Marin Vegetarian Education Group
July, 2015

There is so much to read and to do this month! Enjoy the warm weather, stay hydrated, and as always, check and frequently for more activities throughout the month.

Saturday, July 4
Picnic in the Park in Cotati
Join the fun folks of Compassionate Living at 1 PM at La Plaza Park (Old Redwood Highway and W. Sierra Avenue) in Cotati for vegan barbecue with all the fixings. You bring a picnic dish to share, and they will  supply the burgers and hotdogs.  To reduce waste, please bring your own utensils and serving utensils, plus a folding chair if you like. Blankets will be provided if you prefer to stretch out on the ground.  To ensure sufficient food, please RSVP at      Also note: July 4 is Hope Bohanec's birthday, so if you want to bring a card, that would be a nice touch. Hope is the author of The Ultimate Betrayal and a leader of Compassionate Living.

Sunday, July 12,
3 - 5 PM in Oakland
Miyoko's New Book Launch Party at Millennium
Miyoko Schinner's new book, The Homemade Vegan Pantry; The Art of Making Your Own Staples,  is already in its second printing and will be featured in Time Magazine! There will be a launch party for the new book at the new Millennium Restaurant (5912 College Avenue, Oakland) on Sunday, July 12 from 3 until 5 PM. Tickets are $25 and help support another of my favorite not for profit organizations, The Factory Farming Awareness Coaliton (  Buy your tickets at  Appetizers and drinks will be served.  If you stay for dinner, you will receive 15% off your dinner bill. Recently I enjoyed a dinner at Millennium:  exquisite food, a beautiful space, and just over the border from Berkeley.  Learn more about The Homemade Vegan Pantry and buy a copy at

Citizen Fox Open for Brunch
They are not yet in their permanent home, but Citizen Fox will be serving brunch on two Sundays in July at 2293  Mission Street at 19th in San Francisco. Just come by between 11 AM and 3 PM.   This creative and scrumptious restaurant is working on its new space in the Mission and will open soon for dinner. Meanwhile, they have been catering many parties for good causes and offering pop up dinners with different themes. The restaurant will be worth waiting for, but don't wait! Enjoy brunch in July and discover what new and exciting foods will be featured when Citizen Fox finally opens. 

July 13 - July 27 - Marin Humane Society
School Supply  Drive for Farm Workers' Children
If you do nothing else this month, please do this. Buy  one (or more) new school back packs for a child of a farm worker. Bring it to the Marin Humane Society, and mark it "Attention Cindy Machado." Drop it off at the Humane Society (171 Bel Marin Keys, Novato) whenever it is open between Monday, July 13 and Monday, July 27. Hours are 10  to 5:30  on Tuesday through Sunday or 10 until 7 Wednesdays. (not on Mondays when the MHS is closed).   This one act of generosity and kindness will make a huge difference in the family of someone who picks your strawberries or harvests your kale.  Thanks to The Food Empowerment Project ( for this very necessary and much appreciated annual campaign to help the families of farm workers. To learn  more about this campaign and to see what else is needed, go to\\%27s&utm_campaign=How+can+school+supplies+help+farm+workers%3F

Sunday, July 26
The Art of Survival, A Covert Vegan Art, Music and Food Festival
San Francisco
Members of are hosting a fundraiser for the San Francisco Veg Society's World Veg Fest in the form of an art, music and food festival. All the food will be vegan, but the v word is not to being used in the hopes that people from everywhere on the food spectrum will attend. Will Tuttle will be speaking, and lots of creative musicians will be performing. This festival will be at The Public Works (161 Erie Street, off Mission). The fun starts at 3 PM and tickets are $25, plus another $75 for the VIP reception.  Learn more at To buy tickets, go to  And for more information, contact Andreas at

Amy's Drive Through Fast Food Restaurant
Rohnert Park
Some time in July look for a new vegetarian fast food Drive Thru restaurant in Rohnert Park from Amy's. Well known for their frozen burgers, pizzas, pot pies and other vegetarian and vegan convenience foods, Amy's drive thru will offer vegetarian and vegan options that mimic - but far surpass - typical fast food fare. Read more at

