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March 2015

When I  forget (frequently) to dial 1-415 before local numbers, I marvel that the flowers remember to bloom every year.  Despite the need for much more rain, especially outside of Marin County, feel free to celebrate with me the return of the poppies, blue dicks, popcorn, irises, geraniums, shooting stars, mission bells, hounds' tongues and more floral friends. I am savoring the green hills dotted with these colorful  visitors. 

This Saturday, February 28 from 5 to 10 PM
Eat at Veggie Grill; Earn $$ for FEP
The Food Empowerment Project will receive 50% of all proceeds at Veggie Grill in Corte Madera this Saturday night. Just mention Food Empowerment Project when you order, and the restaurant will make a generous donation to this marvelous not for profit.  Learn more about FEP at And I hope you will come to enjoy good vegan food and raise funds for this great not for profit.

Socialize with Others for Good Health
Socializing has been shown to slow cognitive decline in older people.  Having something to look forward to once a week or once a month, attending a meeting, or just having tea with a friend can prolong your life. People who have planned events to share with other people live longer and more happily than those who don't socialize, even when the stay-at-home folks eat well.  Be sure to visit and to find events throughout the month where vegan-friendly people are gathering. On the fourth Wednesday of every month a group meets for dinner on C Street in San Rafael at Radiance. Check out the meetup calendar for details and to sign up.  Every Wednesday night in San Francisco, the San Francisco Vegetarian Society hosts a buffet dinner from Wellness Central with good food and an interesting program or speaker following the meal. For more information on that and other scheduled events (including Vegan Iron Chef on March 19), go to and click on their calendar of events.

Transforming Aging Summit
March 3 - 5, free on-line
John Robbins and Ocean Robbins and the Food Revolution Network are hosting a free, on-line event March 3 - March 5.  Experts on conscious aging will share their wisdom on living with passion and purpose.  The talks are free if you listen in real time, and there will be opportunities to pay to get recordings of them.  They will be teaching practices for inner growth, vitality, and health.   Learn more  about this summit and register for it at

Student Essay and Art Competition
The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition is a terrific organization that is spreading the word far and wide about the dangers to ourselves and our planet that come from animal agriculture.  They are sponsoring a contest for students up to 18 years old. Participants are asked to submit an essay or art piece on the topic "How would you envision a world in which people's diets are plant-based, and what impacts would this have on our planet?"  The winner in each category will win a prize of $1,000.  To learn the rules and regulations go to    

Two Minute Video Well Worth Watching and Sharing
The same organization, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, has created a very simple, very strong, short animated video about water use and animal agriculture.
Watch it at  Share it with your friends and family and help us save water while we save animal lives. 
You can also watch a half hour youtube video about FFACoalition and their good work at

Melanie Joy's Ted Talk
You will not regret this! Watch Melanie Joy, Ph.D., author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows doing a Ted talk from Germany. She is brilliant. There is one short piece toward the end that shows animal cruelty, but she warns you before it is shown, so you can close your eyes at that point. Mostly, she explains Carnism, the hidden belief system that says it is acceptable to eat certain animals and not others.  Whether or not you have read her book, this presentation has much to offer. 
Go to

Foie Gras Correction, New Dietary Guidelines
Thanks to Michele Simon of Eat, Drink Politics for pointing out an error in my reporting last month about foie gras in California.  According to Michele, an attorney who specializes in food industry issues, only the sale of foie gras is now legal in California, not its production.  She thinks that the media miss this detail in most reporting (I sure did), and that there will likely be an appeal that will again restore the ban on selling foie gras in our state.  You can read Michele Simon's most recent essay, a rallying cry to defend the new dietary guideline recommendations for the USDA at

Forks Over Knives On-Line Cooking Course
Register in March for the on line cooking class from Forks Over Knives that will begin in April. These will be whole foods, plant based cooking lessons.  It was not clear to me if there was going to be a charge for this course, but you can learn more and sign up at

Good Essay on Animal Rights
"All Forms of Life Are Sacred"
I send  gratitude to Nancy Lowen for pointing me to this well written piece by Chris Hedges for the web site truthdig.  In it, he writes about his  interview with Gary Francione, a well known animal rights attorney whose way of explaining animal rights is clear and compelling.  Learn how we can frame the factory farm vs. small farm arguments in terms of fundamental issues of justice. Read the article at:

Ginny Messina Interview and Article
One of my co-authors of Never Too Late to Go Vegan is Virginia Messina, MPH, RD.  She writes a wonderful blog at, and last month she was interviewed by Marla Rose of The Vegan Street Blog. Here is a link to her interview:
And here is a link to a recent piece she wrote about why some people "fail" at being vegan:

Hold the Date: Saturday, April 4
Conscious Eating Conference in Berkeley
Animal Place, United Poultry Concerns and the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy will be sponsoring the annual Conscious Eating Conference in Berkeley at the David Brower Center on Saturday, April 4. Guest speakers will explore ethical eating from many perspectives, and both a continental breakfast and a full lunch will be included.  See the speakers and the schedule and register now at  This conference tends to sell out, so be sure to sign up sooner, rather than later.

In-law Unit for Rent to Vegetarian
A small studio in-law unit in northern San Rafael is available to rent. It has a private yard, private entrance, private bathroom and small kitchen plus use of the main house's kitchen if you are a vegetarian (no exceptions).  The rent is $1250 a month, and the unit is 350 square feet. For more information, contact Louise at 415- 472-7786.


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