Marin VEG July 2022 Newsletter
Subject: Marin VEG July 2022 Newsletter
From: Patti Breitman <>
Date: 2022-06-30, 7:25 AM
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That was some heatwave! I'm glad that it cooled off for a bit, and that going outdoors is no longer oppressive. 
There's not a lot to report this month, but the three items below are all interesting.  Enjoy July.

Mindful Eating Film and Food Festival
Saturday, August 6 and
Sunday, August 7

Hold the Dates

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The third annual Mindful Eating Film and Food Festival will be held on August 6 and 7 at the Marin County Civic Center and Fairground.  Sponsored by and raising funds for Rancho Compasion, this festival will connect the public with with the truths behind the food an animal agriculture systems.  Enjoy plant based foods, documentaries and inspiring speakers.  Learn more and buy tickets at

Costco Sued for Treatment of Chickens
People who eat roasted chickens from Costco, until now, had little idea of the miserable lives and deaths of the birds they find so affordable.  A law suit from Legal Impact for Chickens brings to light that Costco is violating state laws that exist to protect animals.  The Washington Post published an in depth article about this, but most newsletter readers cannot open links from WaPo without a subscription. Here is a story about it that you can access. And here's an article from the NY Times from February about an investigation into the lives and deaths of the birds.

New Book by Earthing Ed
Ed Winters, aka Earthling Ed, has a new book out called This Is Vegan Propaganda (And other lies the meat industry tells you).    If you don't know about this man, I highly recommend you watch him on his YouTube channel.  Here's a link to a great talk.


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