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August, 2017
Marin Vegetarian Education Group

Thee was good news about vegan food from Canada, Argentina, and India recently. New ice cream flavors, vegan meals in Fairfax, a surprising review of What the Health, and much more are all featured below. Be sure to mark you calendar for VegFest on Saturday, August 12. This popular, annual , celebration of vegan living is sponsored by Sonoma County's Compassionate Living, and you won't want to miss it.

Saturday, August 12
Sonoma VegFest
The fourth annual Sonoma County Veg Fest will be held from 11AM to 5 PM on Saturday, August 12 at the Luther Burbank Center for The Arts (50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa). You will not want to miss this stellar celebration of healthy, ethical eating. Learn more about the speakers, sponsors, cooking demos, films and more at

Saturday, August 19
Michael Goldberg's New Novel and
Virtual Reality Helping Animals
Long time animal rights activist Michael Goldberg will be reading from his new rock and roll novel, Untitled, at the Octopus Library Salon (2101 Webster St., Oakland) from 7 to 9 PM on Saturday, August 19. When not writing, Michael has been participating in weekly vigils at Petaluma Poultry. He shared this link to a story from the NY Times about how virtual reality is being used to call attention to the cruelty in animal agriculture. Thanks, Michael, and good luck with the book!

Taste Kitchen and Table in Fairfax Offering Vegan Dinners on Thursdays
Taste at 71 Broadway in Fairfax is mostly a breakfast and lunch restaurant. If you tell them to hold the egg, the Popeye bowl is a good vegan option there, although there aren't many. Starting in July, they began offering vegan dinner on Thursdays. (And Paleo dinners on Wednesdays). The menu will change weekly, according to the Marin IJ. Here's the whole story, but you have to read past the part about eating fish in Tiburon:

Corporate Lobbyists Not Welcome in Canada Food Policy Making

The Canadian government released a draft of its new food guidelines, and there is an explicit move away from the influence of industry. Unlike the U.S. dietary guidelines, these proposed guidelines urge more plant based foods and recommend cutting back on meat and dairy. Thanks to The Food Revolution Network for sending this exciting news. Read more here:

Argentina Goes Vegan on Mondays
In Argentina, the Casa Rosada,or Pink House is the equivalent of the White House in the U.S. The Pink House announced last month that it would observe vegan Mondays. This is surprising and exciting news from Argentina,? where a love of meat and cowboy culture are enmeshed in the country's self image. Thanks to for sharing this story:? ?

Air India Going Vegan in Coach
Thanks to Mercy for Animals for this great news. All meals served in coach on Air India will now be vegan. This is a very big airline, and this means a great number of animals' lives will be spared. Here is the story:

Vegan Vending Machines on the Way
Thanks to Judith G. for sharing the good news that vegan vending machines are on the way. Vegnews reported that healthy snacks are now available from machines at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA, and San Francisco can expect healthy meals from machine as soon as this month. Read more at these two sites:

Miyoko's Move to Petaluma
We send our best wishes and congratulations to Miyoko Schinner as her cheese making facilities for Miyoko's Kitchen move to Petaluma. Here is a short video of Miyoko showing off the new space.

Vegans on the Rise
Gratitude to Jack Norris for sending this happy report recently. In his own words: The number of adult vegans in the U.S. has gone up about 7-fold since the mid-90s, from about half a million to about 3.7 million. The numbers are based on the VRG [Vegetarian Resource Group] polls which have shown a consistent increase in? vegans over the 22 years they've been conducting them. They are the most reliable polls, in my opinion, and definitely the most reliable in tracking the change in numbers over time given how consistently they've been conducted. ? Jack's excellent website is

A Brief History of Veganism
Victoria Moran, one of my favorite authors and people, wrote an essay about how veganism has changed over the decades, and how the tension between plant based advocates and vegan advocates sometimes threatens to split the vegan community instead of uniting it. See what you think.

Ginny Messina, The Vegan RD Reviews What the Health
Speaking of the tension between plant based advocates and vegans, Virginia Messina, The Vegan RD explains why she and other vegan dieticians? do not approve of the message being shared in What the Health. She wasn't going to review the film, but saw so many non-vegans criticizing the movie, that she thought that she should weigh in as a vegan. If you've read Even Vegans Die,? you won't be surprised by her message here:?

VegReady Meals Soon to Be Available
Bay Area local Mark Perlmutter has a new vegan start up that will be offering ready to eat vegan meals delivered to your home or office. But this is different from other vegan food delivery services. You will be able to custom order meals to taste, or doctors can prescribe meals for health conditions. You will be able to use their proprietary algorithm to get recommendaions of which of their 200 meals match your individual DNA. These meals will be shelf stable and need no refrigeration. Learn what others are saying about VegReady and sign up to be the first to know when it's available.
More Vegan Ice Cream Options
Haagen Dazs Adds Four Vegan Flavors
Now that Ben and Jerry's ice cream includes dairy free options in their line up of frozen desserts, Haagen Dazs lost no time in joining the vegan trend. The giant ice cream company just added four new vegan flavors, but for now they are available only at Target stores. Discover what the new flavors are at

Jewish Vegan Activism
A Jewish organization in Phoenix is offering $5000 to synagogues that will go vegan for a year. And check out the wonderful organization,? a terrific resource whether or not your synagogue signs up for the vegan challenge. Here's the scoop on the grant for going vegan:

    World School Milk Day Meets Resistance
Hold the Date: Saturday, September 30
Since 2000 there has been a World School Milk Day sponsored by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization. This year for the first time, people are countering the pro dairy message. Thanks to Seed the Commons, on Saturday, September 30 from 10 AM until 4 PM there will be a counter celebration promoting nondairy alternatives at the Eric Quezada Cultural Center (518 Valencia, San Francisco). For more information and to sign up go to

New Book Edited by Paul Hawken called Drawdown
Highlights Dietary Changes to Fight Climate Change
Paul Hawken's new book Drawdown explains the science behind 80 recommended ways to stop climate change.Switching to a plant based diet is listed at number 4 in effectiveness.? Read more about the facts behind this dietary method for slowing climate change at And read a review of the book at

Good Web Site; Good Information
Backyard Chickens and Ethical Choices
I just discovered All American Vegan, and I like their website. This is a link to a blog on that site, about eating animals raised in your own backyard. It is very well written and covers the topic thoroughly.

More In August

Check out these sites to see what else you can do in August: and There is a vegan book group, restaurant outings and more. Also, check out Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is and The San Francisco Veg Society at www.

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