   You can make a gift to them at or bring canned beans, veggies or soup to the  Food Bank at 75 Digital Drive in Novato or to the many barrels they provide throughout the county.  Let's remember those who are food insecure during this season of plenty and throughout the year. (See also the piece below about A Well Fed World under the heading Gift Giving Season.)

Thanksgiving Celebrations
Almost every year, between now and Thanksgiving, someone posts an invitation to a new Thanksgiving dinner celebration either on or  There is already one posted on meetup for Thanksgiving day in Mill Valley at Christine's house (filling up fast).  When you RSVP to attend any event, be sure to notify the host if your plans change. There is often a wait list, and it is rude and unfortunate if you don't change your RSVP in time for someone else to take your place.  Be thoughtful around this, please. And enjoy your celebration wherever and whenever you give thanks.

Saturday, November 21
Thank the Turkey Day at Animal Place
The sixth annual Thank a Turkey Day will be celebrated at Animal Place in Grass Valley on Saturday, November 21.  The barns open at 11:00 AM, and the turkey feeding begins at 1 PM, at which time you can have your photo taken with a turkey.  At 1:30 guests will caravan by car to The Grange (12629 McCourtney Road) where the festivities continue with coffee, tea and snacks.  Animal Place executive director Kim Sturla will welcome you, and then bestselling author Jeffrey Masson will speak about "How Animals Are Our Emotional Superiors."  Dinner will be catered by Sanctuary Bistro and begins at 3:15.  To view the menu, go to  The cost is $65 for adults, $45 for children (under 2 years old, free).  For more information and to purchase tickets, go to

Saturday, November 21
Benefit at Muir's Tea Room
At 7PM on Saturday, November 21, there will be a benefit Thanksgiving holiday dinner, a three course, vegan feast, at Muir's Tea Room in Sebastopol.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Compassionate Living.  To make a reservation sign up at   If you have not been to Muir's Tea Room yet, you are in for a treat.  This totally vegan, beautiful restaurant offers yummy soups, salads, sandwiches, tea, treats and more.   Muir's Tea Room is at 330 South Main Street in Sebastopol.  Check out their web site:

Sunday, November 22
Peaceful Protest for the Turkeys
Santa Rosa
During Thanksgiving alone, more than 45 million turkeys are eaten.  From 1:30 until 1:00 on Sunday, November 22, Compassionate Living will be protesting the suffering, slaughter and sale of turkeys at the Whole Foods Market at 1181 Yulupa, Santa Rosa.  For more information go to  To learn more about the routine abuse and slaughter of these beautiful birds, and to see a recipe for a turkey-free Mrs. Gobble-Good's Golden Brown Pie, go to

Thursday, November 26

3:00 PM
Compassionate Thanksgiving Potluck Feast
Santa Rosa
On Thanksgiving day at 3PM join the good people from Compassionate Living, Sonoma's veg group, at their annual compassionate Thanksgiving Vegan Potluck Feast. This festive celebration of abundance and gratitude happens at Monroe Hall, 1400 West College Avenue in Santa Rosa.  To learn what to bring, and to find out more, visit  They remind us that you don't have to be a vegetarian or a vegan to attend, so bring your friends regardless of their usual diet.

Field Roast Introducing Two New Stuffed Vegan Roasts
According to, Field Roast is adding two new varieties to its holiday roast line. Look for Smokey Forager with a pineapple/mustard glaze and a new, two pound Celebration Roast with traditional bread stuffing and porcini mushroom gravy.  These should be at Whole Foods Market in time for Thanksgiving, but call ahead to be sure. For more information, go to

Michele Simon and New York Times on Just Mayo/USDA rift
Michele Simon's  excellent article about the brouhaha surrounding Just Mayo and the USDA can be found at     Since that was written, the CEO of the egg board has stepped down, having been caught trying to stop Whole Foods from selling  Just Mayo.  Read the New York Times piece about her departure at

World Health Organization Says Processed Meats Cause Cancer
The WHO looked at 800 studies and concluded that processed meat (hotdogs, ham, sausages, bacon, canned meat, corned beef) increase our risk for cancer.  There will undoubtedly be naysayers who find fault with this report, which was published in The Lancet at the end of October.  To those who doubt or who choose to ignore these findings, I suggest that they look at the myriad studies that show the connection between meat and heart disease, gout, strokes and many digestive disorders.  Send these people to and have them browse.  To me, the most important reason to stop eating meat is that it hurts and kills innocent, young animal just to satisfy humans' habitual preferences.  There is no medical or health reason to eat animal products. There are more than 10 billion reasons to stop. (10 billion land animals are killed for food in the U.S. alone each year.)  Read about this most recent study at

Herbivore on Divisadero Closed
Herbivore is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. The menu is large, and the choices seem limitless. Everything is vegan and delicious.  I'm sorry to report that the Divisadero restaurant has closed. Both the Valencia Street and the Berkeley restaurants remain open. If you learn anything more about why the Herbivore location closed, please let me know.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Veg Society
Hats off to the San Francisco Veg Society on their successful World Veg Fest celebration last month! What a professional, well run, two-day extravaganza that was. Terrific speakers, fabulous food, great entertainment, and wonderful exhibitors.  If you are not yet a member of SFVS, you are missing out! Go to to become a member and support the many programs and good work of this 40+ year old and thriving organization.

Dr. Joel Kahn on Eating Wisely
Dr. Joel Kahn, author of the Whole Heart Solution,  was a recent guest at the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend.  Dr. McDougall  shared excerpts from Dr. Kahn's very informative and inspiring talk about preventing heart disease with wise food choices. Watch it here:  You can sign up for Dr. McDougall's free, monthly newsletters (that usually include good recipes) at:

Gift Giving Season
As the frenzy for gift giving begins in earnest this month, I want to suggest an alternative.  A wonderful not for profit organization called A Well Fed World  has the dual mission of feeding people and saving animals.  They offer grants to and partner with local organizations in more than 200 countries, including the United States, for projects that help people and animals in dire need.  When you receive mail from other organizations that ask you to buy a sheep for an impoverished family overseas, toss that mail and go instead to this marvelous organization.  AWFW's research and advocacy highlight the food security benefits of pro-veg policies and food choices.  Look at their impressive work at their website:

If you make a donation to this organization - or to any other not for profit of your choosing - you can then send a card to your friends and family members saying that a generous gift to  that organization has been made in their honor this holiday season. Then write one line about that group's work (find the language on the website of the organization) and invite the recipient to learn more about their work. This just may open some hearts and minds to a plant based perspective.  At the very least, it will save wrapping paper, shipping, and shopping for stuff people don't need.

Another idea for gift giving is to adopt a turkey. You don't actually have to take care of your adopted turkey, but your donation of $30 provides for food and veterinarian care for the birds at Farm Sanctuary.  To learn more about adopting a turkey, go to

The Animal User's Lexicon
Thanks to United Poultry Concerns, for sharing an interesting piece by Joel Marks from the University of New Haven.  This is a lexicon of words used by people who don't consider animals as beings worthy of respect.  It is a little snarky, well written,  and totally entertaining.


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