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June, 2015

This month we will celebrate the summer solstice. How will you enjoy the longer days, the light evenings? I will attend the Fairfax farmers' market (on Wednesdays), and enjoy hiking before dinner instead of after breakfast.  This week I saw dozens of blooming soap plants, a species whose blossoms only last one night. The flower opens  late in the day, so if I had stuck to my usual morning hiking schedule I'd have missed their graceful, exuberant display.  However you enjoy the late spring/early summer, I wish you good health, good times, and much to be grateful for. (For more on the soap plant, visit

June 1 - 15
Online Charity Auction to Benefit
Vegetarian Resource Group

This first entry below is copied verbatim from the Vegetarian Resource Group one of the most respected sources for information about veg living. The group offers college scholarships to veg activist students, has an influential presence at nutrition and medical conferences, is a media source for statistics and facts about vegan and vegetarian people and products, and publishes Vegetarian Journal.  They are a good cause to support, so check out the items in this on line auction and have fun helping VRG.
Bid on unique products from your favorite veg-friendly companies for a good
cause at The Vegetarian Resource Group's 1st Annual Online Charity Auction!

June 1st through June 15th, 2015, The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) will
hold an online fundraising auction via Ebay Giving Works where 100% of each
item's final bid price will be donated to The VRG. Funds from this event will
be used to help offset the costs of printing and shipping our vegan and vegetarian-based
educational materials, which we have provided to activists, professionals
and organizations around the country, for over 33 years, free of charge!

The link to the auction will be shared on our [website] ( and [Facebook
page] ([ ]) the day it goes
live on June 1st at 10 AM. If you would like to receive sneak peaks of all
the amazing vegan goodies being offered in this auction please RSVP on Facebook
at: [ ]

Please note that only amounts paid over the value of the item is a charitable
deduction since you are receiving a benefit for your purchase.

If you have any questions about this event or you are a veg-friendly business
that would like to donate an item please contact our Outreach Coordinator,
Nina, at

Friday, June 5, 8:30 PM
Screening of PlantPure Nation in San Francisco
Dr,. T Colin Campbell (The China Study) and his son Nelson are behind a new film , with help from the producer/director/writer of Forks Over Knives. PlantPure Nation will open in theaters on July 4, but an early screening will be shown in San Francisco at the Presidio Theater (2340 Chestnut Street) at 8:30 on Friday, June 5. The movie tells the story of an innovative grassroots and political effort to spread the message of plant based nutrition.  To buy tickets, go to
In addition to the film as an educational tool, it is intended to launch a nation wide network of groups committed to spreading the message of plant based eating in local communities.  The goal is to transform mainstream society around the issue of health and diet. Wouldn't that be a dream come true? Let's help make it happen!  To watch a trailer for the movie click on The Film at   

If you go to the film, you may want to visit a good, small, casual vegan restaurant nearby (2240 Chestnut Street) called Seed and Salt.  They are open until 8 PM. Also nearby is the original Plant Cafe, like the one in Mill Valley.   Not a vegan place, but they offer plenty of wonderful vegan options, including a "plant burger" that is my favorite veggie burger. (3352 Steiner, off Chestnut).

June 5 and 6  at Animal Place
Farmed Animal Conference
Visit to see the schedule of speakers, workshops, and other activities planned for this first of its kind event at Animal Place in Grass Valley on Friday and Saturday, June 5 and 6.  If you ever wanted to open a shelter, or if you want to learn how and why they operate, this is the place to be. Learn about how to start a shelter, the emotions of farmed animals, how to educate visitors about nutrition,  how to use the media, and much more.  On Saturday Jack Norris, RD, is leading a workshop on vegan education at 10:00. John Robbins will be speaking about The Food Revolution at 1:00 and Dr. Will Tuttle about The World Peace Diet at 2:00. Lunch will be available for sale from Citizen Fox (see Restaurant News, below).  You must register if you plan to attend, also at

Saturday, June 7
Bake Sale and Fundraiser for Marin Humane Society at Veggie Grill
11:30 - 2:30
Enjoy delicious, vegan baked goods from professional bakers and home chefs, and help raise money for the Marin Humane Society starting at 11:30 on Saturday, June 7 in front of Veggie Grill in Corte Madera.  This sweet event is part of a Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale.  If you want to contribute baked goods, learn more about baking vegan treats at Thanks to Colleen Patrick Goudreau for providing these excellent tips for baking without eggs or dairy.  The bake sale will be in front or  Veggie Grill in Corte Madera's Town Center shopping center (next to Safeway).

