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August, 2019
Marin Vegetarian Education Group

So much to read! So much to do! Grab a cold drink, get comfortable, and find out what's happening in the vegan world. Don't miss the panel discussion on lab grown meat or the encouraging New York Times article in which Michele Simon from the Plant Based Food Association and Miyoko Schinner from Miyoko's Creamery are primary sources. And don't hesitate to buy your ticket to the Hoedown to benefit Rancho Compasion. Ticket prices go up August 1.  Ongoing apologies for formatting irregularities. I hope the content compensates for the varying font sizes.  Happy August!

Saturday, August 3

Sonoma County VegFest
10 :00 - 5:00
From 10 AM until 5 PM on Saturday, August 3, The Sonoma VegFest will offer inspiring speakers, cooking demos, great vegan food, the film A Prayer for Compassion (2:30-4:00) and cruelty free exhibitors at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa.  The cost for entry is $5. Learn more about this celebration of delicious, ethical eating, see the schedule, and skip the line to get in by buying your tickets in advance at

Sunday, August 11
Goatlandia Party at
Lynmar Winery, Sebastopol
3:30 - 6:00
Goatlandia will soon have a new location!  Help them build  barns, fences, play structures and more by attending this scrumptious, catered picnic at a winery in Sebastopol on Sunday, August 11. Enjoy wood fired snacks, wine, and a Mediterranean Mezze dinner - with goats in attendance - at a fundraising afternoon to benefit the new location. Tickets are $75. Learn more and buy your ticket at

Friday, August 30
Fight for the Ocean Day
1:30 - 3:30
San Francisco or Bodega Bay  or any beach near you
Clean the Beach with SFVS and FEP
The Food Empowerment Project (FEP) has declared August 30 Fight for the Ocean Day. They and the  San Francisco Veg Society (SFVS) are joining together for a beach clean up in honor of marine biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle.  Meet at Baker Beach, Battery Chamberlin entrance on Friday August, 30 at 1:30 near the restrooms.   For early birds,there will be an earlier clean up that day at Ocean Beach at Taraval and 48th. And if you cannot get to the city that day, grab your friends and  go to any beach near you to start cleaning it up. Learn about another clean up that day at Bodega  Bay at 10:45, and more about why and how to do this at

Sunday, September 1
Benefit Fundraiser Hoedown at Rancho Compasion
12:30 - 6:00
More than 70 animals now call Rancho Compasion home, and their care and feeding need our help.  Come meet many of these lucky, charming, rescued beings and support Marin's own animal sanctuary at the Second Annual Benefit Fundraiser Hoedown on Sunday, September 1 in Nicasio.  Drinks, appetizers and a delicious,  catered vegan meal, silent and live auctions, live music, and  square dancing are all included. Tickets are $125 ($100 before August 1) for adults and $75 ($60 before August 1) for those under 13 (must be accompanied by an adult).  See the schedule to know when to arrive, learn more, and buy tickets at 

Stop Plastic Pollution
How about reducing the need for beach clean ups? Do you remember Allison's Gourmet baked goods? Allison is no longer making cookies, but she is still making the world a better place. She and others have started a campaign to stop plastic pollution. It's called PWR for Plastic Waste Reduction, and it is already teaching and helping children say no to plastic utensils and yes to stainless steel forks, spoons and knives. Learn how you can help this terrific new effort a

Cheese, Meat, Milk and Language Laws
Wow! The New York Times recently published an excellent article about vegan food companies fighting back against laws that restrict words like cheese, meat, and milk in vegan food.  Miyoko Schinner and Michele Simon, paramount among those leading the fight, are both interviewed for this piece (wonderful quotes!), and the entire article makes for great reading.  If you have time, the comments from readers are also very good.

Deconstructing the Language and Reality of Lab Grown Meat
This panel discussion from Summerfest about lab grown meat helped me understand the issue much better.  While it's a 50 minute video, the first 15 minutes, including comments by Milton Mills, MD, are especially enlightening.  But if you can do it, watching the entire video is well worth your time.

Beware of Guacamole Without Avocados
I have not heard of this happening in Marin, but the restaurant L.A. Taco is apparently making a guacamole look alike without avocados for its tacos, and calling it guacamole. The author suspects it happens often, especially at street vendors selling tacos.  Very interesting, indeed.  Check this out:

Prime Roots Needs Food Testers
Prime Roots is a new company making high protein vegan food from fungi.   They plan to launch next year, and want us to vote on which products to launch first. Also they need volunteers to test their products.  Learn more at    Thanks to Lonna R. for telling me about them. More about this company and its young creator can be found at

Impossible Burger is Most Popular Late Night Meal

According to the meal delivery service GrubHub, the vegan Impossible Burger is the most ordered food for late night eaters. Holy smokes! They looked at half a million daily orders on the app and this was one of the surprise bestsellers, up in popularity by more than 500% in just this year.  Learn more at

Gene Baur in Washington Post
Help Dairy Farmers Leave Dairy Farming

President of Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur wrote an interesting opinion piece for the Washington Post in June.  He argues persuasively for an end to dairy subsidies and an end to dairy farming.

More in August
As always, be sure to go to  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. And check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is and The San Francisco Veg Society at www.  


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