Marin VEG News June 2022
Subject: Marin VEG News June 2022
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June, 2022
Marin VEG

The wavy leaf soap plant is blossoming right on schedule, and that makes me smile. Lizards are darting across the trails, the hills are golden, and if I put the headlines and news on hold for a few hours each day, there is joy to be cultivated in nature, friendship, poetry, good food and an open heart.  May you find joy in June wherever you look for it.

Calling All Anti-Rodeo Activists
If you attended and/or protested the recent Rowell Ranch Rodeo in Castro Valley, please contact Eric Mills at  Eric is the force behind Action for Animals and the country's premier anti-rodeo activist.  Of all the ways humans abuse animals for "entertainment," rodeo events are among the most egregious. If you want to help end this annual Bay Area travesty, be in touch with Eric to learn whom to contact and how to have your voice heard.

Humane Hoax Videos Now Available
If you missed the excellent Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar on May 21, or if you want to watch any part of it again, videos of every presentation are now available at

Required Reading: When Vegans Get Sick
This wise and compassionate essay by Victoria Moran is on my required reading list for all vegans.  There should be no place in the heart for blaming and shaming other vegans when they fall ill or when they die.
I've been chastised for not promoting my own books enough in this newsletter, so I'll use Victoria Moran's piece as a springboard for this plug: My book Even Vegans Die, co-authored with Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina addresses this issue in more detail and includes advice for preparing end of life arrangements to ensure that our legacy of kindness endures after our passing.

Surcharge for Non-dairy Milk Protested
While Starbucks and other coffee shops charge extra for non-dairy milk options, celebrities and faith leaders are fighting back.
In the U.K.  the surcharge was dropped at Starbucks. I hope this happens here soon.

Updating Nursery Rhymes
A number of stories were published, mostly in England,  announcing an effort by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to update traditional nursery rhymes to better reflect kindness for animals.   I have to smile at the tireless efforts by PETA to raise awareness and promote alternative versions of some childhood favorites.  //


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