Marin VEG September Newsletter
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Marin VEG
September 2023

Welcome September!  The cool nights are the envy of all my east coast friends, and I am grateful for the nightly respite from the daytime heat.  Read below to learn about new books, new restaurants, two festivals, an article on bio-tech meat, how to write in support of the elk at Pt. Reyes, and an important update from John Robbins about his health.  May the new month bring many blessings.

Sunday, September 3
Bizerkeley Vegan Food Fest
From 11 to 5 this Sunday, visit the 3rd Annual Bizerkeley Food Fest (2727 Milvia St., Berkeley).  I got hungry seeing all the vegan food featured in this recording.  Watch the video from last year's event and learn more at

Sunday, September 23
Sonoma County Vegfest
Celebrate compassion at the Sonoma County Vegfest on Sunday, September 23 from 10 to 3 at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building (1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa). 
Expect excellent speakers, great food, music, and vegan businesses offering their best products.  Details are at   If you want to volunteer, be a vendor or a community partner, email Jessica at

Comments Needed Now to Take Down the Fence at Pt. Reyes
It's time to speak up again.  Please write and ask your friends and neighbors to write on behalf of the elk at Pt. Reyes National Seashore.  Short of eliminating ranching, taking down the fence that prohibits elk from reaching water is the best way - for now- to prioritize the elk over the cows. Until September 25 comments will be accepted on line at or by sending a letter to Tomales Point Area Plan, c/o Pt, Reyes National Seashore, 1 Bear Valley Road, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956.  Try to write today or as soon as possible. Here is the story from the Marin IJ.  For background on the issue go to

New Docu Series: Healing Kitchen; Let Food Be Thy Medicine
A documentary series exploring powerful, medicinal foods for the diseases of our time will be available for free in September.  
Watch the trailer at  and sign up for the series at

New Book from Glen Merzer
Glen Merzer has a new book out that should appeal to people who resist going vegan because they love traditional American comfort foods.  America Goes Vegan; America's Favorite Comfort Foods Made Healthy, with a foreword by Chef AJ and recipes by Tracy Childs, explains how we can make the country safer, cleaner, healthier, more productive and more peaceful through our food choices.  The recipes veganize American classics including mac-n-cheese, pizza, hot dogs (now made from carrots).  Here is a link to Amazon, though you can order the book from any independent bookstore as well. 

New Book by Melanie Joy
Available for shipping on September 12 and for pre-order now, a new book by Melanie Joy is called How to End Injustice Everywhere. Dr. Joy shows us the common denominator driving all forms of oppression.  The same mentality that drives us to oppress humans also drives us to oppress nonhumans, the environment, and even those working for justice alongside us. Pre-order from Amazon at  or request the book from any independent bookstore.

New Vegan Restaurants in Vallejo and San Francisco
I have not yet tried Better Chew Kitchen, the first vegan restaurant in Vallejo, but I am looking forward to doing so.  Strangely, Better Chew Kitchen is closed on Friday and Saturday. It's open Sunday from noon to 6, and Monday through Thursday from 11 to 7:30. Here is the write up on   Here is the yelp site:  Thanks to Sarah L. for telling me about Better Chew Kitchen.

I did try Om Sabor, a new vegan restaurant in San Francisco.  Om Sabor offers the food in the bar called Phonobar (370 Grove Street), and that food was great. The hibiscus flower tacos were delicious, and the cheesecake was the best vegan cheesecake I've had in years. I found the music in Phonobar too loud, but the bar/restaurant seems to be aimed at a younger clientele.  Phonobar is on the same block as Baia, a terrific, vegan Italian restaurant.

Goodbye to Gracias Madre in San Francisco
While still operating in Southern California, the San Francisco outpost of Gracias Madre is closed permanently.

Michele Simon Takes On A New Bio-tech Meat Company
Attorney Michele Simon's latest article for Forbes shines a light on a disturbing new business model by a bio-tech meat company called Omeat.  Michele says: "The company claims to make an "ethical alternative to fetal bovine serum" by extracting plasma from adult cows on a farm.  Yes, you read that right. Plasma. From. Live. Cows. If it sounds crazy it's because it is."

Personal News from John Robbins
If you became a vegan in the 1980s, as I did, chances are that John Robbins' book Diet for a New America pointed you in that direction.  This courageous, compassionate man turned down the opportunity to inherit and helm his father's ice-cream empire, Baskin and Robbins, in order to share with the world the truth about the dairy industry.  Now he continues his journey of telling difficult truths in a video (with transcript) about his new health challenge.  I encourage you to watch the entire video and/or read the entire transcript.  It is quite moving and the message in the last third is important.

In my book Even Vegans Die, my co-authors and I address the sad phenomenon of "disease shaming."  This is the tendency to blame a vegan whenever she or he gets sick. "He didn't go vegan soon enough."  "She probably ate too much junk food."  "He didn't do vegan right." That sort of thing.  I was guilty of this when I was a new vegan.  I attributed my excellent health only to my food choices, not yet realizing that my age had something to do with it as well. John Robbins was afraid that people might lose faith in his message about kindness and health if he shared his story.  If anything, to me, he exemplifies kindness and wisdom in making sure that his legions of fans know that we are all subject to ill health, regardless of how well we take care of ourselves. John shows us a compassionate and helpful way to show up for the hand life deals us.  Here is his story:

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