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Marin Vegetarian Education Group
September, 2016

Congratulations and thanks to Compassionate Living for the very successful Sonoma VegFest! In their spacious new venue in Santa Rosa, the vendors, presenters and attendees all had a splendid time and learned a lot.  If you missed it, or if you want another good time and a great veg education, come to the San Francisco World VegFest in October.  Read more about it at the end, below.

Vegan Diet Blamed for Muscle Mass Loss
There seems to be an increase in the numbers of vegans in the news, but it's not always with a pro-vegan message.  The 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made headlines when he would not stand during the national anthem before a game, in protest against the way people of color have been oppressed and killed.  In the ensuing media coverage his veganism was blamed for his recent weight loss and loss of muscle mass.  If, instead of spreading falsehoods about muscle mass in vegans, the reporters would look at vegan athletes, we might get a more accurate picture of what a vegan diet - and exercise - can do. Look at these vegan athletes, just for an idea of what is possible:

Herbivore Closed
I cannot find any articles that explain the whole story, but all three Herbivore restaurants, two in San Francisco and one in Berkeley, have closed.  Since 1987 these were among my favorite places for vegan comfort food.  The music was usually too loud, the food wasn't organic, and parking was challenging.  But they did offer delicious, vegan food favorites, and I was a frequent diner at all three.  I'm sorry to see them gone.

Animal Related Films Reviewed

The Animals And Society Institute now offers film reviews for movies about animals. The reviewer is Dr. Pete Porter, Professor and Chair of Theater and Film at Eastern Washington University. The Animals and Society Institute does a lot of good work behind the scenes to help shape our thinking about and improve our relationship with nonhuman animals. Part of their work includes helping courts in animal abuse cases and offering counseling to stop the animal abuse-human abuse cycle. Read the film reviews here:

Just Mayo In Another Fight
The founder of Hampton Creek's Just Mayo, having prevailed in an attack by the USDA's Egg Board for daring to call his product mayo despite its not having eggs in it, now faces accusations from the Securities and Exchange Commission of having manipulated sales of its product. Here is one of many stories in the news about the allegations:

Josh Tetrick Responds

And here is Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick responding:

My mother is fond of saying that there are three sides to every story: one view, the other view, and the truth.  I will be interested to learn what happens in the next chapter of the mayo saga. I love Just Mayo, the product and the name.  I hope they prevail and thrive.

Woman Arrested for Offering Water to Pigs
Anita Krajnc was arrested in Ontario for offering water to pigs on their way to slaughter.    I agree with Katie Cantrell of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition who asked ". . .why people are heroes if they rescue dogs from hot cars, but criminals if they give a bit of relief to pigs in hot trucks."  You can read the story here:

Italian Bill Would Criminalize Vegan Parents
Just a month after the mayor of  Turin, Italy announced a campaign to encourage vegan diets, a member of Parliament in Italy has proposed making it illegal to raise a child  as a vegan in that country. The proposed legislation is in response to one child, hospitalized for undernourishment, who was being raised as a vegan (by a mother uneducated in what a baby needs to thrive).  There were dozens of news reports on this. Here is one of the few that balances the news with facts about raising vegan children.

Misogyny, Politics, and Meat Eating
For an update on how the sexual politics of meat are playing out in today's election campaign,  check out this insightful article from Carol J. Adams.  It is disheartening how long animal rights activists and feminists have been fighting for women and for animals to be seen as whole, valuable individuals and not commodified.
And here is a review in The National Catholic Reporter of the 25th Anniversary edition of Adams' book The Sexual Politics of Meat
I am awed by Carol Adams' brilliant mind and huge heart. And I am honored to be her co-author and friend.

Veggie Burgers in New York Times

Times are changing.  The front page of the Food section of the New York Times on August 31 featured a story about the popularity of veggie burgers at more and more upscale, not necessarily vegetarian restaurants in New York.  Not all of the burgers they talk about are vegan, but many are. And the fact that these burgers are so popular that the Times is writing about them tells me that vegan food has arrived.  Okay, Marin is still lagging. But the rest of the world seems to be catching on.  Here is the story from the Times:

What is Happening in September

A potluck at a Shakespeare play, outreach and leafletting, book clubs, restaurants, speakers and socializing . . .Take a look at and to see what is happening in September.   And also look at and to see what's going on in Sonoma and San Francisco.

Hold the Dates
October 8 and 9
San Francisco VegFest
Celebrate the best of vegan San Francisco at the annual World VegFest in Golden Gate Park on Saturday and Sunday, October 8 and 9.  Listen to experts speakers, learn new recipes, watch food demonstrations, sample delicious food from local vendors, and meet or catch up with new and old veg friends from throughout the Bay Area.
See the schedule, read about the speakers here:



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