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Marin VEG
May, 2023

I learned a new mantra recently.  Remembering it a few times a day invites gratitude and calm into even the most fraught moments. Here it is: Thank you for everything.  I have no complaints whatsoever.  May the month of May bring us many opportunities to recognize and celebrate good fortune.

Saturday, May 20
Humane Hoax Online Conference
New Book: Humane Hoax

The fourth annual Humane Hoax conference will be held  online Saturday, May 20 from 10 AM until 3 PM.  Speakers this year include some of the contributing authors to the new book Humane Hoax: Essays Exploring the Myth of Happy Meat, Humane Dairy and Ethical Eggs edited by Hope Bohanec. Learn more and register at

Sunday, May 28
Plant Based Cooking Club
Thanks to Syndee for telling me about this plant based cooking club.  In a small group,  participants will prepare two plant based dishes together and take home five easy-to-prepare recipes to make at home.  Limited to only four people, so register ASAP

May - all month
International Respect for Chickens Month

The International Respect for Chickens Month was launched in 2005 by United Poultry Concerns ( to celebrate chickens and Protest the bleakness of their lives in farming operations.  For 33 Years United Poultry Concerns has spoken out on behalf of these much maligned and tortured birds.  The organization urges us to take an action this month on behalf of chickens, even if it's just talking to friends or family about the plight - and delight- of chickens.

The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals
Available Below Cost in Bulk
Nearly 40 years ago, The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals was one of the only vegan cookbooks available.  Having sold more that 100,000 copies, it is now in its ninth printing.  But the author/publisher, Gentle World, has learned that their distributor is changing its business model.  Now Gentle World must move 25 cases of the book as soon as possible.  So they are offering bulk copies at deep discount - below or at cost - to anyone who can give them away or sell them.  You can now buy a case of 40 books for a suggested donation of $40- $140 ($140 is the cost to the publisher).  The retail price is $11.95.  Any donation over $40 would help Gentle World continue its excellent work spreading the word on veganism.  The books can be given away at events.  One woman left them in her apartment building lobby for give away.  Another offered them at her workplace. If you can buy a box of 40 books, contact Flowers Fields at Gentle World. Email: or Phone: 808-884-5551 (Hawaii time)  Learn more about Gentle World at

Update on Tule Elk at Pt. Reyes

The Tree Spirit Project offers an update on what is happening to the Tule Elk at Pt. Reyes vis-a vis the cows being raised there for dairy and meat.

Heavy Metals in Dark Chocolate

Yikes! Even when you use the Food Empowerment Project's chocolate list to avoid buying chocolate that comes from regions that use slave and child labor to harvest the cocoa, there are other dangers lurking in the sweet treats.  According to Consumer Reports, much dark chocolate contains unsafe levels of cadmium and lead. Thanks to Aileeen  for sharing this distressing news with me.  Read the article here:


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