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Marin Vegetarian Education Group
June - July, 2018

This is a combined June and July newsletter because I will be at Summerfest at the beginning of July (and in Florida visiting family the last week in June).  What is  Summerfest? It's the most fun I have all year!  Summerfest is the annual meeting/conference/camp of the North American Vegetarian Society held at the Johnstown campus of the University of Pittsburgh (PA). There is wonderful vegan food three times a day, with special "stations" for raw, no oil, and  gluten free options.  There are dozens of excellent presentations all day, every day, and hundreds of interesting people who all care about animals, the planet, and healthy eating.  Learn more at

Below you will find information on how to help the families who grow our food, essays from Melanie Joy that are worth reading, news of a two day retreat in Marin, a new lecture series at Marin Humane, and lots more. Enjoy the next two months!

Sunday, June 3
Sunday, July 1
Monthly Vegan Lunch in San Rafael
A wonderful group of people meets for a delicious Indian lunch once a month at Taj of Marin in San Rafael. The next meeting is this coming weekend on Sunday, June 3 at 1 PM. Be sure to rsvp if you want to join them. And if you can't make it this month, meet with them on Sunday, July 1.

Monday, June 4
Support Amy's at Corte Madera Town Council Meeting
6:30 PM
The town of Corte Madera will make the final decision on Amy's Drive Thru at the town council meeting on Monday, June 4 at 6:30 at the Town Hall (300 Tamalpais Avenue). Anyone who can come in support will be helpful. No need to speak; just your presence speaks volumes.  If you live in Corte Madera, you can also write to the town council members before Monday to say that you want Amy's in Corte Madera. There's a link to make writing easy and more information at

Monday, June 4
Monday, June 18
Monday, July 2
Monday, July 15
Marin Vegan Book Group in San Rafael
If you're not going the Corte Madera, you may want to join the Marin Vegan Book Club where they are reading and doing the recommended practices for days eight through twenty of Lani Muelrath's book The Mindful Vegan. Be sure to read the rules for joining at This group meets at 6:45 on the first and third Mondays of every month at Key Tea, 821 C Street in San Rafael.

Tuesday, June 5 is the Last Day to Register for
Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10
Mindfulness and Self Care Retreat in Forest Knolls
How to Help Animals  Without Depleting Yourself
From 10 to 4 Saturday and from 8 to 3 on Sunday, In Defense of Animals is hosting a retreat on How to Help Animals Without Depleting Yourself.  The teachers are two vegan superstars: the author of The Mindful Vegan, Lani Muelrath, and self-care coach Allison Rivers Samson.  Delicious, healthy vegan food will be provided by vegan chefs Hiromi Bower Ui and Kiyoko Usugi.   While overnight accommodations are fully booked, you are welcome to attend the two day program  if you register in advance and come both full days. This retreat is being offered by donation to honor the Buddhist practice of  "dana," or generosity.  You can learn more about gift ecology at     And you can see the retreat schedule and learn more about the teachers and chefs at

Saturday, June 23 (and July 14 and July 28)

6:30 - 8:30
Summer Speaker Series at Marin Humane
Hooray for Compassionate Living! They created the LEAP (Loving Earth, Animals and People) speaker series for the summer at Marin Humane (171   Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato) on three Saturday nights. The first one will be on Saturday, June 23 at 6:30 PM and the guest speaker will be Miyoko Schinner addressing Eating In the Food Obsessed 21st Century,  These are free, educational events featuring engaging speakers on how what we eat affects our health, the environment, animals, and others.  This series is co-sponsored by Marin Humane and the 350Marin Climate-Diet Team.  The next two events will be on July 14 and July 28.   No reservations required, but if you want to rsvp, it would be helpful. Visit    I think it's brilliant to hold these talks at Marin Humane. So many people who love cats and dogs, rabbits and gerbils, do not understand that chickens, fishes, pigs and cows are equally deserving of our care and love. Mark your calendar today for all three, so you won't forget.

Thursday, June 28 - Sunday, July 1
Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles
Immerse yourself in workshops, lectures, exhibits, and like minded people who care about animals at the annual AR conference sponsored by Farm Animal Rights Movement,  A Well Fed World, Compassion Over Killing, Animal Equity, Mercy for Animals, Animal Place, The Humane League, The Polinaation Project, In Defense of Animals and dozens of other stellar organizations and companies. Learn more and register at

Monday, July 16 through Friday, July 27
Donate School Supplies for the Children of Farm Workers
Once again, the Food Empowerment Project is collecting new backpacks and school supplies for the children of farm workers.  This our way of thanking the people who grow our food.  Please deliver all supplies to Marin Humane, marked "Cindy Machado" between July 16 and July 27. Learn more and see the list of needed supplies at  And to see other drop off locations outside Marin (Share this with your friends!) go to  This is a terrific way to give back, show appreciation for the hard work of farm workers, and join forces for good with the Food Empowerment Project.

