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July 2021
Marin VEG

The first three articles here are about the conflict at Point Reyes between wild elk and private ranching.  Those in power continue to favor commerce and animal agriculture over survival on our planet and preservation of its land, water, native species and native people's heritage. I find it maddening and obscene. And still, in the midst of so much suffering, I can discover many reasons for joy. The buckeye trees are flowering, kind and wise people are finding their audience, and every breath offers an opportunity for gratitude.  My new favorite book is a poetry anthology edited by James Crews called How to Love the World.  I hope you will check it out.

Wishing you a safe, joyful and healthy July!

Saturday, July 3
Protest the Plan to Kill Tule Elk
Pt. Reyes National Seashore
Join the Tree Spirit Project and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on Saturday, July 3 in Pt. Reyes from 11 AM to 1:30 PM to protest the National Park Service plan to kill tule elk.  To appease local ranchers, the NPS erected fences to keep elk off grazing land. One herd of elk is confined by a fence to a peninsula, and drought conditions have resulted in a drastic drop in water and the natural food supply for these animals. Hundreds of elk reportedly died in 2020 because the fences prohibited them from seeking sustenance elsewhere. Now, the NPS is moving forward with an amendment to the park's General Management Plan that involves killing some elk and offering another 20-year lease agreement to farming and ranching families.  PETA and Tree Spirit want your help to remind the NPS that its obligation is to look out for the Point Reyes National Seashore and its unique and delicate ecosystem, not ranchers.  The  organizers share the following:   We will be taking precautions to ensure safe social distancing during this protest. All activists are asked to maintain a distance of 6 feet from each other and to wear a face maskAll materials (such as posters and leaflets) will be provided. Please dress sharp, as it makes our message come across much stronger! Note that reserved parking will not be available, and please be prepared for the weather.   To see where to meet (Cattleguard Fenceline Entrance in Inverness) view a map, and confirm details before showing up visit  For more information, write to:  See the next two items below from the Marin IJ and Hope for the Animals for more on this issue.

Marin Independent Journal Front Page Article on Miwok Response to Point Reyes Plan On June 29 the IJ ran a front page article that describes why descendants of the Coast Miwok tribe oppose the plan to kill elk and raise cows in Point Reyes National Seashore. The environmental degradation and cultural desecration caused by cattle ranches is their main concern. They put into perspective what "historic" means when comparing ranches, which have been there for a few hundred years to Miwok culture which was there for thousands of years. When I add these arguments to the inherent cruelty of dairy farming and meat production, I am overwhelmed with sadness. Founder of on Podcast Hope for the Animals Diana Oppenheim, the founder of the not for profit is the guest on the Hope for the Animals podcast this week. She discusses Ranching vs Wildlife with a focus on the myths of regenerative animal agriculture and local, grass-fed animal products.
Hold the Dates Monday,  August 2 - Sunday August Animal Place's Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit Animal Place is hosting a free online event that will inspire and motivate change: Farmed Animal ConferenceE-Summit (FACES). FACES will be held August 2-8 and features more than 20 experts – scientists, journalists, filmmakers, activists, CEOs, and more. Guest experts include Christopher Sebastian, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Keegan Kuhn. Register now at and you’ll get all the details by email. Expensive NYC Restaurant Review I wrote last month about an over the top ($335 per person for dinner) three Michelin star rated restaurant in New York City. Here's the first review I've seen since it reopened as a vegan restaurant. The food preparation is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the way I eat; I'm happy with a sweet potato, steamed kale and avocado. Still, this menu intrigues me and helps to explain how the restaurant justifies charging so much for a meal.   Hospitals and Schools to Add Vegan Burgers to Menu MorningStar Farms, in partnership with Sodexo, will be bringing vegan burgers to 3000 schools and hospitals in the United States. While not the most nutritious food on the planet, any addition of a vegan option is good news, given the typical, appalling choices on most hospital menus. Changing Face of Veganism For anyone who thinks that veganism is a choice for only White privileged people, this article from Texas Monthly offers another point of view. And if "Texan vegan" sounds like an oxymoron, this piece might change your mind. Congratulations to Miyoko Schinner Forbes has named Miyoko Schinner one of the brilliant women over fifty who have changed the world. Anyone who has cooked with her butter or fallen in love with her cheeses would have to agree with Forbes. Congratulations ,Miyoko!         

Harm to Humans in the Fishing Industry
Thanks to The Food Empowerment Project for their excellent new report on the cruelty and slavery in the fishing industry.  It breaks my heart to read about the conditions under which workers catch and process shrimp, fish, and other sea food.  The good news is that the report is fully documented with links to respected references, and it ends with clear advice on how we can help.


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