Saturday, June 7
11:00 - 4:00
Eat at Veggie Grill
- They Will Donate to Marin Humane Society
In addition to providing the space for the bake sale in front of their restaurant, the good people at Veggie Grill will donate 50% of their food and beverage sales to diners who mention the Marin Humane Society that day from 11 AM until 4 PM. So even if you don't want the sweets by Cinnaholic, Hannah's Edible Art, or Obsessive Confection Disorder (makers of the official vegan confection this year at the Academy Awards Lounge), you will still want to visit Veggie Grill to eat good food while helping our great, local humane society on Saturday, June 7.

Sunday, June 28
Summer Soiree for Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
From 4 until 6 PM on June 28 at a private home in Ross, The Factory Farming Coalition will be hosting a soiree with great hors d'oeuvres from Citizen Fox and Miyoko's Creamery, drinks, and music.  Celebrate this fabulous not for profit whose brilliant strategy works. FFAC knows that most people acknowledge that factory farms are terrible. So they use that as their foot in the door, and once invited to speak at schools, civic groups meetings, and other venues, they educate people about all animal agriculture and its toll on our environment, workers' rights, public health, and animal lives. Additionally, FFACoalition trains volunteers to be terrific public speakers, so the message can be spread far and wide.  The group just learned that their hard work with student groups at UCLA has resulted in a 5-week pilot program for one dining hall at UCLA to go completely meatless on Mondays.  Learn more about this incredible not for profit organization and buy tickets ($25) at

Republic of V in Berkeley Now Owned by Animal Place
The popular, all-vegan variety store Republic of V (1624 University) in  Berkeley is now owned by Animal Place, and all proceeds will go to supporting the two farmed animal shelters run by Animal Place in California. Stop by for vegan themed t-shirts, snacks,  groceries, cosmetics, personal care products, dog and cat food, and other cruelty-free specialty items. Berkeley has many great vegan restaurants, including Cha-Ya and Herbivore. And University Avenue also boasts a few excellent thrift stores. My favorite is Out of the Closet (1600 University), very close to Republic of V.  A trip to Berkeley is now an even better way to spend an afternoon.  The old website is, but the new name will be Animal Place's Vegan Republic. Here is the announcement from Animal Place:

Restaurant News

I was sad to learn that Radiance in San Rafael has closed. A review on Yelp mentioned that the owners were going on sabbatical for a year, but I have no further details. Does anyone else know why it closed or whether it might return in the future? Thanks for letting me know.

And I am happy to report on upcoming vegan dining opportunities just over a bridge or up the freeway from Marin:

Watch for a new kind of fast food restaurant in Oakland this summer called Core Kitchen. The entire menu will be made from fresh produce. Read more about this upcoming, unusual dining option in this article from San Francisco Business Times:  
And thanks to Karen Stanley for telling me about the Vineyards Inn in Kenwood in Sonoma County.  About ten miles east of Santa Rosa on Highway 12, this non-vegan restaurant has a separate all vegan, all organic menu, and Karen says that the food is "outstanding, delicious."  The owner is considering even more vegan choices, especially for dessert.  I will most definitely give it a try the next time I'm near Santa Rosa and looking for a new dining adventure.  8445 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood; 707-833-4500;

As you have probably already heard,  Millennium will be opening in Oakland some time soon (Late summer? Fall? We don't know yet.).  The new location will be 5912 College Avenue at Chabot, and I am eager to see what chef Eric Tucker has in store for the new incarnation of this award winning restaurant.

