Marin VEG March 2023
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March 2023
Marin VEG Newsletter

What wild, wet weather! I hope you are savoring the rain and enjoying the drama of hail, wind and snow. 
Happy March!

Miyoko Ousted and Sued by Her Company's Board

Miyoko Schinner, who elevated artisanal vegan cheese to new heights and whose vegan butter changed the world for vegan and nonvegan chefs alike, is being sued by the board of the company she founded in 2014.  Here are three articles for background: The first by Michele Simon on Substack; the second on Animals 24-7;  and the third from VegNews.

FDA Allows Nondairy Milks to Use the Milk Word
We have known for years that there is no confusion among consumers when we buy soy milk, almond milk or oat milk.  Now, at long last the FDA has come to the logical conclusion that using the word milk for these nondairy milks is not a problem. Here is one of many stories about this:

DawnWatch a Powerful and Important Not for Profit promotes positive coverage of animal issues in major media.  When there is news about animals or veganism, Dawnwatch lets us know where and how to respond.  Our letters, calls and sharing of this news helps ensure that it will stay in the public eye.  And it tells the media that these issues are important to us.  Sign up for free alerts and support the work of Dawnwatch at

Amy's Kitchen Update
The boycott of Amy's Kitchen continues.  Read an update at The Food Empowerment Project's website:

Hold The Date
Saturday, April 22
Vegan Earth Day March and Festival in San Francisco
The San Francisco Veg Society is hosting the first ever Vegan Earth Day march on Saturday, April 22 in San Francisco.  The march will end at the County Fair Building where food vendors, music, cooking demos and speakers will educate an entertain the public.  For more information visit 

T. Colin Campbell Answers: Is There a Case for Free Range Livestock?
This very short video points out the drawbacks to the argument for free range livestock:

Help Wanted
Is anyone familiar with Thunderbird email and its mailing lists? Please let me know if you can give me a tutorial.  Thanks.


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