Dr. John McDougall is Retiring
I received this email from Dr. McDougall this week. He was a pioneer in plant based nutrition and healing, and I wish him all the best in retirement.
I am announcing that I no longer will be seeing patients in a professional medical manner. After half a century of my life being dedicated to the medical care of people as their general physician, I am retiring. 

I have moved on to working with more legislation, healthcare systems, and education projects.

My past and present work will be available (mostly without charge) through my website,

As many of you know, Heather McDougall became CEO of the McDougall Program over 5 years ago. She leads a loyal and talented staff of professionals: Anthony Lim, MD, JD, Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LDN, Doug Lisle, PhD and Tiffany Hobson, Operations Manager.

The same principles of diet and food preparation are being used as in the past. The medical staff remains dedicated to helping you eliminate all unnecessary medications and avoid harmful procedures.

Mary and I will continue to oversee the entire business with Heather. Her dedication to the McDougall Program, as ours, will never waver. I will still make appearances in Santa Rosa at 3-day and 10-day Programs. As always, I will be checking daily on the work of my lifetime: The McDougall Program — Where people continue to regain their lost health and personal appearances.

Thank you for your continued support over the years.

Best of Health,
(signed by Dr.McDougall)

Schools in Four Cities in Brazil Go 100% Vegan
It seems to me that in more and more places where you'd never expect it, veganism is catching on. Now four cities in Brazil have chosen to go plant based in all public schools.
Here's the story:

Melanie Joy Writes Four Important Essays
on Fractures and Privilege in the Animal Rights Movement
Thanks to for telling me about this and for publishing these important essays. Melanie Joy, psychologist and author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, has written a brilliant series of essays about fractures and  privilege in the animal rights movement.  These are not a "quick read" but a detailed, clear explanation of how our blindness to any kind of privilege causes harm, and what we can do about that.  If you are confused about privilege, or frustrated in talking to non-vegans about veganism, the first essay is the perfect lesson. Every one of the essays taught me much that I need to know. (At the end of each one there is a link to the next.) Read more about why she wrote these essays and find a link to the first one at

A Prayer for Compassion,  New Film
It is still a few months away, but so exciting that I want to tell you about it now. A new film is being created to appeal to people who are religious or spiritual, but who don't include farmed animals in their circle of compassion.  Called A Prayer for Compassion, the documentary will feature practitioners and leaders from several religions who talk about how their tradition is in keeping with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. The movie is being produced by Victoria Moran, one of my favorite writers and the founder of the Main Street Vegan Academy.  You can watch a trailer at    And  you can see more from the film if you go to  and click "videos."

Vegan Parenting Magazine Launched
The first parenting magazine for vegans is now available in print and digital editions. Raise Vegan is for vegan parents and pregnant vegan women who plan to raise their children as vegans.  Learn more at     The magazine's site is

Starbucks Adds Vegan Cookie
According to a story in VegNews, Starbucks has added it's first vegan pastry item - a macadamia oat cookie -  to most stores, nation wide.  Here's the scoop:
Ketogenic Diets and Vegan Ketogenic Diets
Cardiologist and author Joel Kahn is interviewed in this 9 minute video about Ketogenic diets. Ketogenic diets are low in carbohydrates, high in fat, and usually filled with meat and dairy. He talks about the risks involved with such diets, and he recommends a vegan version of it if you want to try one.  The sound in this video is not ideal, but the content is worth it.   And Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. John McDougall weigh in on the subject here:  In his interview Dr. Kahn refers to a fasting mimicking diet that has been studied at UCLA. Here is more about that diet:

Democracy NOW Reports on DXE Action
39 Protesters Arrested
In Petaluma at a facility where so-called free range birds are bred before being slaughtered and sold to Whole Foods and Amazon, activists with Direct Action Everywhere were arrested after rescuing 37 chickens.  If you thought that "free range" meant a better life for birds, this is a distressing wake-up call. Thanks to for telling me about this piece.

Summer Events

Be sure to check in at  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. Also, check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County at
And The San Francisco Veg Society at www.


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