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Marin VEG
April 2022

There is so much foolishness in the world, not only on April Fools' Day.  While it is good to laugh often and not take ourselves too seriously, we must also hold in our hearts those who suffer from the foolishness and violence of others.  I wish all beings safety, ease and peace.

Wednesday, April 6
Speak Up for
New Bill That Would Ban Creation of New Slaughterhouses in California
In Sacramento, 9 AM
AB 2764 would ban the creation or expansion of large slaughterhouses in California.  The Agriculture Committee is scheduled to vote on April 27, and on April 6 supporters of the bill will gather to lobby for it in Sacramento.  Learn more and sign up to participate at

Saturday, April 9 (new date)
11AM - 2 PM
Point Reyes Hazardous Waste Walk to
Free Tule Elk, Remove Cattle, Clean Up the Seashore
Join In Defense of Animals and other advocates for a clean, cow-free Point Reyes at a walk at Kehoe Beach from 11 to 2 on Saturday, April 9.   Review the history of the problem, learn what to bring and where to meet,  and register to attend at

Saturday April 23

Earth Day Celebration in San Francisco
Have fun with the San Francisco Vegetarian Society on Saturday, April 23 from 11 AM to 8 PM on Valencia Street between 19th and 21st Streets at the 52nd anniversary celebration of Earth Day with a vegan Earth Day festival.  They are planning to have educational booths, cooking demos, food vendors, live music, art, a kids' zone, speakers and more.  To get the details as they become available, visit

Humane Hoax Conference Now on YouTube
If you missed this year's Humane Hoax conference from Compassionate Living, you can now hear all the speakers from that day at

Amy's Workers Tell Their Story
The workers at Amy's made a short video to describe their working conditions and why they want to unionize.  Until I hear of changes there I will continue to boycott Amy's products. Scroll down at this site to watch the video:

Bad Vegan on Netflix
I've seen a lot of coverage in the media about a docu-series on Netflix called Bad Vegan.  It tells the true story of the owner of an upscale vegan restaurant in New York who stole the business's money and blamed it on her bizarre, shady business partner.  I have not watched the show, but given its name, and the fact that I remember reading about their arrests a few years ago, I thought I'd include it here.  Learn more at

Future Market Insights
Reports on Vegan Cheese Growth
Industry insiders report that vegan cheese is selling well, and they expect its popularity to continue growing.

Coconut Bliss Became Cosmic Bliss
And Now Contains Dairy
What a disappointment!  Frozen dessert company Coconut Bliss changed its name to Cosmic Bliss, and some of its flavors now include cow's milk. I am consoled that more and more vegan ice creams are available from a number of large and small companies.  (My current favorite is the mint chip from NadaMoo.)  Here's the scoop on the moving-in-the-wrong-direction Cosmic Bliss.

Saving Soil a Key Component of the Future of Growing Food
Trevor Noah interviewed Sadhguru on the subject of preserving the planet's soil.  I learned a lot. Hope you do as well.

Sarina Farb on Lab Grown Meat
I like this essay on why lab grown meat is problematic and why vegans should not support it.  Yes, I know that many people think that any alternative to eating animals should be applauded.  But Sarina makes a good argument here for not joining the celebration.

The End of Beef
The New York Times magazine last month published this interesting article about the history of humans eating meat and the cultural implications in the United States and elsewhere of our waning taste for meat. Some of the information here I have not read elsewhere, and the historic background information was fascinating to me.

Compassion Consortium and My Interview
In case you missed and want to see my interview with Victoria Moran from The Compassion Consortium, here's a link to it.  The entire service is moving and meaningful.  But if you want to jump to the interview, it starts with an introduction by Victoria at 20:58.

How to Be a Better Advocate for Veganism
I love this essay by Victoria Moran about how to meet people where they are when talking about veganism.  It seemed so obvious after I read it, but no one had ever spelled it out so clearly and so well. She explains different food styles, and how best to communicate with people who choose each style.


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