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Marin VEG
May 2022

I hope you are enjoying the many shades of green that blanket the ground and shade us from above.  They dazzle me almost as much as the wildflowers.  This is a free, colorful show going on all around us this month.  I wish you joy in its beauty.

Saturday, May 21
Humane Hoax Webinar
This year's free and on-line  Humane Hoax Webinar, the third annual, will include information about the exploitation of chickens in agricultural research and experimentation, ramifications of bird flu, and advice from experts on protecting chickens.   See the speakers and schedule and register at  The event begins at 10 AM.

Saturday, May 21
Goatlandia Fundraiser
Blues, Brews and BBQ!
From 3 to 7 PM on Saturday, May 21 enjoy live music, a BBQ buffet with delicious vegan food prepared by Deborah Blum, a live and silent auction, an open bar and friendly animals in Santa Rosa at Yoffi Farm to benefit Goatlandia Sanctuary.  See the details and buy tickets at

Little Saint   
New Vegan Restaurant/Cafe/Bar/Shop in Healdsburg
For good reasons, two articles sing the praises of a new vegan restaurant in Healdsburg.  Little Saint is described as "a farm-forward gathering place where food, music, art and conversations are good for the soul, the earth, and our community."  Its owners also own a well known (not to me) non-vegan restaurant that has three Michelin stars called Single Thread.  Stan and I went to Little Saint this weekend, enjoying lunch from the cafe and dinner (reservations required) at the restaurant.  The service was impeccable, the staff very friendly and helpful, and the food was sublime.  We saw six different cheeses for sale at the wine shop, all brands we hadn't heard of before. Pastries from the coffee bar were decadently delicious. The coffee bar is open seven days a week from 6 AM to 4 PM.  The cafe and wine shop from 11AM to 6PM.   The restaurant and bar offer dinner every day except Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30 to last seating at 9:30. Visit to learn more and to make reservations.  I was surprised that Healdsburg was only an hour from San Rafael by car.  I'll definitely go back. Here are the two reviews that alerted me to this place:

A Well Fed World Reports on the UN's
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
I appreciate the clear reporting by A Well Fed World on the IPCC's latest advice on the great potential of a shift to plant based diets.  Read to the end to see how to download a free Eco-Food Guide from A Well Fed World.

One Healthy World Classes on Demand
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has launched a series of six classes available for free, on line, in five languages.  Access them at

The American Vegan Center in Philadelphia is Thriving
Ben Franklin and Tofu
According to a wonderful article in American Vegan Magazine ( the American Vegan Center in Philadelphia ( is attracting tourists with its vegan walking tours, snacks, books and brochures.  The most recent issue of the magazine included many surprising historical facts about vegan food that are featured in the museum, including this one:  Benjamin Franklin was the first to introduce tofu to the American Colonies. As a diplomat in London in 1770 he was impressed with "Chinese cheese," and sent soybeans, with harvesting and cooking directions to the most prominent botanist in the colonies, John Bartram.  Not surprisingly, the recent PBS Ken Burns film about Franklin, which  I heartily recommend, did not mention the tofu connection among his myriad accomplishments, though it does address the many contradictions in his life around slavery and family.

VitaCost on How to Go Vegan
I was delighted to see this short essay, that includes recipes, from VitaCost when I was placing my most recent order. I often order vegan skin care products, supplements and canned beans from this online vitamin company.  On the less healthy side, they also offer vegan, gluten-free chips, cookies, jerky and more.

Beyond Meat's Chicken Tenders Now Widely Available
Sprouts, Whole Foods and CVS are among the chains consisting of more than 8,000 stores that will carry Chicken Tenders from Beyond Meat following their successful debut in restaurants and at Walmart.  Here's more about this new vegan meat product:

New Film COW Getting Rave Reviews
A documentary film about the life of a dairy cow whose name is Luna has received many great reviews.  I have not seen the film, COW, but I understand it is moving and thought provoking.  It's supposed to be available on Prime Video and VUDU. Here is one review:

Film In Production Looking For Funding
A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to fund another film about a cow: Matilda. This is not a documentary, but a live action film about a young girl and a runaway cow.  Learn more at  See the trailer and more film details at

Graphic Comparison Between Animal Meat and Plant Based Meat
This intriguing visual essay is from a website I'd never heard of, but I love their graphics.  Thanks to Eric Mills, the foremost anti-rodeo activist in the country, for sharing this with me.

Rain Forest Being Destroyed for Meat Habit
I hope you can read this excellent article from The Washington Post without a subscription.  We all know that rain forests are the "lungs of the planet," but I had no idea how fast and in how vast an area the trees are being cut down to graze cows for American meat consumption.  Here's one excerpt, about what is called "cattle laundering," but the whole article is worth reading.

"But the biggest problem in Brazil’s cattle industry today, and a key reason deforestation in the Amazon has reached a 15-year high, isn’t the direct supplier. That hasn’t been the case in years. The biggest problem is the indirect suppliers — ranchers who know how to work the system, shuffling cattle from ranch to ranch to conceal their illegal origins and sell them off."


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