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February 2020
Marin VEG Newsletter

Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, Presidents' Day, Leap Year Day . . . Whatever and however you celebrate or don't, I hope that you enjoy the extravagantly green hills, noticeably longer days, and the abundance of new growth on branches, bushes, trails, and even in the cracks in the sidewalks. Happy February!

Ethical Chocolate
What's not ethical about chocolate?  Aside from the cruelty in dairy milk production, many chocolate companies get their cocoa beans from countries where slave labor and child slavery are the norm. Whenever you buy chocolate, first consult the ethical chocolate list from The  Food Empowerment Project. Only vegan chocolate is approved, and only chocolate from companies not using slave labor. Happily, the list of ethical chocolate is large and growing, and many Marin supermarkets carry some of these brands. Learn more and see the list (and download the app) at

Through Friday, February 14
15% off Sjaak Chocolates
Order before February 15, and all products from the Sjaak Organic Chocolates will be 15% off if you use the code Valentine2020 (case sensitive) when you place your order. Shop for a variety of ethical, beautiful, delicious gifts and treats at

Saturday, February 29

Conscious Eating Conference in Berkeley
It only comes once every four years, so let's make February 29 special.  Join me at the ninth annual conference on conscious eating, sponsored by United Poultry Concerns. The day long event is at the David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way in Berkeley.   This year's theme is overlapping oppressions, and the presenters are stellar.  I am honored to a part of a panel of women discussing animal rights herstory.   Pre-registration is $25. At the door cost is $35.  Lunch is included along with a continental breakfast and all day tea/coffee service. Bring your own mug if possible.  See the schedule, the speaker bios, watch videos from last year's conference, and sign up at

New Restaurant from Millennium Team Coming to San Francisco
Chef Eric Tucker and General Manager Alison Bagby of Millennium fame are opening a new restaurant/brewpub in San Francisco's Mission District.  No date is set yet, but a lease has been signed.  The new place will be called Above Ground, and the vegan food world is eagerly anticipating this new addition. Millennium in Oakland will remain open for dinner, but Sunday brunch is no longer being served.  I found two good articles about this, and the second one, from sf.eater, includes a history of Millennium and a bow to its former owners, Marin's own Ann and Larry Wheat.

Veganism Protected as Philosophical Belief
A judge in the UK decided that ethical veganism is equal to other philosophical beliefs and worthy of protection by law. From the CNN article:
"In a short summary judgment, [the judge]  declared that veganism "clearly in my view meets all the criteria; It is a philosophical belief, not just an opinion."
"It is cogent, serious and important, and worthy of respect in democratic society," he added.  Read the story here:

Ben & Jerry's New Vegan Flavors are Sunflower Based
Sunflower butter replaces almond butter in three new flavors launching from Ben & Jerry's non-dairy frozen desserts.  Look for Creme Brulee,  Milk & Cookies, and Mint Chocolate Cookie wherever Ben & Jerry's is sold.  Read more about the growing market for vegan ice cream (and the good news about Ben & Jerry's dropping its claim of sourcing from "happy cows") at

I Thought This Was a Joke, But oh . . .

 Researchers in Oxford have developed a patch that smells like bacon to help people go vegan.  The science says it can help curb cravings.   In the 34 years since I learned about pigs and how horribly they are treated and killed for their body parts, I have not once wanted to eat any body part from a pig. Tempeh bacon and Smart bacon taste great on a vegan BLT, but the thought of eating animals is not remotely attractive.  I hope this patch will help some people, and I hope also that word keeps spreading about vegan flavors and textures that don't require animal abuse and slaughter.

Awards Dinners Go Vegan and Some Complain

The Golden Globe Awards dinner was vegan.  So was the Critics Choice Awards dinner.  The Academy Awards hosted a vegan  lunch for all the nominees and will offer only vegan food in the lobby before the ceremony.  The Governors Ball after the awards will be 70 percent vegan. Of course there is push back from those who think of food as only a personal choice and who don't want to think about or take responsibility for its effects on animals and the planet.  Here is one article with that push back point of view.

Nestle Making Vegan Sausages
The world's largest food company is now producing vegan sausages. These will be available in Europe in March and in the U.S. in April.  Read more about it at

Amy's Offers Vegan Versions of Some of Their Vegetarian Meals
A variety of frozen meals from Amy's are now available in vegan versions. Here's the story:

What Else to Do in February

As always, be sure to look at  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. And check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is and The San Francisco Veg Society at www.


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