Marin VEG August Newsletter
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Marin VEG
August 2023

Happy August! The summer so far saw the merger of two terrific animal sanctuaries, the closing of Marin’s only all vegan restaurant, a study confirming that vegan is the diet best for the planet, a new vegan ice cream shop, and news that the fence confining elk at Point Reyes National Seashore may be coming down.  Here are the details and more, along with some upcoming events.

Saturday, August 5
Films and Food With Miyoko
Because of extra work created with the merger of Rancho Compasion and Blackberry Creek, the Films and Food event will be postponed  until some time next year. 

Saturday, August 19
Will Tuttle Speaking in Mill Valley
6:30 PM
Sustainable Homestead is hosting Will Tuttle, Ph.D, author of the bestselling book The World Peace Diet at The Homestead Valley Community Center (315 Montford Ave., Mill Valley) at 6:30 on Saturday, August 19.  The event is free, but contributions are welcome.  Dr. Tuttle's talk is When Compassion Meets Freedom; A Deeper Look at Food, Health, and Animals.  The talk starts promptly at 7:00. Questions? Contact Zhenya at

Saturday,  August 26
Llamas and Pajamas
Family Film Night at Rancho Compasion/Blackberry Creek
Earlier this summer Rancho Compasion merged with another great farmed animal sanctuary, Blackberry Creek. Learn about the merger, about Llamas and Pajamas night, volunteer opportunities and more at

Sunday, August 27
A Benefit for Goatlandia Farm Sanctuary
There are more than just goats at Goatlandia! You can meet some of the sheep, horses, pigs and the one alpaca at this festive fund-raising gala from 4 - 8 PM at Goatlandia's new 38-acre sanctuary in Sebastopol on Sunday, August 27.  General admission is $200 and VIP tickets are $250. For details on the food, music, auction and more go to

Hold the Date
Sunday, September 3
Bizerkely Vegan Food Festival
The third annual Bizerkeley Vegan Food Festival will be held from 11AM to 5 PM on Sunday, September 3.

Hold the Date
Saturday, September 23
Sonoma County VegFest

At the Santa Rosa Veterans Building from 10 AM until 3PM Compassionate Living will host the annual VegFest.  Learn more and get tickets ($10) at

Fence at Point Reyes that Limits Elk Territory May Come Down
Stay tuned for how we can support the park in taking down the fence.  We will need to impress the decision makers with letters of support, and I'm waiting to get specific names and email addresses.  It's not as great as removing the ranches would be, but it's still progress in helping the elk.

Veggie Grill We Will Miss You
Veggie Grill, Marin's only all vegan restaurant, is closing as of August 1.  "Permanently Closed" is in red when you search on the Corte Madera location.  The only article I could find said that the Marin location would not be among the ones that are closing.     But Nextdoor was abuzz with the news that it is closing, and I called the restaurant to confirm. Alas, it's true.  Even though many, many restaurants offer good vegan options, it's still a treat to eat where everything on the  menu is safe to order. 

Frankie & Jo’s Vegan Ice Cream Shop

Seattle based Frankie & Jo’s opened its first California store at Marin Mart (aka Larkspur Landing).  When I went, the first week they opened, they had sold out of all but three flavors. Whereas the popular Fairfax ice cream shop The Scoop only has one vegan flavor at a time, Frankie & Jo’s only all vegan ice cream all the time. Like The Scoop, however, there was a long line to get in.  I’ll be going back, for sure.


Oxford Study Shows Vegan Diet Best for the Environment

There were so many reports about this study from Oxford University, it was hard to choose which to share here.  But I liked this headline best: Oxford Scientists Confirm Vegan Diet is Massively Better for the Planet. Looking at greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use, water pollution and biodiversity, the study confirmed that a vegan diet is less harmful than any other dietary choice.  Here's another report on the same study:  This one had a good headline also: Massive Study Shows that High Meat Consumption is Bad for Environment, Especially Compared with Veganism

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Now Offering Three Vegan Varieties
I prefer to support vegan companies, but for many not-yet-vegans it's wonderful that a familiar brand  is now producing vegan versions of an iconic brand of cream cheese.  With huge, national distribution, this move will put a vegan option on grocery shelves everywhere.


Kraft Foods Not Cheese Slices Available Nation Wide

Another national roll out for vegan cheese from a well known, not vegan brand.

Lab Grown Chicken Flesh Now On San Francisco Restaurant Menu
Thanks to lonna for telling me about this.  I am grossed out at the thought of eating animal flesh regardless of how it's created.  But many people want it, and this technology is bringing it to the table without breeding, confining, and slaughtering birds. This is a high end restaurant with a six course set menu, not vegetarian, let alone vegan.  ($410 for the tasting menu.),cutlet%20used%20to%20make%20it.


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