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August 2021
Marin VEG

On my morning walks I've been seeing tiny lizards, truly tiny and very fast as they dart across the trail.  I don't know if they're babies or a different species from the usual lizards, but either way, they're captivating. They do push ups like their larger counterparts, and their minuscule feet are adorable.  I wish you wonderful surprises during August.

Monday, August 2 through Sunday, August 8
Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit
Join Animal Place for an educational, free, on-line event aimed to help us make positive changes for animals, the planet, and our bodies.  Moby, Miyoko, Gwenna Hunter, Christopher Sebastian, and many more well respected leaders will be speaking and inspiring us to make changes and help others move toward a vegan lifestyle.  Learn more and register to join at

Tuesday, August 3, 1:00 PM
The Rotten Truth (on Zoom)
Comedy that Focuses on the Impacts of Industrialized Animal Agriculture
The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition ( is launching a series of short comedy routines to bring attention to how our food choices affect our world.  They are hoping for our feedback after the launch of the series on Tuesday, August 3 at 1 PM.  Learn more and sign up at

Hold the date: Sunday, September 26
Sonoma County VegFest
Compassionate Living is once again sponsoring the Sonoma County Veg Fest at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building (opposite the fairgrounds), so it will be outdoors. Consider a donation to help this tireless organization in a year where contributions lagged and upcoming expenses are looming.  Buy tickets ($10) for the VegFest at

Berkeley to Serve Vegan Food at Public Events
The city of Berkeley voted to reduce its spending on animal based products by half by 2024 and will soon be offering vegan meals at public events, senior centers, jails and other city buildings.  Learn more at

Jane Goodall Still Has Hope
In a recent interview in the New York Times, Jane Goodall explains why she still has hope for our future.  I admire her optimism, even as I sometimes struggle to share it.

Water, Drought,and California Crops
Jill Cowan wrote an interesting piece for the NY Times about the California drought and the choices that farmers are having to make. And while she includes the common argument that almonds use a lot of water, she also offers this counter argument from the director of public policy at the Water Policy Center: "While almonds do use a large amount of water per acre of crop, she said, it’s similar to other tree crops and less than rice, irrigated pasture or alfalfa, which is essentially cow food.

Humane Washing
Animal Outlook published an insightful article about how dairy, meat and egg companies market their products to imply that they are kind to animals.  There is also a one minute video well worth watching.

Dr. Bronners to Offer Vegan Chocolate
I discovered Dr. Bronner's  soap as a college freshman and still use it.  Back then it was only available as a liquid soap, but now I prefer the bars, as they are not packaged in plastic.
This year that company is launching chocolate bars.  I'll be eager to learn if they meet the Food Empowerment Project's Chocolate List criteria for chocolate that does not use cocoa from regions that use child and or slave labor.  I hope they will be ethically produced.  See if your favorite chocolate is at

Vegan Chicken Nuggets
Impossible Foods is bringing vegan chicken nuggets to restaurants in the fall. I won't be first in line to try them, but am glad that others might switch to these from animal based choices.

New York City Mayoral Candidate is an Avid Vegan
Eric Adams won the democratic primary in New York City, and it's likely that he will be the next mayor.  Thanks of Michael H. for sharing this article.

Milk from Potatoes in Europe
It seems that every few months there's a new non-dairy milk on the shelves.  Here's the latest:

New Film about Farmer Who Transforms Pig Farm to Sanctuary
I have not seen this film, but this interview with the farmer and filmmaker makes me want to.

In Germany, An Unusual Farm and Growing Trend
I found this uplifting.


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