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Date: 6/1/2021, 7:32 AM
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Marin VEG
June 2021 

June already? Time to look for the late afternoon blooming soap root plant.  Enjoy the long days, stay hydrated, and stay well.

Greta Thunberg on Why Food Production Must Change
In a two and half minute video, Greta Thunberg lays out the reasons we have to end animal agriculture.  This young Swedish climate activist is one of my role models.

Vegan Issues Beyond Animal Rights
lauren Ornelas, founder of The Food Empowerment Project, wrote a wonderful and important essay about why farm workers' rights, chocolate transparency, and access to healthy food are vegan issues.  One of the reasons I love this organization is that it connects the dots and sees the bigger picture.

"Best Restaurant in the World" to Go Vegan
In New York City,  a restaurant called Eleven Madison Park had been called the best restaurant in the world. Michelin gave it three stars and the NY Times gave it four. Dinner cost $335, and reservations had to be made months in advance.  Having closed during the pandemic, Eleven Madison Park is going to reopen with a change in menu: It's going vegan.  This was big news in culinary circles last month.  The change is expected to have a ripple effect on other restaurants around the world.
Listen to a podcast interview with the owner Daniel Humm at

Target Launches Vegan Food Line
Target has introduced a new line of vegan food items.  Thirty products, most of them costing less than $5, are now available at Target stores nation wide.

National Vegan Welcome Center in Philadelphia
On June 15 a national vegan welcome center will open in Philadelphia. Run by the American Vegan Society, the center will include an event space, information center and store.

Vegan Cheese Sticks

Miyoko's Creamery will now have a prominent place in lunch boxes and day packs with the introduction of cheese sticks. It's getting hard to remember a time when delicious vegan cheese was only a dream.

Banana Peels Can Be Cooked and Eaten
They say you learn something new every day, and this was new to me.  Please let me know if you try this and how it turns out.


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