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May 2018
Marin Vegetarian Education Group

If there is a heaven on Earth, I think it might be on the path around Lake Lagunitas in spring. I was speechless with joy last week to see the abundance of irises, lupin, saxifrage, woodland stars, violets, roses, and so many flowers whose names I don't know.   I hope that May brings you many moments of treasured delight. 

Saturday, May 5
11:30 - 2:00 Fairfax
Outreach at Good Earth Natural Foods
May 4 is International Respect for Chicken Day, and United Poultry Concerns encourages us to speak up on behalf the billions of birds who live bleak lives before being slaughtered at a young age.  Join United Poultry Concerns, Compassionate Living, and Animal Liberation Bay Area in peaceful leafleting and demonstraation in honor of International Respect for Chickens Day. Meet at The Good Earth In Fairfax (720 Center Blvd) at 11:30.   This is a meet-up event, so telling them you're coming would be helpful.  Learn more and rsvp at

Saturday, May 5 - Cinco de Mayo
Goatlandia Fun-d Raising Dinner
4:30 PM
Fun, foodie delights, a silent auction, hors d'oeuvres with beer, wine and Margaritas, plus a meet and greet with the baby goats all precede a delicious vegan dinner at Goatlandia's second annual Spring fundraising dinner on Saturday, May 5 in Santa Rosa.  The optional goat tour is at 4:30,  hors d'oeuvres are at 5:30, and dinner is at 6:30. The cost is $100, and you must rsvp at  Seating is limited, so reserve today to help support this life-saving, educational, vegan-promoting animal sanctuary.

Sunday, May 6
Lunch at Taj of Marin
This coming Sunday, May 6 is the monthly gathering of kind and fun people for lunch at Taj of Marin.  This is a meetup group that has been enjoying a vegan, Indian lunch for years, and they are always eager to meet new people.  RSVP at

Thursday, May 10
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Fundraising Spring Dinner
One of my favorite not for profits is having its annual fundraising dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  Join the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition at Sanctuary Bistro in Berkeley on Thursday May 10 to support their wonderful work. The cost is $75, and every dollar will be matched by a generous donor. Learn more about this terrific group at   And reserve a spot at the fundraiser (if there is still space) at

Saturday, May 19
11 AM to 5 PM
Oakland VegFest
Free, fun, educational
From 11 to 5 on Saturday, May 19, come to Oakland and celebrate all things vegan!  The event is free and takes place at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater (between 12th St. and 1st Avenue on Lake Merritt Blvd.) See the video and learn more at  You may recognize some familiar faces in the video!

Helping Dairy Farmers
In last month's newsletter, I included an article about the plight of dairy farmers in the wake of falling demand for dairy products.  Thanks to Miyoko Schinner, I discovered an organization that helps animal farmers make the change to raising plants instead.  Check out the good work of Farm Transformers at

Beyond Sausage Joins Beyond Meat's Line
Now you can buy Beyond Sausage at Whole Foods. Learn more about the new product here:

San Francisco Bans  Sale of Fur
In March the San Francisco  Board of Supervisors voted to ban the sale of fur in the city. This ban begins in January, and retailers will have one additional year to sell their remaining inventory. Here is one of many stories that reported this historic vote.

New Word: Vystopia
Describes Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World
Clare Mann, a psychologist in Australia, has coined a word to describe the anguish vegans feel in world where most people don't want to know about what happens to animals when humans use them for food, clothing, entertainment and research.  She has written a small book on the subject that will go on sale May  17.  According to Mann,  83% of vegans experience vystopia.  Here is more on her new word and the book:

Speaking of Words: Plant Based vs. Vegan
A recent survey of more than 1100 consumers found that "plant based" was strongly preferred to "vegan" to describe a diet without animal products.  I prefer "vegan" because I see veganism as a lifestyle choice promoting kindness.  But if others are motivated strictly by health concerns, I say: Whatever works to help people stop eating animals is the best choice.  Thanks to the many readers who alerted me to this survey. The first link is an overview. The second has more details from the survey.

Vegan Outreach
Behind the  Scenes
In just under four minutes, learn about how Vegan Outreach began and how their booklets have reached tens of millions of college students over the last few decades. If you ever wondered why so many people go vegan in college, this effective, persistent organization is a large part of the answer.

Feeding More People
According to a researcher in Israel, if all the land used to raise cattle, pigs and chickens in the United States was used instead to grow plant food for humans, we could feed 390 million more people.  Here is the story from the Los Angeles Times:

Butcher's Son Moving to
Bigger Space,  Former Cheese Shop
The vegan deli in Berkeley, The Butcher's Son, is always crowded.  I'm thrilled to learn that they are moving across the street to 1954 University Ave, site of the former Maker's Common, a much larger space.  If you have not yet visited this unique, popular deli, be prepared to be blown away. See their menu at  And read about the move at

UC Berkeley Offering Class on Veganism and Sustainability
A Sustainable Food Lab program at UC  Berkeley is focusing on veganism and sustainability. The lab  is at the  Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and  Technology, and I'm excited to see that there is interest in vegan, sustainable products and ideas among meat eating and vegan students alike.

New Vegan Mayo
Field Roast, makers of Chao vegan cheese and meat-free sausages now offers a vegan mayo as well. It's called Chao Mayo. Here is more on this vegan company that was sold last year to a major meat processing company last year.

New Bill Would Require Vegan Meals to be Available in Prisons
A state senator representing  Berkeley has introduced a bill to make vegan meals available in state prisons. Here's the scoop:

France Makes It A Crime to Call Plant Based Meat "Meat"
Whereas Canada is considering warning labels on some dairy products, France has made it illegal to use terms such as milk or meat for plant based alternatives.  Here's the story:

Green Giant Adding Vegan Food Bowls
You know that veganism has gone mainstream when Green Giant announces it is adding six vegan bowl meals to its line. Does anyone else remember the tv commercials that sang Ho,  ho, ho, Green Giant?  I hope that this new line introduces many people to tasty vegan meals. Ho, ho, ho, go vegan!
Vegan Birkenstocks
If "tree hugging vegan" is not cliche enough for you, how about "tree hugging, Birkenstock vegan"? There are now three vegan Birkenstock styles to choose from. Hooray!

Tell Me Something I Didn't Already Know
A new study shows that animal protein raises the risk for heart disease. Plant protein has the opposite effect.

More May Events
Keep an eye on  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. Also, check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County at   And The San Francisco Veg Society at www. 


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