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October 2021
Marin VEG

Pumpkins and candy are up front and center at supermarkets.  Buckeyes are starting to come out on the trees.  There's a nip in the air.  All that's missing is the rain. May the parched trees and thirsty plants hold on until relief comes. May we be grateful for the beauty and abundance that surround us.

October 22-24
World VegFest
Virtual Event from San Francisco Veg Society
Their website isn't up yet, but I received an email asking me to hold the dates for this year's World VegFest.  To receive Zoom links and access codes, RSVP by email to
Watch  in the coming weeks for more information about the weekend of celebration and education toward a more compassionate, climate friendly world.  While you're at that website, sign up for email alerts about their other events.

Sunday October 24
Eat Your Ethics
On YouTube Any Time
The Food Empowerment Project will discuss the humane myth, food apartheid and more in their fourth and final installment of their Eat Your Ethics series.  Check it out on October 24 on YouTube.  Subscribe to their Youtube channel at the third episode:

Point Reyes Decision Not a Surprise
I was profoundly disappointed, though not at all surprised that The National Park Service decided to extend ranching leases for twenty years in Point Reyes National Seashore.  Given the perilous state of our planet, with climate change upon us and "natural" disasters becoming routine, it is galling that private dairy and beef ranching will be allowed to degrade the water, air and land for the next two decades.  Susan Ives wrote an eloquent response for the Marin Independent Journal this week.   I hope this link works:

Biscuits and Buns: Vegan, Gluten Free in San Rafael
Reader Karen M. shared this about her favorite gluten free, vegan buns from a bakery in Terra Linda. She hopes that we will visit and try their fare to help generate a little more business for this shop that is open only two days a week now.

Biscuits and Buns is a business in Terra Linda in the small shopping center anchored by Scotty's Market. They have been open for about a year and a half, and at the San Rafael Farmers Market on Thursdays and Sundays. Biscuits and Buns is a gluten free business that makes delicious baked goods that are vegan other than that they offer honey butter to spread on them.(They are great without that, and they will offer maple butter soon.) The butter is Miyoko's.  I recently spoke to the owner, a nice young woman named Lisa who personally makes all of the biscuits and buns from her own recipes.
Her buns are delicious and vegan.  And, of course, vegan baked goods are not plentiful in our area, and vegan businesses even less so.

Biscuits and Buns is open Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30 - 1:30 and also have a space Thursdays and Sundays at the  Civic Center Farmers Market from 8:00 - 1:00. Thanks for this, Karen. I am eager to try them.

Food Is Climate; New Book by Glen Merzer
A new book by Glen Merzer shines a spotlight on the role our food choices play in climate change.  Called Food Is Climate, the subtitle is A Response to Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul Hawken & the Conventional Narrative on Climate Change.  This is the book we wish everyone would read and respond to with a move toward a vegan diet.   Listen to Glen on the Hope For the Animals podcast:

Dr. Bronner's Chocolate Not Approved

In August I wrote that Dr. Bronner's was launching a chocolate product and that I hoped it would be approved by the Food Empowerment Project's Chocolate List.   Alas, it was not.  This is because the cocoa is sourced from a country where child labor and slave labor are common in the cocoa industry.  See the next notice, below, for more on this.
If you want to extend the vegan ethic of compassion to include farm workers, be sure to consult the Chocolate List at

Loss for Ethical Chocolate
In June the Supreme Court ruled that former slaves in the chocolate industry cannot sue major chocolate manufacturers in the United States.  You can read about the case and the plaintiff's testimony regarding working conditions and captivity at 

In light of this sad news, I'm not celebrating the announcement that Hershey's is about to launch a vegan chocolate bar made with oat milk.  The only good thing here is that more and more companies are recognizing the growing demand for products that don't use animal products. Note the happy hype in the following article.  Given Hershey's sourcing of cocoa, it pains me that they use the word vegan to  refer only to ingredients  not an ethic of compassion.

Vegan Chicken in Bay Area
Though not yet in Marin, Impossible Chicken has come to the Bay Area and is expanding to more restaurants soon.        And school lunch menus in California will be getting vegan chicken from a different company in the coming months.

Lab Grown Meat
USDA Wants Your Opinion on Labeling before November 2
The Department of Agriculture is asking for feedback on whether lab grown meat should be called meat. They will share the comments with the FDA as that agency creates labeling regulations.
Before November 2 fill out a form on the website linked here:  and read more about the debate on this issue here:

New Vegan Mayo at Trader Joe's
I'm always happy to hear about new vegan mayo. Follow Your Heart's Vegenaise has long  been my favorite, and I'm eager to try the new TJ option.  I also like Best Foods' vegan "dressing," which tastes exactly like the Hellman's mayonnaise I ate growing up in New York.

Soap Without Palm Oil
Reader Susanna D. wrote to point out that there is at least one shower gel that does not use palm oil.  Here's what she said:  Shikai shower gel, at least, doesn't have any palm derivatives, is vegan and cruelty free. 
If you are wondering what's the problem with palm oil, here's the lowdown.  The health and environmental issues you can read about here: And the destruction of orangutans and other animals' habitat you can read about here.  I am skeptical, however, about the "sustainable palm oil" claims.

Volvo Going Leather-Free and
Billie Eilish Offering Vegan Air Jordans
The year 2030 sounds far away, but setting an intention to abandon leather by then is on today's agenda for Volvo.
And singer Billie Eilish is launching vegan Air Jordan sneakers.
Choosing alternatives to leather is a good idea.  This article about leather production explains why.

New York Times Covers Growing Trend Toward Vegan Foods
An increasing number of companies are offering vegan options, and the business world is paying attention. Vegans are not the target audience, surprisingly.  Most restaurants and food manufacturers are hoping to reach the veg-curious and flexitarian market.


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