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May 2020
Marin VEG

I hope everyone is well. I know three people who lost a parent to Covid-19 and have one friend in New York in rehab recovering from it. This is a challenging time for people all over the world, yet the majority of readers of this newsletter are fortunate in ways that many cannot imagine. For the most part, we are not at risk for eviction or starvation. We have shelter and enough space to physically distance from neighbors.  We have access to clean water and soap.  We have technology to keep us connected with friends and loved ones. We have knowledge about and access to healthy food, health professionals, medicine and news about the world and the pandemic.  The list goes on and on.  I find that focusing on gratitude and recognizing that I have what I need keeps my mind calm and my heart open.  Gratitude is a helpful habit all the time, but now it seems more powerful than ever.  

and Throughout May
Mindful Eating and Film Festival Now On Line and Free
For the next 8 weeks, you can take part in the Mindful Eating and Film Festival sponsored by Rancho Compasion.  Wonderful speakers and films are on offer and more will be added throughout May.  Registration is required, and donations are most welcome. Learn more and register at:

Sunday, May 17
Free Virtual Discussion and Q&A on Food and Mood
How are you feeling emotionally? What have you been eating?  The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition is offering a free webinar about how food affects our moods with two doctors from their board of directors.  To register and learn more visit

Dr. Neal Barnard Clinic Offers Telemedicine Appointments
Over the years, many vegans have been looking for medical professionals who understand plant based nutrition.  Now we have a clinic staffed with all such staff.  California is one of five states, along with Washington, D.C., where telephone appointments with medical doctors from Barnard Medical Center are now available.  From their website: Like other primary care clinics, we can discuss your medical condition, order blood tests and x-rays, prescribe medications, and authorize refills. However, our special focus is using lifestyle medicine, especially good nutrition, to help prevent, treat, and sometimes reverse certain chronic health problems. These include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight problems, among others. The founder of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard, is a pioneer in plant based lifestyle medicine.  The clinic he started last year offers state of the art information and medical care directly to patients.  Learn more and see how to get an appointment here. 

Meat Packing Plants Deemed Essential
Despite widespread infection and deaths among workers, and despite (nothing new here) animal flesh being completely unnecessary for healthy eating, meat packing plants have been deemed essential businesses. Every time I hear "food supply" in reference to animal flesh, I cringe and internally replace the phrase with "cruel and disease promoting industry."   Here's one story that reports on this misguided designation.

Slaughterhouse Inspector Speaks Out
The animal rights group Compassion Over Killing is now called Animal Outlook.  They are suing the USDA to stop unsafe, higher speed procedures at pig slaughterhouses.  One inspector spoke out in support of the plaintiff's position.

Bill Maher on Animal Cruelty and Health Consequences
I hesitated to include this here because Bill Maher is both partisan and foul mouthed.  I wish he'd have made the same point without the political snipes and X-rated language.  Yet, because he is so right about how we treat animals, I am sharing his four minute rant about factory farming, wet markets, animals in entertainment, and the risk to humans when we abuse animals. Skip this if his politics or potty mouth might offend you.


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