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March 2021
Marin VEG

I saw my first buttercup of the season this week, heard the frogs singing, enjoyed the waxing to full moon.  And the new leaves emerging on the Buckeye trees always remind me of baby birds poking their heads above the nest.  May you find many delightful signs of Spring this month!

Sunday, March 21
Eat Your Ethics Webinar Series Begins
The Food Empowerment Project is offering a four part series to help  you eat your ethics.  Covering labor issues, animal rights, child exploitation and more, the webinar will help participants ensure that their values are reflected in their food choices.  This webinar is perfect for new vegans or anyone who wants their eating habits to be more ethical.  Everyone is welcome.  The series will run at 1 PM on March 21, May 23, August 15, and October 24.  Learn more and sign up at

Wednesday, March 31
Vegan Passover Seder on Zoom
JewishVEG is conducting a zoom seder (zeder) at 3PM West Coast time on Wednesday, March 31. Tickets are $18 and include a downloadable PDF of the Jewish Veg Haggadah.   Passover celebrates freedom, and the theme of this seder will be  How do we talk about liberation in the context of animal rights, environmental justice, personal and public health, worker justice? How can we create a world in which all human and nonhuman animals are truly free? Sign up at

FishFeel on Hope for the Animals Podcast

The current episode of the podcast Hope for the Animals includes an interview with Mary Finelli, director of FishFeel. This wonderful not for profit is one of my favorites, the first animal rights organization to focus exclusively on the planet's most misrepresented and misperceived animals.  I highly recommend a visit to their website  And I encourage you to listen to the podcast.  A few months ago I watched some young boys who were fishing in Tiburon.  They were giddy with joy as they reeled in a wonderous looking creature, and I was heartbroken to see them gloat over what they caught.  I went up to one of the boys and asked him if he used the internet.  He said yes, so I told him he might want to visit  He asked if the site could identify the fish he caught.  I said that I wasn't sure, but that he'd learn a lot from the site in any event.  His friends all asked me to repeat the name of the site, so I did.  I hope they went there, and I hope they learned about how fishing feels to the fish.

Wildlife Killing Contests
New Documentary on YouTube
Project Coyote in collaboration with the production company Comfort Theory has created a 25-minute film that exposes the many derbies, tournaments, and other competitions to kill wildlife for cash rewards.  You can sign a petition to help end these horrible contests and watch the impactful movie at

Lab Grown Meat for Pet Food
The Economist published an article in January about lab grown meat being developed for cat food. That magazine requires a subscription to read the piece, but Science Times summarizes the article well.  The company behind the lab grown meat for cats, made from mice stem cells, is Because Animal, based in Philadelphia.  There are other companies working on similar projects, too.    The whole subject makes me uncomfortable, but if this saves the lives of animals being killed for pet food, my discomfort can be assuaged.

Squeeze Balls Shaped Like Produce
I was going to bring these to Goodwill, but thought I'd offer them here in case anyone wants them.  Free to the first person to claim them: Ten squeezable veggies and fruit, one each of carrot, potato, broccoli, grapes, mushroom, orange, tomato (two), banana, corn.  I used to use these at talks and demos, and some of them are quite realistic looking.  Great for juggling or hand exercises.  Please send an email if you want them (all or nothing) and can pick them up in Fairfax.

Humans Are Animals
This well written article from the New York Times intrigued me. While some of it's main points seemed self evident, it was interesting to see how others who are quoted in the piece think differently.  And the comments reveal that the author's view, (and mine) is not shared by everyone.  The essay is by Crispin Sartwell, a philosophy professor.


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