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December, 2014

Rain!  Rain! Rain!
What a wonderful, wet welcome to December.  New grass is sprouting on the edges of trails, and the hills are starting to turn green.  May the rain continue to drench our parched land.  And may this month of darkness returning to light bring us more nourishment than frenzy, more gratitude than greed.  Wishing you a happy celebration of whatever you celebrate and many peaceful, nourishing moments to savor.

Birthday and Farewell Dinner for Dixie Mahy
Dixie Mahy has been running the San Francisco Vegetarian Society ( for most of its 45 years of existence.  She is stepping down as president as she celebrates her 80-something birthday, and there is a party in her honor at Loving Hut at Stockton and Vallejo in San Francisco this Tuesday, December 2 at 7 PM. If you want to attend please call Tom Flynn at 574-7788 to rsvp.  Whether or not you can come, please join me in congratulating and thanking Dixie for her decades of inspiring service promoting a plant based diet in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.  You can contact Dixie at

Events in December
As always, be sure to check frequently with and also with and to find events for socializing with other vegans this month.  Many of these require an RSVP and some have a size limit, so be sure to sign up asap if you want to join the fun.  Among other things at meetup you will find a free screening of Cowspiracy in San Anselmo on Monday, Dec. 8 at First Presbyterian Church; a Cookie Exchange in Mill  Valley on Saturday, Dec. 13;  and a lunch at Lotus Chaat in San Rafael on Sunday, December 14.
The Best News On The Comics Page

Vegans have a new supporter and a great advocate in Wiley Miller, creator of the comic strip Non Sequitur.  In the week before Thanksgiving, a character in the strip was hospitalized for a heart attack. The doctor told him that the only alternative to surgery was to eliminate meat and dairy. One day in the cartoon, the doctor even recommended the film Forks Over Knives. On the comics page!!  Watch that strip to see if Miller returns to the vegan theme. Evidently he himself was persuaded by Forks Over Knives to change his diet.

Non Sequitur joins Bizaro (by Dan Piraro) and Mutts (by Patrick McDonnell) as a pro-vegan presence in daily newspapers all over the country.  If you don't read a paper with comics every day, you can find these comics on line at  Wiley Miller's strip can be found at   Leave a comment there if you like what you see.  And if you want to write to Mr. Miller directly to encourage him to keep the vegan message coming, he can be reached at  When I wrote to him, he answered pretty quickly and thanked me for the support.   He told me that many other readers were not as pleased as I was to see his support for a plant based diet in Non Sequitur.

Bright Aisles, Dark Alleys
Tashi Namiya is a Buddhist monk who is on the board of Dharma Voices for Animals. On November 21 he gave a very short talk to the Richardson (Texas) Interfaith Alliance, and he shared the text with me. I was moved by the beauty and wisdom of his words. You can read his talk here. It's called Bright Aisles, Dark Alleys.

New Vegan Eatery in Sebastopol Soon
A new Tea Room/bakery/gift shop - all vegan - is supposed to open in downtown Sebastopol this holiday season. It's called Muir's.  Watch for the opening at
And if you know anyone looking for a vegan commercial kitchen to sublet, contact Muir's Tea Room at 707-823-1031, ext. 3 for more information.

Miyoko's Cheeses Now Available at Retail Stores
If you have fallen in love, as I have, with Miyoko's Kitchen's vegan cheeses, you can now find them in many retail stores. Look for them at Northern California Whole Foods Markets, The Good Earth in Fairfax, Rainbow Market in San Francisco, and Republic of V in Berkeley. Ask for them if your favorite market does not yet carry them. What a treat to be able to buy  cheese that is non dairy and non harming and so remarkably delicious!

Easy Real Meals: Healthy Meals That Are Ridiculously Simple and Taste Great
Free On Line Course in Living Foods
Learn 20 simple breakfasts, dinners, lunches, and desserts from leading chefs and home cooks in healthy eating.  Jennifer Cornbleet, author of Raw Food Made Easy for One or Two People, is hosting a who's who of raw food experts at a free on-line seminar.  Here are the teachers:

Dr. Rick Dina, D.C., co-founder of and of Science of Raw Food Nutrition Certification Courses

Melissa Costello, author of The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook

Mark Reinfeld, author of The Thirty Minute Vegan

Natalia Rose, author of The Raw Food Detox Diet and Detox 4 Women

Cherie Soria, founder of Living Light Culinary Institute

Nomi Shannon, author of The Raw Gourmet

Victoria Moran, author of Main Street Vegan

Russell James, premier raw chef in the UK, founder of

Adele McConnell, founder of

Alissa Cohen, author of Living on Live Food

Talya Lutzker, author of The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen

Elaina Love, founder of

Sign up at

Mayonnaise Fight
We know that vegan food is making headway when major corporations feel threatened by its popularity.

Now that Hampton Creek's Just Mayo has become successful, the makers of Best/Hellmans Mayonnaise are taking Just Mayo to court! An egg-free company is being sued for calling its egg free mayo mayo.  Read about this breach of common sense and grab for money in Michele Simon's blog Eat, Drink, Politics: 

Chance to Win a Free Tofurky on Facebook
Bay Area Veg ( is offering a chance to win a free Tofurky feast. If you are on Facebook, go to and tell them who you will share the Tofurky with. Then like that page and you will be entered to win a Tofurky.


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