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January 2023
Marin VEG

Happy new year!  I wish you peace, contentment, safety and ease in the coming year.  May we recognize and share our blessings,  feel our connection with all living beings, and live with abundant gratitude.

Since 2014 when it began in the UK, more than half a million people have taken the Veganuary challange to eat as a vegan during the first month of the year.  Most attention to the challenge, as in this article from the Cleveland Clinic, is on health issues. Because I see veganism more as a lifestyle of kindness than a health hack, I've never been drawn to promote Veganuary. But even I began my vegan journey through the health portal, so I'm sharing now in the hope that any path to causing less harm (to self, planet, animals) is worthy.

New Vegan Versions of Classic NonVegan Foods
Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup and BabyBel cheese are two of many foods that are now being manufactured in vegan form.  When I use the word "manufactured," I cringe.  But still, I'm likely to try these and other vegan adaptations of long ago favorite foods.  Below are links to two stories to learn more:

Vegan 2022 Now Available on YouTube
Plant Based News has released its annual film about veganism in the past year. You can watch it here:

Bones and All
Film Review
I was surprised to learn from this review by Victoria Moran that the film Bones and All is subversively a vegan-themed story.  The author of the book on which the movie is based is a graduate of the Main Street Vegan Academy, which was founded and is run by Victoria Moran.  I encourage you to read to the end of the review.  Victoria makes a good argument for the arts as a catalyst for societal change.

The Future of Bio-tech Meat
Michele Simon wrote a fascinating article for Forbes last month about the economics of bio-tech meat and the odds of it replacing animal flesh in the marketplace.


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