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August, 2018
Marin Vegetarian Education Group

Along with our neighbors, in June Stan and I  helped to create a new community garden.  Now the sunflowers are spectacular and attracting bees. Hooray! As I eagerly and impatiently await the maturity of the basil, cucumbers, and squash, I am in awe of the magic in a seed, sunshine, water and soil.  May you find magic and delight in your life every day this month!

Sunday, August 18
10AM - 6PM 
Sonoma VegFest

I m honored that the Sonoma County VegFest invited me to speak this year! I will be speaking at 10:30 AM in The Grand Lobby on Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned: Love, Laughter and Living as a Vegan for 32 Years at this exciting festival on Sunday, August 18.

Here is more about this wonderful, annual celebration:

The Sonoma County VegFest is the North Bay's wildly popular celebration of compassionate, health, and environmentally responsible living.  The event features dozens of Bay Area vendors, three rooms of inspiring speakers, professional cooking demonstrations, lots of free samples, and an exciting food court.  There is also a kids zone with a full schedule of activities for families.

General Admission is $5
Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
50 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa

For more information and to see the schedule go to
This is a once-a-year event you will not want to miss! I hope to see you there!!

Thursday, August 30
Clean Up for Those Who Live in the Ocean
At Any Shoreline Near You
In honor of oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, The Food Empowerment Project is encouraging us to do our part to help all the beings who live in the ocean by cleaning up shorelines on Thursday, August 30 (and by not eating fish, ever).  Read this moving tribute to Dr. Earle to learn more about this new campaign at  And consider joining the Bodega Bay group or starting your own:

Personal and Professional Congratulations to

lauren ornelas and the Food Empowerment Project
This summer, lauren ornelas, founder and executive director of the Food Empowerment Project was inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame at the Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles. I'm thrilled that her 31 years of activism and leadership have been recognized and honored this way.
And even more exciting, an eight year long campaign by the Food Empowerment Project has become successful this summer.  Until Governor Jerry Brown signed a new regulation this year, there was a 50-mile rule that harmed the families of the people who grow our food.  Forced to move at least 50 miles away after each harvest season, the children of farm workers had to miss school or change schools every year.  Relentless work educating and lobbying for a change to this rule finally paid off in July. Learn more at  and join me in congratulating and thanking FEP for their persistence and success. is their web site.

Costco and Ikea Adding Vegan Food
Vegan options are showing up in more and more places. Costco and Ikea are the latest:
Starting in England and expected soon in the U.S. :

Dairy Feeling the Threat of Non-Dairy Options
The dairy industry is trying to make it illegal to call any product "milk" if it doesn't come from an animal.  Here is one story about The Dairy Pride Act, a proposed bill asking the USDA to ban the word from almond, soy and other non-dairy milks:     While many of us who use soy, almond, cashew or oat milk agree that this is absurd, dairy farmers are desperate while dairy consumption continues to fall. And here is a report from Mercy for Animals that tells us that some former dairy farmers have switched to making beer:   Finally, here is one article about the liklihood of this bill being enforced, if enacted:

Summerfest News
Early in July I attended and spoke at Summerfest, the annual celebration/conference/camp of the North American Vegetarian Society.  The biggest news at the conference, announced during the Saturday night plenary session in a packed auditorium is that the organization is changing its name to the North American Vegan Society.  The Vegetarian Hall of Fame is now The Vegan Hall of Fame (Chef AJ was inducted this year).  The change was a reflection of the reality that every dietitian, physician, philosopher, ethicist, and scientist in attendance, has, for many years, stressed the urgent need to go  vegan to help the earth and its inhabitants. This was an exciting moment, but only one of many.  To me, watching the fireflies at dusk was another highlight. And to see Miyoko show off her singing, dancing, comedic timing and lyric-writing talent  was reason enough to cheer.  There are parallel sessions every hour, and at those I attended, every speaker was inspiring.  It was a gathering of some of the brightest and most compassionate educators, chefs, health promoters and activists in the country.  I highly recommend that you look into going next summer. Getting to Johnstown, PA is not easy from the West Coast. But, it is worth the hassle to spend four days learing so much and eating such good food in the company of such good people.

How A Body Changes on a Vegan Diet
Orignally published in The Conversation, Newsweek picked this up and published it on line as well. While there are enough warnings here to scare away some people, the overall message in this article is encouraging. It does stress the importance of knowing your levels of vitamin D an supplementing if needed, and definitely supplementing vitamin B12.

Do It Yourself Vegan
People often ask me how I gather the news that I share in these newsletters.  Here are some of my best sources. Sign up for weekly or daily emails from these organizations so that you can be the first to know when vegans are in the news. I recommend this especially because I am traveling a lot and not always available to share the news with you.
    From the UK, this is an excellent way to learn about global trends.  Here you can enter the word "vegan," or any other term, and get a daily digest (or multiple emails each day) of any news that Google tracks that has the word in the article. Learn more about how this works at

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There are dozens more, including Mercy For Animals, Free From Harm, Compassion Over Killing, Fish Feel, United Poultry Concerns . . . You just have to decide how much email you want to get every week.                               
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