Hello Marin VEG readers,

I hope you are enjoying this warm weather!
Here is another update:

Oakland VegFest
Saturday, May 21
From 11 AM until 5 PM on Saturday, May 21, The Oakland VegFest will be offering speakers, food, samples, vendors and great educational sessions. The action takes place at the Lake Merrit Amphitheater.  The sponsor list is impressive. Check it out and learn more at http://oaklandveg.com/ovf-home/overview/

Peaceful Protest of the Humane Hoax
Sunday, May 22
Join Hope Bohanec, author of The Ultimate Betrayal, and other caring people  at a peaceful protest at the Mill Valley Whole Foods Market  (414 Miller Ave.) on Sunday, May 22  at 11:00 AM
This is a meetup event, so it would be great if you would sign up to say you are going:

Learn how to create a vegan centered business
Millennium chef Eric Tucker along with Miyoko Schinner, Chef AJ, Lani Muelrath, Jason Wrobel,  Doug Graham, and  dozens of other chefs, business leaders and entrepreneurs are offering a free on-line seminar on starting a vegan business.  It's called The Tasty Life, and it will teach you how to turn your love of healthy food into a creative business that serves the world.  Jennifler Cornbleet is hosting this inspiring program, and you can  learn more and sign up at http://thetastylifesummit.com/?utm_source=EricT

Salmon to be fed algae for omega-3 fatty acids
A front page story in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 14 reported that farmed salmon (where 70% of the salmon eaten globally is grown today) will now be fed an algae instead of sardines, anchovies, and other forage fish.  Vegans have known for years that fish don't create omega-3s, it's in the algae they eat.  And vegans, too, eat the algae in the form of omega-3 supplements.  Now, one company, Terra Via, will be supplying algae to farmed fish. Given that it takes more than a pound of wild fish to produce one pound of farmed fish, this move will save many millions of smaller fish.  Read the story here: http://www.sfchronicle.com/food/article/A-new-way-to-feed-farmed-salmon-could-take-7468102.php

Yoga and Lunch at Sanctuary Bistro
Starting June 2,  Sanctuary Bistro (1019 Camlia Stree, Berkeley) will be offering a Yoga and Lunch series with Jenny Love. Learn more and see all the other wonderful programs/exhibits and events this restaurant is hosting at http://www.sanctuarybistro.com/index/events/vegan-events-in-the-bay-area/ Sanctuary Bistro is not far from the Richmond Bridge. Well worth the trip for weekend brunch,  or lunch and dinner any day (except Tuesdays when it's closed).

Sunday, June 5  at 11 AM
Vegan Soul Sunday
Have a blast with Vegan Outreach, the Bay Area Black Nurses Association and CelebDJs.com at the third annual Vegan Soul Sunday.  It will be held at the Claremont Middle School, 5750 College Ave., Oakland.  This is a sumptuous experience celebrating the multi-cultural vegan lifestyle in the East Bay. Well worth a trip over the bridge!  The keynote speaker is David Carter, the former NFL Oakland Raider, also known as the 300 pound vegan, and his wife Paige Carter.  Vendors include Millennium, Sanctuary Bistro, Obsessive Confection Disorder and many more. Bee Uytiepo will be leading one of the three workshops, and dancing and music will be all day long.  The event is free, but contributions will be welcome.  For more information and to register, go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vegan-soul-sunday-tickets-24551703807

Gluten Video Follow Up
Thanks to everyone who wrote about the last newsletter's video about gluten free diets.  I'm glad that many of you found it entertaining. And I'm grateful for those who wrote to share information. I  did not look into these reports myself, but encourage you to do more research if the subject is of interest.

One reader wrote " . . .wanted to interject this cautionary statement about people not realizing the connection between autoimmune diseases (and there are many; just saw a list of 100 possibilities) and gluten sensitivity.  I’ve had autoimmune diseases for many years (Hashimoto’s, psoriasis), but was not aware that there was a connection with gluten until I heard Dr. Alan Goldhammer of TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa talk about it at a conference last year and began eating gluten-free (and then followed up by researching it on-line to confirm of course).So people might not be aware of that connection and therefore not realize they have a gluten sensitivity.  They might not even be aware that their condition is considered auto-immune (e.g. fibromyalgia, RA, lupus, crohn’s, etc.)."

Another wrote  "Did you know most conventional wheat is soaked in glyphosate (a Roundup herbicide) before it is harvested? We ALL must stop purchasing it (whether you are gluten-free or not) as a collective group - or they will keep doing it. Buy only organic wheat, if you must, while this food revolution continues. Demand better foods with your dollars."

Again, I thank everyone who wrote.