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Date: 2019-10-31, 8:26 PM
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Marin VEG
November, 2019

A short newsletter after a long time with no electricity. 
Four days without power certainly makes me thankful for heat and lights!  I send blessings to all who were and are affected by fire and outages, and I wish you ease and well being.  
In this month of giving thanks, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for fire fighters, farm workers, health care providers,  care givers, animal adopters, activists for justice, teachers, parents, friends, partners, neighbors, and everyone who is skilled in goodness. I must remind myself to look for these kind people. They are everywhere among us, but too often not praised or thanked enough.

Local Animal Sanctuaries Need Help
Both Rancho Compasion and Goatlandia are in need of support because of the fires in Sonoma.  Goatlandia had to evacuate all animal residents, and Rancho Compasion took in more than a dozen stranded animals.  Please visit  and and donate as generously as you can.  Also, Animal Place took in numerous animals who lost their homes.

Vegan Thanksgiving
Millennium restaurant is completely booked all day and evening for Thanksgiving, but do not despair!  The Good Earth in Fairfax is selling holiday meals for two for about $22.  Reserve yours today and tell them what day you will pick it up. 415-454-0123  Also, Veggie Grill in Corte Madera is going to offer  Thanksgiving meals to go, but they have not yet announced the price or dates for ordering or pick up.  I enjoyed their dinner last year.  415-459-8954  If you know of other celebrations, tell me about them, and I will share them with this email list in updates.

Good News for Animals
Foie gras banned in New York.  Macy's and Bloomingdales to stop selling fur. No wild animals in circuses. Sales of new fur products to end in California.   So much wonderful news for animals last month!
Here are a few links to learn more:

Nestle in the News
I am not a fan of Nestle, yet I was interested to learn that even this food company giant is jumping on the vegan bandwagon.

Ensure Now Available in Vegan Version
For people who need supplementation to boost calorie intake, Ensure is a popular brand of liquid food substitute. Now they have a vegan option as well.

Events in November
Keep an eye on  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. And check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is and The San Francisco Veg Society at www.  


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