Marin VEG February 2023
Subject: Marin VEG February 2023
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February 2023
Marin VEG

When I moved from New York to California, friends predicted that I would miss the change of seasons.  This week I saw the leaves of the soap plant, reminding me that in late June its delicate, short-lived flowers will blossom just before dusk.  What a delight it's been to see streams flowing after all that rain!  This morning I had to scrape ice off my car's windshield. Every season has its treats and its challenges, and I'm happy to show up for whatever presents itself.  I do not miss the changing seasons; I celebrate them.  Happy February!

Share This With Friends Who Eat Fish
Thanks to the good people at for telling me about this disturbing finding.  CBS reported in January that dangerous, invisible chemicals called PFAS are in virtually all rivers and lakes in the United States.  "Eating one freshwater fish caught in a river or lake in the United States is the equivalent of drinking  a month's worth of water contaminated with toxic "forever chemicals." You can read the story at this link, and learn more about the chemicals (originally manufactured to create non-stick cook wear and non-stain fabrics) by watching the 11 minute video at the same link.  I'm usually optimistic by nature, but this information scares the daylights out of me. 

Popularity of Meat-like Plant Based Meats Is Waning
Shannon Osaka, writing for the Washington Post, explores why meat-mimicking plant based meats are not appealing to meat eaters.  She posits that human psychology dislikes artificiality, and that the products produced to look, feel and taste like animal based meats are deemed artificial and, thus, shunned.  Count me among those who prefer a bean burger to an Impossible or Beyond burger (though I admit to liking the plant based fish and chicken cutlets/nuggets I've tried).

New Podcast: Vegan Posse
Who has time to listen to podcasts? Not me, but apparently,  many people do.  A new podcast called Vegan Posse began last month, and I was a guest on the January 12 episode.  Victoria Moran, one of my favorite vegans, was a guest on January 29.  You can listen to our episodes, or any others, at  Chrissy Benson is the creator of Vegan Posse and also the author of a charming, lighthearted novel called Marrying Myself.  The main character happens to be a vegan, but the story focuses mostly on her romantic  challenges and triumphs.

Organizations Doing Great Work
I want to once again give a shout out to some not for profits whose focus and achievements I admire.  None of us can change the world alone, and these terrific organizations give me great hope that working together we are moving the needle in the right direction.  Take a moment to check out the followimg:
The Food Empowerment Project (; Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (; A Well Fed World (; Fish Feel (; Compassionate Living (; Vegan Outreach (; Carnism (; United Poultry Concerns (  There are dozens more, but these are some of the ones that don't usually make national news despite their excellent work.


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