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September 2015

The roads are crowded with cars again. It's not quite as light outside when we wake up, and the end of summer is in sight on the new calender page.  May we know patience, joy, and good health in this season of change.

Friday, September 11
Meet Chief Mate on Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker
At 1 PM on Friday, September 11 at the Marin Humane Society (171 Bel Marin Keys, Novato) Adam Meyerson, the chief mate of the ship Bob Barker, will be speaking about his life's work saving whales.  Adam Meyerson grew up in the Bay Area and has been part of Sea Shepherd since 2010.  This talk is a meetup event, so if you plant to attend, please rsvp at  To learn more about Sea Shepherd, look at the piece in the last (August) newsletter of Marin VEG called Great Writing, Vegan Heroes, Terror and Tragedy on the High Seas at  

Sunday, September 27
Vegan Basics Cooking Class
Syndee Collison of San Rafael is offering her popular Vegan Basics Cooking Class on Sunday, September 27 from noon until 4 PM. (The Beyond the Basics class will be held on Sunday, October 18.)  For more information about this hands-on workshop and the creative, delicious dishes you will create, write to Syndee at or call her at 415-215-9802.  People who took this class last year are still raving about it!

Cecil the Lion

Colleen Patrick Goudreau wrote a very short, compelling blog piece about Cecil the lion who was killed by a bounty hunter.  Colleen widens our perspective to see why his death makes headlines while the lives and deaths of billions of  other, equally majestic animals remain in the shadows and out of our circle of concern.  Colleen frequently reads her concise, insightful essays on KQED.  Read it the Cecil piece here:

Just Mayo Now a Target of FDA
As you read here a  few months ago, Unilever dropped its law suit against Hampton Creek Foods. The giant food company that makes Helman's mayonnaise claimed that Just Mayo could not call itself that because to be a mayo, the product had to use eggs in its recipe.  Now the Food and Drug Administration is taking up the same argument and telling Hampton Creek Food that it may not call its egg-free mayonnaise Just Mayo.  Time magazine wrote about this new development on August 25. Here is the link:    The good people at Compassion Over Killing suggest that we write to the FDA - politely and professionally - to ask them to create a safer, more sustainable food system and not waste tax payer dollars  threatening a start up that is helping people eat less cholesterol.  Here are three contacts at the FDA:;;

When Vegans Won't Compromise
Last month I wrote about Gary Francione's abolitionist views on animal rights.  Soon thereafter, an op-ed piece was published in the New York Times that disagreed with the abolitionist point of view.  Bob Fisher and James McWilliams argue that more animals will be spared if more people cut back on eating animals, and that vegans who insist that everyone go vegan are missing opportunities to save lives.  At heart I want all animal slaughter to end asap, and the abolitionist view resonates with me. But the pragmatic voice in my head can understand this other point of view, too.  I've heard that maturity is the ability to hold conflicting points of view. I guess I'm mature that way! The Times piece is at

Carol J. Adams
I am honored to have co-authored two books with Carol J. Adams and to know her as a friend.  Twenty five years ago, Carol J. Adams wrote The Sexual Politics of Meat, an important and still relevant book about how society views both women and animals as commodities. A 25-year anniversary edition is being published this year, and Mickey Z of CounterCurrents has interviewed Carol about her work.  In this interview you will see the brilliant mind and compassionate heart of Carol J. Adams at its best. Carol explains the absent referent, many kinds of privilege,  why all work for social justice is interrelated, and why it is vital to respect the "primary emergency" on which each good cause is focused.   The Sexual Politics of Meat is so enduring and so influential that last year Lantern Books published an anthology  of essays by women whose lives, art and relationships with animals were informed by that seminal book.  That book is called Defiant Daughters.    You can read the interview at:

Hold the Date
Walk for Farm Animals on Saturday, October 17 in San Francisco
Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals is scheduled for 10:00 AM Saturday, October 17 in San Francisco, starting at Marina Green.  Gene Bauer, co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary will be speaking that morning. You can register now at     To register on line the fee is $15.  That will go up to $25 on the day of the walk.

Web Sites Worth Knowing
Many people ask me what web sites I recommend, so here, in no particular order,  is a partial list. These sites provide information, share the good work of terrific organizations, and inspire me to continue doing all I can to spread the vegan message.          Food Empowerment Project Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Animal Animal Place Sanctuary in Grass Valley, CA A Well Fed World The latest in nutrition research Knowledge, science, ethics, compassion Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine Compassionate Living (Sonoma County Veg Group) United Poultry Concerns Where to meet others Events, restaurant guide, more Exposes routine practices of so called "humane" meat production San Francisco Vegetarian Society (events, discounts, dinners, more) Colleen Patrick Goudreau's web site Farm Animal Rights Movement


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