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Marin Vegetarian Education Group
September, 2017

With a heavy heart for all the people and non-human animals affected by the catastrophic flooding in Texas, I am glad that Colleen Patrick Goudreau will be addressing diet and climate change this month in San Anselmo.  And I was delighted to discover a book that tells the truth about the many, deeply ingrained myths about animal agriculture and how they remain so prevalent.  Find the details on these and much more below.

Tuesday, September 19 - 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Colleen Patrick Goudreau Speaking in San Anselmo
Beloved, brilliant author and podcast star Colleen Patrick Goudreau will be speaking at an event sponsored by the climate/diet team of 350Marin on Tuesday, September 19 from 6:30 until 8:30 at the First Presbyterian Church at 72 Kensington Road in San Anselmo. Refreshments will be offered at 6:30, and Colleen's presentation begins at 7:00. She will be discussing the myths and facts about a climate friendly vegan diet.  A donation of $5 is requested.  The climate/diet team of 350Marin is doing wonderful work here in our county to raise awareness of the role that animal agriculture plays in climate change.  Let's support them on September 19 and celebrate Colleen Patrick Goudreau, too.  Here is the invitation from the climate/diet team:

Our Climate-Diet Team of 350Marin is addressing the connection between what we eat and the climate crisis. So you’ve changed your light bulbs, shortened your showers, been riding your bike, and/ or installed solar panels. What’s next? Building on our commitment to reversing climate change, many are turning to the vegan solution to reduce greenhouse gases. We invite your curiosity and open mind as we look at the myths and facts about living vegan.
Come hear Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (and bring a friend along) to our upcoming event called “Explore the Compassionate Diet”.
This event is our attempt to promote a culture of support and guidance for all who are transitioning to, or considering, a vegan life to heal the planet, the people, and the animals.

Hold the Date
Sunday, October 1, 10:00 - 6:00
San Francisco World Veg Fest
The 18th annual World Veg Fest will be  held at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park on Sunday, October 1 from 10 AM until 6 PM. See the schedule and speakers and buy advanced tickets at  Come enjoy vegan food demos, speakers, exhibitors and food vendors who all share a vegan world view.

Unintended Consequences and New Ballot Initiative
When Proposition 2 passed in 2008, proponents talked about farmed animals having enough room to stand up, turn around, and stretch.  It was presumed that this would mean cage-free birds, but instead, in many places farmers just put fewer birds in each cage.  Now a new ballot initiative is collecting signatures. It would require  cage free birds in all egg laying facilities in the state, and larger confinement parameters for other animals as well.  I have mixed feelings about most animal welfare efforts, as I would rather see an end to animal agriculture, not just incremental improvements in an altogether unnecessary and cruel system of exploitation.  (See below about my new, favorite book that explains why piecemeal improvements miss the big picture and make us feel good, but do not value non-human animals' lives.) Here's a story from the LA Times about the new ballot initiative: And here is the story from the San Francisco Chronicle:

My New Favorite Book
Farm to Fable: The Fictions of Our Animal Consuming Culture by Robert Grillo
is my new favorite book. With a foreword by Carol J. Adams, the book calls for truth-centered advocacy to counter the lies that keep animals oppressed. This is the best writing I've come across to expose the hypocrisy of Temple Grandin, the cloudy thinking of Joel Salatin, and the inherent cruelty in the  belief that there is a right/better/acceptable way to breed, mutilate, confine, kill and eat animals. Farm to Fable explains how deeply ingrained the message is in  our society that animals exist for our dining pleasure.  I loved every page of this important book.
You can buy the book wherever books are sold. I like  Robert Grillo is the director of Free from Harm, and I will be paying more attention to that organization now. Here is an inspiring, recent story about a "humane" farmer who went vegan that was shared by Free From Harm:  

Veganic Farming
Most vegans look for organic food when shopping.  Yet most organic food is grown with the byproducts of animal agriculture: bone meal, feathers, blood and more. This recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle begins with  vegan philosophy and then talks about veganic farming as the logical next step in cruelty-free eating. Here is an excerpt: "Based on a vegan diet that includes a range of vegetables, fruit, legumes and grains and using veganic farming methods, he found that it would require 100 million to 200 million acres a year. U.S. farms currently take up 1.1 billion acres, with 700 million devoted to animal grazing. That doesn’t include all the land used to grow grain to feed animals."  I found the whole article interesting.

