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October, 2019
Marin VEG

I never imagined that Tyson, Kellog, McDonald's, KFC, Smithfield Foods and Disney would be making headlines in vegan circles. But here is news about these huge companies all jumping into the vegan world. (They are still producing tons of meat, though. See both Will Tuttle's article and the How to Digest piece below.)  In this newsletter you will also find much more, including information about a new vegan restaurant in San Francisco, a triple your donation opportunity at a local sanctuary, and a terrific article asking people to stop making fun of vegans.  Happy October (or as I think of it, time to make soup month)!

Stop Mocking Vegans
This most welcome article by Farhad Manjoo was published in August in the New York Times.  He is not a vegan, but he calls on everyone to stop mocking vegans. Why? Because he says we are on the right side of history and  role models for doing the right thing.

Goatlandia Triple Treat
Hooray for generous donors! Throughout October, any contribution to Goatlandia, a terrific animal sanctuary in Santa Rosa, will be tripled.  Learn more about the sanctuary, their vegan advocacy and more at  And consider a gift to support their good work. Your donation will go three times further between now and October 31.

Rebuttal of Stroke Warning for Vegans
The BBC recently ran a story that gained world wide attention. It said that a study showed that vegan and vegetarian diets increased the risk for stroke (but lowered the risk for heart disease).   On reading this I thought it didn't make sense, as both stroke and heart disease come from similar causes such as clogged arteries.  Then I read this explanation from Free From Harm that explained why this BBC report was not to be trusted.  The Free From Harm article did not receive the same publicity as the BBC piece, so share it widely.  As the rebuttal concludes: Unfortunately rebuttals like this will likely not reach the meat lover who will latch onto this stroke notion for years to come. For a more detailed, scientific explanation of the study reported on by the BBC,  here is the response from Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine:

Vitamin B12
Just a reminder that every vegan should be supplementing with Vitamin B12.  Every credible physician and nutritionist agrees that this vitamin is needed in supplements or fortified foods to ensure good nerve health.  A few years after I first went vegan in 1986, this was not well known.  I developed numbness in my hands and was found to have dangerously low B12 levels.  Now I supplement regularly and check my blood levels every year.  Do not ignore your B12 levels.  Some nerve damage is irreversible.

Greta Thunberg
This 16 year old from Sweden is my favorite activist.  She knows the urgent plight of our fragile home planet and will not stop urging us to do all we can to slow the climate crisis.  This is her talk at the United Nations last week.  I encourage you to look up more about her. She is a remarkable truth teller.

Diet and Climate
To learn more about how your diet affects climate change, visit  This wonderful, local organization keeps the focus on the ability of food choices to make an impact. Follow the links there to see short, powerful videos on vegan choices and planetary health.

Vegan Awareness in Environmental Activists is Growing
Katie Cantrell, founder of the incomparable Factory Farming Awareness Coalition ( participated in last month's student-led climate protests.  Her experience was heartening. Here's what she told me.  It was truly inspiring to be out there marching with the students in the Climate Strike. I've never had an easier time leafleting, people were actually coming up to me and asking for leaflets! And it seemed like one in every five people said, "I don't need one, I'm already vegan!"  While the climate crisis is still a significant cause for concern and action, this shift among environmentalists is encouraging.

Will Tuttle on the Fires in The Amazon
Dr. Will Tuttle has written a thoughtful piece about the fires that are destroying the Amazon forest. As always, this author of the bestselling  World Peace Diet is wise and impassioned. The last paragraph is a beautiful and inspiring description of veganism.

How to Digest All This Change in Big Business
I like this article by a long time vegan on how confusing it can be when giant animal abusers start to add vegan options. She captures my own mixed feelings about the conflict between love, peace, kindness on the one hand and corporate greed now embracing plant based alternatives on the other.  It's a good companion piece to Will Tuttle's, above.

Vegan at Disney Parks

Disneyland and Disney World are adding vegan options at all their restaurants.  That says a lot about how mainstream veganism has become. Here's the story:

World's Largest Pork Producer Adds Vegan Food Division
Smithfield Foods, the world's largest producer of pig based meats, has created a division called Pure Farmland to offer plant based breakfast patties, meatballs and burgers.
Vegnews tells the whole story:

McDonald's Testing Beyond Meat Burger
In Canada, McDonald's is offering a PLT (plant, lettuce, tomato) burger at 28 restaurants. Working with Beyond Meat, McDonald's is jumping on the vegan bandwagon along with many other fast food restaurants.  Here are two perspectives on the story, one from the Associated Press (which includes a brilliant quote from Ingrid Newkirk) and one from The New York Times (which includes news about KFC's successful test of vegan fried chicken):

KFC Testing Vegan Chicken
KFC is working with Beyond Meat to test Beyond Fried Chicken.  It was tested in Atlanta in September and the entire test supply sold out in five hours. Still, it is not certain that they will roll out the plant-based fried "chicken" across the country in the coming year.

Tyson Invests in Vegan Shrimp
Tyson Ventures, the investment division of Tyson Foods, has invested in Bay Area based company called New Wave Foods that makes vegan shrimp. It amazes me that so many businesses want in on the vegan future.  VegNews reported this story.

Kellogg Creates Incogmeato Burger
Morning Star Farms is a division of Kellogg. They just introduced a plant based burger called Incogmeato Burger to compete with the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat. Read more about it here:

New Vegan Restaurant in San Francisco
The founder of Goatlandia, Deborah Blum, is an accomplished and popular vegan caterer. She is part of a team that was instrumental in creating the food at a new San Francisco restaurant in the Marina neighborhood called Wildseed.  Located at 2000 Union Street, Wildseed is open only for dinner Tuesdays through Sundays.  Wildseed is in the space of a former sausage restaurant; how cool is that? Here's more:

California Bans Fur Trapping
While billions more animals die because they are raised or caught for human food, it is still very much worth celebrating the end of fur trapping in California. There are few more horrendous ways to die that being snared in a trap. Thanks to DawnWatch ( for sharing this article from the L.A. Times.

Victory in the Language Laws
The Plant Based Food Association just announced a victory in the Food Labeling Laws fights. In their own words:

We are thrilled to share that as of last night, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture proposed a new regulation that would allow vegan and vegetarian food companies to continue using meat and meat product terms on their food labels. This new regulation is a direct response to PBFA and member company Upton’s Naturals’ lawsuit that was filed this past July. The suit, which was made possible with the help of Institute for Justice, claimed that the state of Mississippi was violating plant-based food company’s First Amendment rights by limiting their ability to label foods in ways that consumers understand.  Three cheers for PBFA and the defeat of laws that would not allow plant based meats to be called meat!

As always, be sure to go to  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. And check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is and The San Francisco Veg Society at www.  


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