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February 2021
Marin VEG

I am so grateful for the recent and predicted rain, and can only imagine that the thirsty earth is too.   Still not enough water for the small streams to be flowing, but such a relief nevertheless.  The Daphne plant by my front door is in full bloom and smells like sweet perfume.  A double rainbow greeted my neighborhood one morning.  I hope that February brings you wonder and delight, whether in rainbows,  puddles, blossoms, vaccines, friends, or chocolate.

Valentine's Day Chocolate
Not all vegan food is cruelty free.  If you are going to give or enjoy chocolate on Valentine's Day - or any day - be sure that the chocolate was not produced with cacao beans from a country that employs child labor or slavery.  Thanks to the diligent, ongoing work of The Food Empowerment Project, we can easily see what brands of chocolate (plenty of them!) are ethically sourced. Go to to learn more about chocolate and to see the list of approved brands.  You can also download an app from the App Store (for Android and Apple) so you can take the list with you while shopping.  I'm a big fan of Sjaak's chocolates, and I'm thrilled that they're on the list of recommended brands. (  And by the way, The Food Empowerment Project has two job openings.  You can read about the positions at their website

Must Reading:

Mark Hawthorn's Review of 2020
Author, activist, journalist Mark Hawthorn writes a terrific blog that shares its name with one of his most powerful books: Striking At the Roots.
Here is his overview of the twelve most important news stories for animals and animal rights last year.  Be sure to scroll down below the list of twelve to read more.

China Moving Towards a Plant Based Diet
Time magazine recently published an article about the growth of plant based foods in China and the implications for that country, the world, and climate change.  Abundant thanks to for alerting me about this great piece full of encouraging news. I hope you will read the whole article.  Here's one quotation from it: Signs are building that the state will put its weight behind plant-based meat. China’s government has published guidelines to cut meat consumption in half by 2030 to reduce pollution and combat obesity.

Bay Area Animal Rights Network
Now that Yahoo Groups no longer exists, a new animal rights group has formed for sharing information about animal rights and vegan related messages in the Bay Area. Thanks to Judith G. for telling me about this. Sign up at

Recipes and Food Tips from
It's been around for a while, but I'm late to the game.  Here's my new (old) discovery for recipes and food tips.  You can sign up to receive email updates here.

Vegan Events and Recipes
Someone named Neil Yo has started a google group for vegan recipes and events, both virtual and in person within 100 miles of Oakland.  Thank you, Neil. I am happy to receive your blog by email.  (You have to join google groups to access this blog.)

Vegan Meal Delivery Choices
If you don't want to cook, or if you want to cook, but don't want to shop and chop, there is probably a vegan meal delivery service that's just right for you. These are all pricey, especially compared to cooking from scratch.  But since we are eating out less often these days, maybe it's time to try one of these companies.


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