18th Century Advocate Was a Trailblazer
I liked this story from the New York Times about an 18th century vegetarian, anti-slavery activist. Not completely non-violent, he stopped at nothing to speak out against injustice.

Animal Rights Center in Berkeley
T-Shirt and Matching Grant for New Members
During the month of September every new member who joins the Animal Rights Center in Berkeley will earn an additional $100 grant to the center from a matching donor. And every new member will also receive a t-shirt promoting the ARC.   The center exists to build a strong and effective movement for animals. Membership starts at $15 a month.  Learn more about ARC and sign up to become a member at

"Clean Meat" On the Rise
There is something disturbing to me about this new movement to create animal flesh without hurting animals. While it would be better for the environment and for the animals, it perpetuates the myth that we need animal flesh to thrive.  Here is a video from Hampton Creek Foods about "clean meat." To me, the most frustrating statement in the short video is this; "In all honesty, people are going to eat meat." If all the energy, creativity and money being used to develop "clean meat" went instead to promoting a vegan way of life, I think the world would be much better for it.

Never Too Late to Go Vegan on Sale in September
The e-book edition of Never Too Late to Go Vegan will be discounted to $1.99 on all digital platforms (ibooks, Kindle, Nook) during the month of September.  If you haven't read this practical book by Carol J. Adams, Patti Breitman (me), and Virginia Messina, this is an affordable way to do it.  The book is for anyone over 50 who wants to thrive as a vegan.

Daiya Sold to Pharmaceutical Company
Daiya, one of the earliest producers of a meltable, vegan cheese has been sold to Otsuka, a Japan-based pharmaceutical company. Many vegans are heartsick to know that the cheese is now owned by a company that routinely tests on animals.  Here is the story from VegNews:   And here from Plant Based News, is a call to sign a petition to stop the sale (too late, I believe, as the sale has been finalized):

T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Thomas Campbell, MD
Expose Misleading Theme and Sham Science in Popular Book
A successful new book called The Plant Paradox claims that lectins are highly toxic and the cause of much ill health.  In this scathing review, the doctors Campbell explain how an author can sound credible while having a tenuous grasp of science and a lack of understanding of what it means to be published in a peer reviewed journal.  I found this fascinating, as so many authors claim to have found "the secret to good health," and persuade the reader to believe them.   Read it here:

John McDougall, MD Exposes Misleading Study Released This Week
Another doctor who sees red when misleading studies confuse the public is Dr. John McDougall. Here he explains that a study looking at carbohydrates does not distinguish between whole food starches (potatoes, squashes, grains) and cakes, candy, white bread and other processed foods.

Hold the Dates, But Register Soon
April 6 - 15, 2018
Vegan Trip to Vietnam with Colleen Patrick Goudreau
If enough people sign up, Colleen Patrick Goudreau will be leading a vegan tour of Northern Vietnam in April of next year.  See the itinerary, learn more about this exciting adventure, and sign up for it at  The trip is limited to 22 people, and the sooner you register, the better your accommodations may be on parts of the journey.

In last month's newsletter I praised Canada's new dietary guidelines and berated the U.S. policies.  Thanks to Michele Simon, Executive Director of the Plant Based Food Association for setting the record straight. Here, in her words, is a more accurate account:  "In fact, the proposed US dietary guidelines also emphasized plant-based over animal foods, for both health and the planet. So we are really at the same stage now, with a proposal in Canada. The question is whether they can resist the political pressures of Big Meat, which of course our government could not. Stay tuned!" 

More in September
Look for a restaurant outing, a book club meeting, and more in September. As always, be sure to look at  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. Also, check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is   And The San Francisco Veg Society at www. also has events that might lure you over the bridge.  


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