Finally, while we eagerly await the opening of Citizen Fox, a new vegan bar, restaurant and brewery coming soon to the Mission district in San Francisco, the owners and chef have been offering pop up dinners to try out new recipes and menu ideas. Look for updates, invitations and alerts at

Book News and Events
Hope Bohanic's important book The Ultimate Betrayal was the subject of the nationally syndicated comic strip Six Chix on May 28.  What great press attention for this wonderful book about why small farms, organic farms, and so called "humane farms" are still awful for animals.  I don't know if the May 28 piece will still be up at this site, but you can try looking for it at

A new book called Will Travel for Vegan Food by Kristin Lajeunesse recounts the adventures of a young woman who set out to eat at every vegan restaurant in the country.  The author took two years, visited 48 states and ate at 547 vegan restaurants.  She found freedom, love and self discovery while sampling vegan food from coast to coast.

If you want to read the Will Travel for Vegan Food and discus it with others, come to the Bay Area Veg book club meeting on June 25 at 6:45 PM at the Vallejo Bookstore (628 Main Street, Vallejo)

Then, in July meet the author, Kristin Lajeunesse, and hear about her experience at 2 PM on Saturday, July 25 (note: July, not June) at the Vallejo Bookstore (628 Main Street, Vallejo).

One of my favorite authors (Main Street Vegan; Creating a Charmed Life; The Love Powered Diet and other books) is Victoria Moran. She has a new book out, The Good Karma Diet, Its subtitle offers a bold promise: Eat Gently, Feel Amazing, Age in Slow Motion.  The book is a great introduction to vegan living, with a strong emphasis on eating a lot of unprocessed food and a high raw (not totally raw) diet.  She discusses all the issues around animal rights, health, and the environment, and also has recipes to help readers align their eating with their ethics.  Victoria's writing style is gentle, inclusive, persuasive, and inviting.  I love her writing as much as her message, here and in all her other books, too.  Included in The Good Karma Diet along with the author's story of finding health and losing weight - and maintaining her weight loss for thirty plus years - are stories from many people whose good karma and vegan living combine to enrich their lives. I am pleased that my own story is featured along with many others.  I love the back cover copy: "...The Good Karma Diet reveals that the secret to looking and feeling great is quite simple: Treat our planet and all its inhabitants well."

Join Miyoko in Italy This Summer
For eight days and seven nights this summer (July 18-25), you can tour Southern  Italy with Miyoko Schinner and Tierno tours.  This is part of the first ever Vegano Italiano festival and looks like a terrific trip.  The fabulous itinerary begins and ends in Naples and includes castles, cathedrals, music, hikes, world heritage sites, and vegan food, wine and more.  For more information, contact or call 704-699-5619  And whether or not you will be going to Italy, check out for special offers and promotions on their delicious vegan cheeses and their give back program that donates 1% of internet income to great not for profits every month.
The Vegetarian Health Institute ( offers on-line seminars, news, and referrals to local cooking classes, raw food classes or health counselors. I have followed their good work for years.   Their vegetarian mastery plan draws on well respected RDs and chefs  and other experts, including Marin's own Meredith McCarty, and my co-author Virginia Messina, RD, MPH. Also consulting for this fantastic organization are Dr. Michael Klaper and Sonoma's Jill Nussinow.  For lessons in optimum nutrition and interesting articles about practical health, you will not find a better resource.  Recently VegHealth shared the news that McDonald's in April reported a 30% drop in profit for the first quarter of 2015 and that the chain has closed 700 locations so far this year.  See the  next paragraph for more about falling demand for meat.

Leather Tanners Bemoan Less Meat Eating
Thanks to Paul Shapiro of HSUS for sharing this article from Bloomberg news about the leather industry. Apparently, because meat sales are down, leather profits are down, too. And the leather industry is not happy. Here you can learn about the value of leather to the meat business, and see from a leather shoe lace producer's point of view how the tilt toward eating more vegetables and less meat is taking a bite out of the leather industry's bottom line.

Hold the Date
The Sonoma County VegFest will be held on Saturday, August 15 starting at 10 AM at the Finley Community Center (2060 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa). Stay tuned for details about who will be speaking and exhibiting.  Also, watch  for updates.

As Always
To find additional events in June,  be sure to check out and  These two sites are updated regularly.


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