August, 2015
Marin Vegetarian Education Group

August Addendum:

How could I omit the most exciting event of August?!

The Sonoma County VegFest will be held on Saturday, August 15 from 10 AM until 5 PM at Finley Community Center (2060 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa). This wonderful celebration of all things veggie will be bigger and better than last year, and last year was spectacular!

The line up of speakers will tempt you to stay all day: Colleen Patrick Goudreau, author of The 30 Day Vegan Challenge; Mark Hawthorn, author of Bleating Hearts; Jack Norris, RD, Ulka Argawai, MD; and Priya Sawhney from Direct Action Everywhere. And don't miss the cooking demos, exhibitors, food vendors, and terrific volunteers who are making this event possible.

To learn the schedule of speakers and more about the VegFest go to

Mary Oliver wrote a very simple poem that I love: "Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it."
I am astonished that August has come again so quickly, and that the lizards on the trails are so small and so fast.
May each of you enjoy the warm weather in good health and in the company of other beings who astonish and delight you.

In July I had the privilege of speaking in Johnstown, PA at the North American Vegetarian Society's annual, five-day gathering known as Summerfest. Among the other speakers were dozens of well respected medical doctors, chefs, authors, registered dieticians, film makers, animal rights activists, educators, fitness coaches and experts on vegan living.  While everyone I heard and met was inspiring, one speaker in particular impressed me with his succinct and logical argument for veganism.  Animal rights attorney Gary Francione, author of Eat Like You Care, offered this way of thinking:

If you believe that animals matter morally and that it is wrong to inflict  unnecessary suffering on animals, then veganism is not an option, it is a necessity.

He asks those who believe that animals matter morally why they make exceptions for pleasure, amusement or convenience. Wow. I like how direct and clear this is. And given that medical science shows clearly that a plant based diet is beyond adequate and even beneficial for our health, all suffering and killing in animal agriculture is unnecessary.  Gary Francione describes "moral schizophrenia" at his excellent web site   And on his (still in progress) web site he offers wonderful recipes and advice, encouragement and common sense perspectives for people who want to align their behavior with their belief that harming animals is wrong. Check out the why vegan section of this site; it is powerful.

7-Eleven Switches to Vegan Mayo
While it is highly unlikely that you will start buying sandwiches at 7-Eleven stores, those who do shop there will now be eating Hampton Creek Foods' vegan Just Mayo brand mayo on their sandwiches. Consumers probably won't know the difference, even though Just Mayo has won blind taste tests against leading brands of mayonnaise.  Read more about this exciting development (Think of the hens whose lives will be spared!) at
The 3 minute video that is linked in the story is worth watching, despite the annoying advertisement at the beginning of it. You will learn about other new products that are in development at Hampton Creek Foods and their vision for feeding a world whose human population continues to grow.

Great Writing, Vegan Heroes, Terror and Tragedy on the High Seas
The New York Times recently ran a series of articles about illegal fishing -  a ten billion dollars a year enterprise - in the world's oceans. They tell of human abuse, slavery, murder and suffering entailed in this industry and the demand for fish as food that keeps these ocean-destroying, life-destroying practices in business.   The most recent of the stories, published on July 28, is a thrilling account of vegan heroes pursuing a vigilante trawler that is wanted by Interpol for illegal fishing. Evading icebergs, surviving 50 foot waves, boarding a sinking ship, facing down industrial sized violators of international law are all part of this edge-of-your-seat article that I think deserves a Pulitzer Prize.  This is one of the most dramatic and suspenseful pieces I've ever read in either fiction or nonfiction.  Read it at 
The earlier articles in this series chronicle the abuse of human slaves in the fishing industry and other abuses of both humans and sea animals. You can read them at    Be sure to keep these eye witness reports in mind when someone tells you "I only eat fish." 

August 12 Deadline for Nominations for
Unsung Vegan Hero Award
The Pollination Project is accepting nominations for this year's Lisa Shapiro Award for Unsung Vegan Heroes.  Read more about this award, the nominating process, and the good work of The Pollination Project at  The Pollination Project is an unusual, forward thinking not for profit that offers seed grants to change makers around the world whose projects promote compassion.  The Lisa Shapiro Award for Unsung Vegan Heroes is only one of the Pollination Project's inspiring campaigns.  Look at their web site and consider supporting their beautiful work.

Friday Dinners and Sunday Brunch at Citizen Fox
Because of the success of their pop up dinners and twice monthly brunches, Citizen Fox is now serving weekly dinners on Fridays and brunch every Sunday at 2293 Mission Street in San Francisco. This location is very close to the restaurant that is still a few months away from opening, but the food, service and ambiance are top notch even before the restaurant itself is ready to welcome guests.  Brunch hours are from 10:30AM to 3PM on Sundays. Friday dinners are from 6:00 to 10PM.  For more information contact

New Book by Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C.
Karin and Rick Dina, two wise and compassionate doctors, have written a new book.  The Raw Food Nutrition Handbook: An Essential Guide to Understanding Raw Food Diets is now available in paperback and on kindle at     For those of you who have been with MarinVEG for many years, you may remember when Dr. Rick Dina shared his conference room with us years ago in San Rafael.  This dynamic duo continues to teach and support raw vegan living throughout California and beyond. To sign up for their free e-newsletter, write to

Once a Month Vegan Indian Food in San Rafael
On the third Sunday of every month, Lotus Chaat in San Rafael creates a totally vegan buffet for lunch at its San Rafael location (1559 Fourth Street). This is a brave undertaking, and Marin Vegan Meet Up gathers at 1:00 on those special  Sundays to show support and to enjoy scrumptious vegan Indian food at a reasonable price.   Even if you don't join the meetup group, you can enjoy this vegan buffet every third Sunday.  They are open from 11:30 until 8 PM on Sundays.  And if you do go with meetup, you will dine with warm, kind people whose company you are very likely to enjoy!

Great News from San Francisco Vegetarian Society
The new president of SFVS, Greg Rohrbach, is a nurse at the V.A. Hospital in San Franccisco. He has arranged for every patient who is discharged from their cardiac care department to go home with a copy of the film Forks Over Knives! Isn't that exciting?!  Sign up at for the newsletter from the San Francisco Vegetarian Society.  Learn about their upcoming World Veg Festival, November 3 and 4 and other programs they run throughout the year. 

Reminder: and are two web sites you might want to look at at least once a month. Sign up at both to receive their bulletins and learn what is going on in the Bay Area and in Marin.

The American Society of Nutrition was not formerly known as the American Dietetic Association, as mentioned in last month's newsletter. It is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that was formerly The ADA. Thanks to Michele Simon of Eat, Drink, Politics for correcting me.


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