Alaska Vegan Cruise
Sign Up Now for September Trip
If you want to visit Alaska and enjoy delicious vegan food, take part in vegan parties and cooking demos, meet top vegan chefs and enjoy the company of other vegan travelers, sign up now for the September 19-26 sailing from Seattle to Alaska. Stop in Juneau, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria, BC, and take part in excursions at every port.  Sail with Marin's own Miyoko Schinner and her extraordinary cheeses, New York's dessert and pastry queen Fran Costigan, Vegan Black Metal Chef and The Vegan Zombies.  Prices start at $1260 per person for double occupancy.  Contact Vegan Vacation at 800-253-1984.

Forks Over Knives Announces a New
On-Line Cooking Course
Register now for a new on-line cooking course from Forks Over Knives.  The August classes are filled up, but there is space in course that begins September 9. If you want to learn how to prepare very healthy vegan food, and if you were inspired by the film or book Forks Over Knives, this course is for you. Go to  to learn more about it and to sign up. I could not find a price on the site, so perhaps it is free. Maybe your search will be more productive than mine.

Dr. John McDougall's 10 Day Program
August 14-23

Because these programs sell out, I am including this August event in the July newsletter. Dr. John McDougall will be hosting a ten day program in Santa Rosa in August featuring experts in health, weight management, and healthy eating. A refundable $500 deposit will hold your place.  For more information visit

Humane Facts, a Terrific New Web Site
Among my favorite not for profits is A Well Fed World ( Now this life-changing organization has launched another fantastic web site:  This is a great web site for people who think that "humane," "grass fed," "free range," and other feel good labels are proof that animals are treated well on small farms.  Check it out and share it with your well meaning, yet misguided friends.  Most people do want animals to be treated well, and most people believe the labels tell the truth.  I am grateful for this new web site, as it is easier to browse than a book, and its images and truth telling are powerful.

Big Food and Nutrition Association in a
Conflict of Interests
Once again, Michele Simon of Eat, Drink, Politics has written an important report. This time she focuses on how the American Society for Nutrition (formerly the American Dietetic  Association) has a cozy relationship with some of the largest food companies that produce some of the least healthy foods on the planet.  Junk food and beverage giants are sponsors of much research that benefits their bottom line at the expense of clean science.  As distressing as it is to read about such flagrant hypocrisy, I am grateful for Michele Simon for bringing this terrible alliance into the light.   Read her well written report at

Great Video from Colleen Patrick Goudreau

On Media, Beyonce, and Veganism
Thank goodness for the common sense, wisdom, and timeliness of Colleen Patrick Goudreau's work. Watch here to see her response to the media frenzy, backlash, and vegan critics of Beyonce's move to veganism. Learn how the media's perspective has changed over the years, and how vegans are their own worst enemy when they don't acknowledge that everyone does vegan his or her own way.  Watch it at

Wise Perspective from
Virginia Messina, The Vegan RD
I love this piece by Ginny Messina, my co-author on Never Too Late to Go Vegan whose blog is called The Vegan RD. She writes about overselling the health benefits and beauty benefits of vegan diets, and the harm we do when we tout veganism as a fountain of youth.  You can sign up to receive monthly articles from The Vegan RD, and you can read this particular piece at

Feminism, Food, and Miss Piggy
My other brilliant co-author on Never Too Late to Go Vegan, Carol J. Adams, wrote an insightful essay about Miss Piggy, women, meat and how they are all related. Read it at

McDonald's Sales Down
The San Francisco Chronicle reported last month that McDonald's sales were down in the U.S., Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.  And - no surprise - that this would be the last time that McDonald's would report its monthly sales figures!

Chickpea Brine as Egg Replacer
This was new to me, and I have not tried it myself.  But slate reported last month that the brine from a can of chickpeas can be used as an egg replacer. If you try this, let me know how it works out.  Read the article at


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