May 2015
Marin Vegetarian Education Group

This newsletter is early because I'm going to Florida at the end of April to visit my mom. (I wish we had half of Florida's rain!)   Please be sure to look for more local events at and at, both of which are updated frequently.

Food Revolution Summit - Free - Now
It started on Saturday, April 25, but you can still sign up to listen for free to John Robbins' and Ocean Robbins' new Food Revolution Summit. Hear interviews with Dr. Neal Barnard, Sir Paul McCartney,  Frances Moore-Lappe, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and many more leaders in health and food justice.  There will be three interviews every day until May 3. To learn more and to sign up go to    You will be offered the opportunity to buy the series as a whole, but you don't have to; you can simply sign up to listen for free.

Saturday, May 2
Food Empowerment Project
Barbecue Party and Fundraiser

An afternoon barbecue, kid-friendly, great music, totally vegan, and celebrating of the the 8th anniversary of The Food Empowerment Project (  Local vegan luminaries will be there too:  Colleen Holland of VegNews;  authors Mark Hawthorn and Colleen Patrick Goudreau, Animal Legal Defense Fund co-founder Joyce Tischler, and many more.  Buy your tickets at  and plan to have a wonderful time!

Wednesday, May 6
Gene Baur at the Marin Humane Society
The co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur is the author of a beautiful new book, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life. Filled with 100+ vegan recipes from well known vegan authors (including me and Miyoko Schinner), the book includes heartwarming stories about rescued animals and helpful sections on growing food, eating on the cheap, helping the environment and other important topics.  Gene Baur will be speaking at the Marin Humane Society from 7 to 9 PM on Wednesday, May 6. The event is free at the Humane Education Center at the Humane Society (171 Bel Marin Keys, Novato)

Friday, May 8 - Deadline for Comments to USDA
Only one week is left to send a comment to the USDA, urging them to accept the recommendations of the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Committee. 
This is the first time that the environmental and health consequences of eating meat are being addressed. Encourage the USDA to adopt the recommendations in the committee's report.  Write your comments by clicking on "submit comments" at

Hold the Date, Sign Up Now
June 5-7 Animal Place
Farmed Animal Conference
John Robbins and Dr. Will Tuttle will be speaking at a Farmed Animal Conference in June at Animal Place in Grass Valley. The Farmed Animal Conference will include workshops on self care and compassion fatigue, starting a sanctuary, and more. Vegan nutrition will be taught by Jack Norris, RD, and Miyoko Schinner will be teaching a cheese making class.  Hold the date and sign up now:

San Francisco Bans Performing Animals
In April the supervisors in San Francisco voted to "protect wild and exotic animals from cruel and inhumane treatment and to protect the public from the danger posed by the use of wild and exotic animals for entertainment."  The ban does not cover domestic cats or dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. But it does mean that lions, tigers, bears, elephants, sea lions, ferrets, dolphins and ostriches would not be allowed to perform within city limits.  This is a terrific development for animals who have been made to perform in circuses and other "entertainment" venues.  Supervisor Katy Tang introduced the ordinance, and the board of supervisors voted unanimously to support it. Hooray for San Francisco! May the rest of the country follow their lead.

Fish Feel
A marvelous organization called Fish Feel ( is calling attention to the enormous cruelty and environmental degradation caused by fishing. Fish are often the least talked about animals when animal rights are discussed, yet more fish are killed for food in the United States every year than chickens and all other land animals combined (60 billion fish and 40 billion shellfish), not to mention the other sea life - turtles, birds, dolphins - who are killed as "bycatch."  Fish Feel is educating people about mercury, dioxins, parasites, saturated fat, cholesterol and other hazards of eating fish.  Also, they are educating people about the fact that fish are sensitive, sentient beings who suffer tremendously at human hands. Aquaculture (farmed fish) and overfishing diminishing populations of wild fish are causing irreparable damage to our oceans and complex ecosystems.   Founder Mary Finelli had a letter to the editor published in the New York Times in April. I am so excited that fish have such an eloquent and passionate  advocate in her! Read her letter at    Then check out Fish Feel's informative and inspiring web site, and support this terrific organization.

Dr. Michael Klaper's Medicine Capsule
Long time health and vegan advocate Dr. Michael Klaper writes a monthly bulletin he calls a health capsule. Dr. Klaper has been advising vegans on their optimal health for decades, and now he is one of the physicians at True North Health in Santa Rosa.  You can read the current issue of his health capsule at 
To subscribe to this free, monthly email bulletin, go to

Drought and Animal Agriculture
Now that California is in its fourth year of drought, it seems more important than ever to learn the connection between animal agriculture and water use.  The excellent web site spells out the sad facts of water use and raising cows for dairy and meat. is a great site to forward to friends who still eat meat or drink milk.

Dove and Pigeon Adoption
Squab is a beautiful bird raised for food. Doves are often used at weddings, magic shows and other events. Palomacy ( is a wonderful not for profit working to educate people about the abuse of doves and pigeons, and helping people adopt these gentle birds.  They provide vet care, find foster homes and help with adoptions of domestic (unreleasable) birds that would otherwise be killed in Bay Area shelters.  If your heart is open to loving birds, consider getting to know one through Palomacy.


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