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February, 2018
Marin Vegetarian Education Group

Thanks to everyone who expressed good wishes for my mom. I spent four weeks with her in Florida, in and out of the hospital, and she is doing well for now. 
I am glad to be back in the Bay Area!  Even though we need more rain, I am delighting in the green hills, new wild flowers (milk maids, fetid adder tongue), and magnificent trails. And that blue moon, super moon, lunar eclipse was fun!  I hope you, too, are enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. Here are some articles and news that I found interesting:

Sjaak Warehouse Sale for Valentines Day
 I just finished sharing the many (too many!) boxes of holiday chocolate I bought at their December warehouse sale. Here is news directly from Sjaak :

We are opening up our little warehouse sale again. This time with hearts! We will have lots of delicious chocolates in an assortment of packaging at great prices! Come get some gifts and treat yourself!
This year it will be;

Tuesday 2-6-18 10:00-3:00
Wednesday 2-7-18 10:00-3:00
Thursday 2-8-18- 10:00-3:00
Friday 2-9-18- 10:00-2:00

1340 Commerce Suite D (the front door is on Transport)
Petaluma CA 94954

All chocolates are organic, vegan and delicious!

Safe Chocolate
The Food Empowerment Project is doing stellar work in so many important areas of food security and food justice. They are working to expose Safeway's deed restrictions, bring healthy food to impoverished neighborhoods, provide school supplies to the children of farm workers, and ensure that the chocolate we enjoy on Valentines Day and every day does not come from slave labor. Check out their web site and chocolate list before you indulge in chocolate of any kind.   The chocolate list is under "Resources."  Of course, Sjaak is on the approved list.

Saturday, February 17
5:30 -8:30 in Ross
Healing With Rescued Animals
The Pollination Project ( is hosting a salon in Ross from 5:30 to 8:30 PM on Saturday, February 17 to share the experience of their grantees, 
Julia Orr and Carol Rathmann, who  have devoted their lives to animal rescue through Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch and the Forget Me Not Farm.  Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch is a no-kill rescue and sanctuary in the Napa Valley for companion and farmed animals in need. Forget Me Not Farm is a haven for at risk children and youth and animals to bond and break the cycle of abuse.  The salon is an invitation to the community to share a meal and learn about the wonderful work of both The Pollination Project and the world-changing grantees who have been supported by The  Pollination Project. There is no fee to attend, but space is limited, and RSVP is required. To reserve a spot and learn the location, go to

 What It Means to Be Vegan
A few months ago Carol Saunders, a minister, wrote two  beautiful essays that moved me. The first explains what being vegan means to her, and the second is about why the Unity church should be encouraging veganism among its members. I just read them again and want to share them. I hope her words resonate with you as they do with me.

San Francisco May Ban Fur Sales in City
West Hollywood and Berkeley have already done it, and now San Francisco is considering banning the sale of fur. Read more here, and then consider signing the petition here

Free On Line Video Series for Vibrant Vegan Living
Hear talks from Will Tuttle, Victoria Moran, Michael Klaper, Neal Barnard, T. Colin Campbell,  John McDougall, Melanie Joy and many more in this free, on line video series called the Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit. I had trouble signing in with my earthlink account (cannot figure that out), but with a different email address it was 1-2-3.  Register here:
While the summit is free, you will be offered the chance to buy products and additional access after the live talks.

Vegan Eggs from Hampton Creek
At least one restaurant in San Francisco is now serving a vegan scrambled egg, called Just Scramble, created by Hampton Creek (makers of Just Mayo).  I don't know when these eggs will be available in stores, but this is a good first step.   Here is an old (November) article from the Chronicle about the eggs: 

Field Roast Pledges to Remain Vegan
Many of us have fallen in love with Celebration Roast and other products from Field Roast. So when the company was acquired by one of the largest packaged meat companies in Canada, we were crestfallen.  But the good people at Field Roast and the new owners have promised that the products will remain vegan.  Read about it here:

Vegan Lunch Options in Los Angeles Public Schools
This very exciting news came into my mailbox in December.  The second largest school district in the country may be offering a vegan lunch option every day! All because of a kind, bold eighth grader.  Just keep exing out the pop up ads and read about it here:

Australian Airline to Offer Vegan Meals
Responding to daily requests for vegan meals, Australia's budget airline Jetstar will be serving vegan food on long, international flights this year.  This is a reminder to all of us to keep requesting vegan options wherever we go. Sometimes, if they're smart, companies will listen.

New Cookbook from Main Street Vegan Academy
Victoria Moran has been running The Main Street Vegan Academy for six years. The academy trains participants to be Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators. It's a hands on, week-long course in New York City, and many of its graduates have gone on to create successful vegan businesses around the world.  Now, Victoria, with JL Fields and dozens of graduates have created a gorgeous, full color cookbook. The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook has a foreword by Jane Velez-Mitchell and more than 100 recipes, tips, and contributions from leaders and teachers in the vegan world.  The book is published by BenBella Books and retails for $19.95. You can buy it from the publisher for $13.97

Good News from DawnWatch
DawnWatch is the only animal advocacy organization focused exclusively on how animals are depicted in major media. This look back at 2016 from DawnWatch offers plenty of evidence that a kinder world is in the making. I support DawnWatch with a small, monthly contribution. If you subscribe to their bulletins, you will see why I admire this organization so much.

Vegan Weddings
Vogue named vegan weddings the top trend in weddings in 2017. It's one thing when the marvelous VegNews features vegan weddings every year, but when Vogue recognizes the growing popularity of vegan wedding celebrations, you know that veganism is becoming more mainstream every day.

People of Color and Veganism
Most depictions of vegans in popular media show white people. This thoughtful article by Khushbu Shah explains how veganism predates the 1944 coining of the word "vegan," and how vegan food has been thriving for years in communities of color around the world.  One of my favorite not for profits, The Food Empowerment Project ( is featured in the piece.

Raising Children to Speak Up for Justice
JoAnn Farb wrote an inspiring article about why raising vegan children will have an impact far beyond the animals whose lives are spared.  You can read it here:

Hold The Date
Sunday, March 25
Action Around Dairy
Dalilia Cunha and Marin Voices for Animals will be handing out postcards (location to be determined) with facts about dairy starting at noon on Sunday, March 25. "Not your mother; Not your milk" is the primary message on the cards.  More details to come next month.  Meanwhile, here is a powerful, 7-minute video about dairy that features Dr. Neal Barnard.

What to do in February
Keep an eye on  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. Also, check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is   And The San Francisco Veg Society at www. is worth knowing about and supporting.


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