Subject: more from Marin VEG
From: Patti Breitman
Date: 2016-09-02 5:06 PM
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Update from The Marin Vegetarian Education Group

Timing is everything. Today I saw two interesting articles, just one day too late to include in the September newsletter. Sorry to clog your inbox, but I thought you would want to read these.

In honor of Labor Day, I offer deep bows of gratitude to the people who grow our food. And to The Food Empowerment Project for always including farm workers and their families in the circle of compassion. 

We Pose a Threat
I was thrilled to see an article in Beef Magazine that shows how afraid of vegans and animal rights activists beef and dairy farmers are. Thanks to United Poultry Concerns for sharing this heartening article.  We have a long way to go to eliminate animal agriculture.  But given that the people who raise animals for food are attending our conferences and writing about the threat to their industry from the growing numbers of vegans, we know we are on the right track. (It's also interesting to note what ads pop up when you are reading Beef Magazine. Advertisers certainly know how to target their audience,  and do not cater to vegans who read magazines about raising animals for food.)

GMO Labeling Can Lead to More Transparency
In today's New York Times Mark Bittman puts a positive spin on the less than ideal law that was passed recently requiring labeling of genetically modified foods.  He makes me feel better about what he calls "the weakest labeling law imaginable."  Here is his take on why this first GMO labeling law can spark a transparency revolution: