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March, 2022
Marin VEG

With so much trouble in the world, I was glad to be reminded this week by wise teachers that peace begins in our own hearts.  If we want peace we can exemplify peace.  If we want safety, we can make others feel safe in our presence. Choosing a non-harming diet, to the best of our abilities, is a gift of peace we can offer to all beings.

Correction from Miyoko and Rancho Compasion
Last month I wrote that Rancho Compasion was joining LEAP, Leaders for Ethics, Animals and the Planet, an alternative to the 4-H club.  My bad!  Rancho Compasion wasn't just joining the  program, but is creating it along with Jameson Humane and Blackberry Creek Sanctuary.  Together they are launching a pilot program this year and hope to create a nonprofit that would roll out the program nation wide.  In case you are not familiar with the harm done by 4-H clubs, this article from PETA will fill you in.

World's Oldest Vegan (and he does not like kale)
This story made me smile.

Excellent 14 Minute Film from The New York Times:
Meet the People Getting Paid to Kill Our Planet
This powerful, short documentary is about the effects of animal agriculture on climate change. It's what we've been hoping for: mainstream coverage of a significant and blatant, yet  under-reported problem.
Please watch it and share with others.

How Does Salmonella Grow On Trees? Answer: It Doesn't
Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns wrote a terrific essay about contamination of lettuce and other plant foods  from animal sources.  When news stories report recalls of greens, they seldom mention the source of the bacteria that is found to be dangerous.  The film mentioned in the item above helps to explain why this happens.

Earthling Ed on Reasons People Won't Give Up Eating Animals
Ed Winters, AKA Earthling Ed, talks about some of the reasons people give for defending their meat eating habits.

Amy's Kitchen Employees Need Our Support
I learned from The Food Empowerment Project ( that the people who work at Amy's Kitchen are being underpaid and overworked. FEP and another group called Veggie Mijas are asking us to boycott the company until they improve working conditions. They are also encouraging us to sign this petition. When you click on this link, be sure to scroll down to learn more about the problems facing the employees.

Marin IJ Publishes Marin Voice Piece on Lawsuit Against Ranching at Pt. Reyes
If you are following the sad story of  commercial dairy companies in Pt. Reyes National Seashore, you will want to read this Marin Voice item by Jack Gescheidtk of TreeSpirit Project.  It provides the backstory of why environmental groups are suing the Park Service over recently approved policies that protect the cows at the expense of the elk and the environment.

New Study Shows Evidence of Self Awareness in Fish
Thanks to the good people at Fish Feel (, I learned of this new study that put to rest some criticisms of earlier studies that showed that fish are self aware.

New York City Public Schools Begin Vegan Fridays
After years of hard work by the Coalition for Healthy School Foods (, New York City last month began a policy to offer only vegan foods on Fridays.  There were a few road bumps and some snarky news stories as the program began.  Some meals included burritos that had cheese in them.  Some meals were less than appealing.  And the new mayor of NYC, who long claimed to be a vegan and who heartily supported the effort, was discovered to be a regular consumer of fish.  These missteps were hailed as proof that vegan food was not all it was cracked up to be.  Nevertheless, the program continues as it improves.  Children in NYC public schools will have at least one day a week when their arteries are not assaulted with cholesterol and their acceptance of meat as "normal" is challenged.  This news is evidence that two steps forward, one step back is still progress.

Another Fashion Company Bans Fur
In Defense of Animals shared good news: Dolce and Gabbana has announced that it will no longer use fur in its clothing designs and will work to develop a "sustainable faux fur alternative that uses recycled and recyclable material."


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