Marin Vegetarian Education Group
February  2016

Happy February! This year we get an extra day; what fun!

My flower report: On shady, moist trails, look for fetid adder's tongue, the graceful, delicate flower that smells like rotting flesh. They are abundant right now on the Pipeline Trail in Deer Park and around Lake Lagunitas. Seeing them, and seeing any new wild flower of the season, always gives my heart a lift.

Here's to twenty nine days of things that surprise and delight you!

Saturday, February 6
Cooking Class with Syndee Collison
On Saturday, February 6 from 11:30 to 3:30, join Syndee Collison for her popular vegan cooking class at her home in San Rafael. The class is titled Healthy and Tasty, Together We Cook and the recipes are all vegan and delicious, mostly gluten free and easy to prepare.  There are only 3 places left in this small, hands on class so sign up today.  The cost is $70, and the menu includes salads, scrambles, sauces, wraps and brownies. To sign up and learn the address contact Syndee at 415-215-9802 or at

Friday, February 19
Vegan Inspired Business Empowerment - VIBE
If you run a vegan inspired business of any kind - body work, retail, food related, not for profit, or any thing else -  you may want to become a member of VIBE.  Whereas most non-vegan business leaders meet over meals that make us cringe, VIBE offers networking and friendship, shared resources, workshops and fundraising opportunities for professionals who share your vegan values.  The next meeting of VIBE will be on Friday, February 19 from 12:30 to 2:30 PM at 3 Potato 4 at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.  To learn more, to RSVP, or to ask for an application to join VIBE write to  And you can look at their Facebook page at

For more goings on of every kind in February, look to and

Vegan Butter from Miyoko's Kitchen
Congratulations and abundant thanks to Miyoko's Kitchen for creating vegan butter! This new product is supposed to be in most Northern California Whole Foods Markets now or very soon.  As Miyoko's Kitchen says, you can melt it, cream it, beat it, whip it, spread it, and more!

Tesla Offers Vegan Seats
Last month, the car manufacturer Tesla announced that it was responding to its vegan drivers who objected to the leather seats in their luxury, electric cars. Tessla now offers faux leather seats.  An article in the New York Times on January 15 said, "Perhaps it was inevitable. After all, celebrities like Beyonce and Brad Pitt have given the vegan lifestyle gloss, while its growing number of adherents have pushed restaurant and food companies to create more palatable plant based products that mimic meat and dairy items."   Jack Norris, RD, of Vegan Outreach is mentioned in the article, pointing out when enough people make noise, companies listen.  The article goes on to relate that Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari and Lexus all offer faux leather options. Read the whole article to see how the luxury car industry is trying to appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

Vegan Butcher Shop Opens in Minneapolis
California is not always first in innovative, vegan ideas. In January in Minneapolis a brother and sister team opened the world's first vegan butcher shop called The Herbivorous Butcher.  Aubry and Kale Walch have received world wide attention for this oxymoron of a store.  Here is a short video news report of their opening day. (There is a 17 second ad before the news report.)

Swiss Vegan Challenges Military
Another oxymoron came up last month in the story about a Swiss man who was discharged from the Swiss army for refusing to wear leather boots. I could never wrap my mind around vegans in the military, even though in Israel it is so common that there are vegan options at all meals in their military.  Call me naive, but I never even knew that Switzerland had an army! My research found that, as in Israel, military service is compulsory (for men in Switzerland, and for men and women in Israel). And this article about the leather boots taught me something disturbing about  school food in Denmark. Read the article here:

Cowspiracy Now on Netflix
The feature film Cowspiracy is about environmental organizations that refuse to acknowledge animal agriculture's role in climate change.  This short trailer for the film is powerful.  The film is available from Netflix now, and Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on as an executive producer.  Learn about this new platform for this important film here:   Watch the trailer here:

Dedicated Volunteer Needed
Eat, Drink, Politics works to counter industry harm to improve public health. Attorney Michele Simon of Eat, Drink, Politics is looking for a volunteer for 10-20 hours a week to help her launch a new project to give a collective voice to plant based food companies. Read more about it here, and contact Michele if you are interested. Please share Michele's search widely.

Vegetarian or Vegan Roommate Sought
A very large room (252 sf) is available in a vegetarian home in northern San Rafael. The room features wooden floors, a wall of closets, lots of sun and air conditioning, beautiful views and two storage areas. The renter would share a bathroom with one other person.  The rent is $975. Contact Louise at


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