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Marin VEG
October 2022

Wasn't that spell of rain delightful?  I hope there's more to come as the days grow shorter and sweatshirts replace T-shirts on chilly mornings.  May you enjoy the new season in good health and good spirits.

Sunday, October 23
World VegFest in San Francisco
The San Francisco Veg Society is hosting the 23rd Annual World Veg Fest on Sunday, October 23 from 10 AM to 6 PM at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park (1199 9th Ave.).  Speakers and exhibitors focus on health, the environment, animal rights and social justice. General admission is $10, but members of SFVS and people 17 years and younger will be admitted for free.  Check back later in the month for more details and to buy tickets at https://www.sfworldvegfest.org/

The Food Empowerment Project published an eye-opening report on the problems associated with the avocado industry.  If you read to the end, you will find recommendations on how to buy avocados that don't exacerbate the problems.  https://foodispower.org/our-food-choices/the-problem-with-avocados/

Animal Testing
Thanks to Louise G. for reminding me of the FDA Modernization Act which passed without dissent in the Senate this week.  This law will eliminate a mandate for animal testing and allow drug companies to use non-animal testing when developing new medicines.  It's far from perfect, but goes a long way to reduce the use of animals in laboratories.  Here's more:

Panda Express Offers Vegan Orange "Chicken"
Beyond Meat is working with the national fast food chain Panda Express to offer vegan orange "chicken" at all U.S. Panda Express locations. Read all about it from VegNews.


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