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September 2019 (Really mid August)
Marin VEG

There will always be something to complain about (heat waves, traffic,  rude people). Yet there are opportunities everywhere to show kindness to ourselves and others.  Let's get creative and look for ways to transform frustration into small acts of generosity and compassion.

Please read the piece below about Point Reyes and the National Park Service plan to kill elk and extend ranching leases for decades.  This is a rare and important opportunity for us to speak up on behalf of animals, in person and/or by filling out an online form.   And if you want to feel better about the progress of veganism, listen to Sarina Farb's talk about the history of social justice. That will take 17  minutes, but I suspect you will find it worth it.  Additionally, a new Veg festival in San  Francisco looks like it will be terrific. All this and more is here. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 1
Benefit Fundraiser Hoedown at Rancho Compasion

12:30 - 6:00
Come meet the rescued animals who call Rancho Compasion home, and support the sanctuary at the Second Annual Benefit Fundraiser Hoedown on Sunday, September 1 in Nicasio.  Drinks, appetizers and a delicious,  catered vegan meal, silent and live auctions, live music, and  square dancing are all included. Tickets are $125 for adults and $75 for those under 13 (must be accompanied by an adult).  See the schedule to know when to arrive, learn more, and buy tickets at 

Tuesday, September 10
Ethical Stock Fund to Launch on NY Stock Exchange
US Vegan Climate Exchange EFT (exchange traded fund) will launch on the NYSE on Tuesday, September 10.  For ethical investors, this publicly traded fund (VEGAN ETF) excludes stocks that are not vegan friendly or climate conscious.  I see this as a new opportunity to invest with a clean conscience and as further evidence that there are a growing number of people who care about living their values.   Learn more at

Saturday, September 21

California Food Festival and Symposium
11:00  - 6:00  at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
40% off admission with MARINVEG code
Calling itself a showcase of veg innovation, after three years in Hollywood The California Veg Food Fest and Symposium is coming to San Francisco for the first time.  This event features a kids' area, presenter stages, live music and fitness classes.  Keynote speakers include Dr. Michael Greger, author of How Not to Die and How Not to Diet, and the force behind  Also speaking will be Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, chef Tirzah Love, private chef for the Sacramento Kings, plus many other experts in veg living.      General admission is $20 in advance, $30 at the door.   Enter the code MARINVEG  at checkout for 40% off. (No discount at the door, only for advance purchase.)   The Palace of Fine Arts is just over the Golden Gate Bridge at 3601 Lyon Street.   Reading the bios of the speakers impressed me.  Seeing the exhibitor list made me hungry.  See all that and the schedule, and buy tickets at

Point Reyes to Extend Ranching for 20 Years, Kill Tule Elk
Written Comments Needed Before September 23
Public Meetings on August 27 (Point Reyes) and August 28 (Sausalito)
The National Park Service is looking for public comments on their plan to allow dairy and beef ranchers a twenty year lease extension for their ranching, along with killing tule elk that the ranchers see as a threat.  This could not be a more disastrous choice, especially in light of the recent IPCC report on climate change (see next item, below).  Use your voice to say no to this misguided, cruel and harmful plan.  Write to GMP Amendment, c/o Superintendent, Point Reyes National Seashore, 1 Bear Valley Road, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956. Or fill out the form at   Even if you write, you can also come to a public meeting to speak your mind.  One is at the Bay Model Visitor Center (2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito) from 5PM to 7 on Wednesday, August 28.  Another is a day earlier at the West Marin School in Point Reyes Station (11550 Shoreline Hwy) from 5PM to  7 on Tuesday, August 27.   Read more about this proposed plan and how environmentalists are reacting to it at

U.N. Study Calls for Shift Towards Vegan Diets
The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change, a group of 107 experts from 52 countries convened by the United Nations, released a report in August that warns about world wide soil loss, food shortages, and other cataclysmic outcomes if multiple changes are not made soon.  Among its recommendations are a dramatic reduction in the consumption of animal protein and a move toward vegetarian and vegan diets.  Robert Grillo of Free From Harm wrote a good synopsis here:   The New York Times published a more in depth piece which includes a link to the report itself at  If you want to read only the report you can find it at

All Burger Kings in U.S. Now  Offer Impossible Whopper
During a 49ers game on the Football Channel, Burger King recently advertised that the Impossible Whopper was now available at every one of its U.S. locations. While many vegans may never set foot in a Burger King restaurant, the Impossible Whopper will allow millions of meat eaters to make a better choice when they do.  An insightful piece about this new menu item at BK and how it is judged by vegans was written by Liam Gilliver for Plant Based News:  What I learned here, among other things, is that in some countries a food may not be called vegan if it is cooked on the same surface as non-vegan foods. The conclusion that Gilliver comes to from this issue surprised me, but makes good sense.

Social Justice and Veganism
17 Minutes by Sarina Farb
In only 17 minutes Sarina Farb explains beautifully how the vegan movement is on track to become accepted by the mainstream in less time than we imagine.  We are almost there.  Sarina is a friend from Summerfest where she gave this uplifting talk in July.

New Book from Colleen Patrick Goudreau
The Joyful Vegan
Any new book from Colleen Patrick Goudreau is reason to celebrate, and this one is just the right book at just the right time.  The Joyful Vegan: How to Stay Vegan in a World that Wants You to Eat Meat, Dairy and  Eggs helps us navigate the social, cultural, and emotional challenges of making choices that confound others.  With stellar endorsements from Dr. Greger, Dr. Melanie Joy, Gene Baur, Miyoko Schinner, and Senator Cory Booker, The Joyful Vegan is written to help people go vegan and stay vegan.  Learn more and pre-order your copy at   If you want to visit Colleen's web site - as I do often for its inspiring and intelligent messages -  its new address is

Changes at Muir's Tea Room
Starting in September, my favorite Sebastopol restaurant, Muir's Tea Room, will no longer offer a full menu, but will present themed Tea Service menus that will change monthly.  Expect the same delicious, vegan excellence, but with a focused Tea Service unique to each theme.   Also, they are expanding their wholesale operations, and Muir products will soon be available in many retail outlets.  To see the upcoming themes and dates, including Downton Abbey Tea Parties for five days in September, and to make reservations, visit

Oxymoron Award
They call themselves ethical butchers, and if ever there was an oxymoron waiting for a prize, this is it.  According to the New York Times, many former vegans have turned to butchering animals.  In their view, it is somehow more ethical to butcher an animal than to not eat it.  Scratch your head as you read about this at

Baskin-Robbins Introduces Vegan Ice Cream
For the first time,  Baaskin-Robbins is selling vegan ice cream.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Extreme are the two new Baskin-Robbins vegan ice cream varieties offered by the chain, and they are free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and high fructose corn syrup.  Learn more at  If you are not familiar with John Robbins or Ocean Robbins, son and grandson respectively of the co-founder of Baskin-Robbins,  you might find this interview from VegNews interesting. I did.

Letters to the Editors
Whenever I find myself shouting at the newspaper, I know it's time to write a letter to the editor. I'm thrilled to share these three published letters I wrote recently in response to articles that had me screaming. (scroll down)  (scroll down)

More in September
As always, be sure to go to  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. And check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is and The San Francisco Veg Society at www.  


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