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November, 2016
Marin Vegetarian Education Group

There is so much to be grateful for, it's shame that we are reminded of our good fortune only one day a year.  I am thankful for loyal friends, dear family, a warm and safe place to sleep every night, and enough material wealth that I can share some with others - of my own species and many not my own.  May Thanksgiving be a day of contentment and abundance, however you celebrate it. Below are a few options:

Thanksgiving Dinners

Compassionate Living
Join our good friends in Sonoma County for their annual Thanksgiving Potluck Feast at 3:00 on Thursday, November 24. The party takes place at Monroe Hall, 1400 West College Avenue in Santa Rosa.  To see what you should bring - in addition to any vegan Thanksgiving feast food - visit  For any additional questions, write to

The San Francisco Veg Society is hosting its 4th annual vegan and raw Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, November 24 at Pena Pachamama Restaurant and with chef Jillian Love. Dinner is from 5 - 10 PM ($45, under 12 $30).   You can come also for only dessert and live music and dancing after 8 PM ($15).  See the enticing four course menu and sign up at

Sanctuary Bistro
Even thought this fabulous vegan restaurant in Berkeley is not open on Thanksgiving, you can order a Thanksgiving meal to go by November 14 and pick it up the morning of Wednesday, November 23, provided that they are not at capacity by November 14.  In other words, order your meal asap! Check out the menu at  Then call  the restaurant at 510-558-3381 to place your order.

Animal Place on November 5
There is still room at Animal Place in Grass Valley for their Thank the Turkeys celebration on Saturday, November 5.  Learn more and register at   First you can watch the turkeys enjoy their special meal, and even help feed them. Then Miyoko Schinner will be speaking before a catered vegan dinner is served.  By participating in this wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, you will be supporting the good work of Animal Place where they recently placed 320 rescued chickens in safe homes, and where they offer guided tours to children and adults whose lives are changed when they meet the animals and become their friends.

Farm Sanctuary

I wasn't fast enough this year! The Farm Sanctuary Thanksgiving Celebration for the Turkeys on November 5 in Orland, CA is sold out already. Yikes!  I'll try to include it next year in the October newsletter.  If you want to  see what you will be missing , go to  And please forgive me!

Adopt a Turkey
If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving by countering the ubiquitous, annoying message of those who call it "turkey day,"  you can adopt a turkey for a $30 contribution to Farm Sanctuary.  You won't actually  take the bird home, but your gift will help to feed and care for turkeys at Farm Sanctuary in NY and in CA.  To learn more go to:

Beyond Meat Making Headlines
Tyson Foods, the largest animal processor on the planet, has invested in Beyond Meat's new vegan burger. As usual, I have conflicted feelings about an animals-as-food corporation like Tyson getting on board with a start up company whose mission is to get people to stop eating meat. Yes, it will expand the market for the vegan burgers. But it puts money into the pockets of people who profit primarily from the breeding, confining and slaughter of animals. Another investor is General Mills. And a third is Don Thompson who used to be the CEO of McDonald's.  Isn't the world interesting?!  A 25 year veteran at McDonald's and a corporate multi-national meat processing company investing in a new vegan burger company?!   Read about the investment here:  And read about Don Thompson here:  For a vegan take on this whole story - including an optimistic prediction about protein sources in the future - here is a piece from Mercy for Animals:

Veggie Grill News
Veggie Grill will be offering the new Beyond Meat burger at its restaurants soon. The manager at the Corte Madera restaurant said to expect it "possibly for the winter menu." Read more about that here:   And the Veggie Grill chain will be expanding beyond California.  I don't know if the $22 million that the chain now has to expand its reach is related to the investment from Tyson in the Beyond Meat burger.  I hope not, but it seems like a big coincidence to me.   Here's the story about Veggie Grill's expansion, with no mention of Tyson:  Am I too cynical? In this case, I hope so!

Sonoma VegFest Videos Available for Viewing
If you missed the Sonoma VegFest in August, you can now watch video recordings of the speakers' talks.  Marji Beach from Animal Place discusses the myth of humane farming.  True North Healthy's Dr. Michael Klaper talks about good news in plant based nutrition. Cogen  Bohanec addresses "The Ultimate Betrayal."  And Laurie Powell sings thought-provoking songs with enlightening commentary.  Here's where to watch:

Trip Advisor to Stop Selling Animal Attraction Travel
Wild animals will breathe easier now that Trip Advisor is stopping its sale of tickets to "attractions" that harm them.  Swimming with dolphins, elephant rides, and other events that attract tourists, but hurt animals, will now be off the list of adventures offered by Trip Advisor and its partner Viator.  Hooray for this important change in policy! May it be copied by other companies around the world!  Read the National Geographic article that reported this good news:

A Rancher Who Has a Change of Heart
Here is a heartwarming story about what can happen when a rancher falls in love with a woman who loves animals:  It's one of the most inspiring back stories I know about the creation of an animal sanctuary.  This is a lesson in never saying never. We all have the capacity to change and evolve. (If anyone knows Nicolette Hahn Niman, please share this with her. It astounds and saddens me that she, a vegetarian, continues to work on the Niman family ranch.)

Is Sugar Vegan?
Many vegans avoid sugar for health reasons. But some also avoid it because it often is whitened using animal bones.  Here is an article that explains the process and that includes a list sugar companies that do not use animal bones for whitening.

Redwood Bark Explores Veganism
A student at Redwood High School interviewed me for an article she was writing for the school paper, The Redwood Bark.  Here is Alexandra Lee's thoughtful  investigation into veganism:

What Else Might You Do in November?
As always, take a look at  and  to find out what's happening in the coming weeks. Also, stay current with Compassionate Living in Sonoma County. Their web site is  And the San Francisco Veg Society offers weekly dinners and much more. Find them at www.  


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