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Over the years we have come to trust a number of experts in vegetarian and vegan health and nutrition. Please let us know if any of these web sites is no longer available. This web site from Dr. Michael Greger shares peer reviewed, published studies about nutrition and health. Dr. Greger is the author of How Not to Die, and you can sign up for free, daily emails that summarize the latest in nutrition research.   Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine promotes nutrition, preventive medicine, ethical research practices, and compassionate medical policy. Founder and director Neal Barnard, M.D. is the author of Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes, Food for Life, Foods That Fight Pain, Breaking the Food Seduction and many other books about food and health. A new web site launched by PCRM with vegan recipes, nutrition tips, and information about diseases. Dr. John McDougall is a physician and bestselling author who offers a free monthly on-line newsletter, adventure vacations, and a 10-day live-in program to help learn how to regain health through healthy lifestyle choices. True North Health is the website of the residential health education program run by Dr. Alan Goldhamer in Penngrove (in Sonoma county). In addition to the live-in program that specializes in water  fasting and health education, Dr. Goldhamer is the coauthor with Dr. Douglas Lisle of The Pleasure Trap, a terrific book about why we love processed, high-fat foods, and how to learn to love health promoting whole foods. The website of Caldwell B. Esselstyn, M.D., author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Wonderful site about the vitally important book by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. Run by Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. Terrific site where you can read news about the benefits of a low fat, plant based diet. You can also order his CDs, year by year summaries of nutritional studies. And sign up for his free email newsletter. This is the most trusted source for up to date information about eating a healthy plant based diet. Jack Norris is a cofounder of VeganOutreach, and a meticulous reporter on all things vegan as they are published in the nutritional journals. Virginia Messina is the creator of this excellent web site that covers issues of interest to vegans.  Everyone can learn from her wise perspective, and long time vegans, especially, would do well to sign up for her blog. This is the site of the Vegetarian Resource Group, a national information base for all things vegetarian. They offer a college scholarship for vegetarian students and provide the media with statistics and facts about vegetarianism. Not recommended for its recipes, but for everything else. Vegan recipes, links to other sites, discussions, health resources. Like a Readers Digest for any news of interest to vegetarians.


Many vegans and vegetarians gather regularly to dine out in Marin County. Find them at The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the San Francisco Bay Area - helps you locate vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Bay Area cities and rate/review your favorites. Helps you locate vegetarian-friendly restaurants in cities in the U.S. and all over the world. Another great web site to help you find veg-friendly eating establishments in cities around the world. Raw Vegan Information.

Helping Animals: Animal Place is a farm sanctuary that saves lives and promotes compassion. They have volunteer work parties throughout the year where you can get dirty with the animals and meet other compassionate people. This farm sanctuary - with one campus in California and one in upstate New York - specializes in rescue, education and advocacy for animals raised for food. They have a vegan Thanksgiving dinner every year where visitors can feed the turkeys from silver platters. This is the website for the Farm Animal Rights Movement, advocates of a plant based diet and creators of the Great American Meat Out and World Farm Animal Day. Viva USA investigates factory farming and follows up with campaign materials for activists. This is the group that helped get Whole Foods Markets to insist that the animals sold there were humanely raised. They also helped get the founder of Whole Foods to go vegan. Vegan Outreach publishes effective posters and brochures for activists, including Why Vegan, Try Vegetarian, and Even If You Like Meat. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is the best known and largest organization working for animal rights.  ASI is where knowledge and science meet ethics and compassion. This unique organization helps stop the cycle of violence against animals and humans; promotes public policy that protects animals, and helped to create a new field of study at the university level on human-animal studies. MarinVEG founder Patti Breitman is on the advisory council of ASI. In Defense of Animals is a wonderful, national organization headquartered in Marin County that protects the rights and habitats of animals.

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These websites sell merchandise for the compassionate consumer who wants to stay well:

Other Vegetarian Resources: The San Francisco Vegetarian Society is more than 30 years old and still going strong. They sponsor speakers, pot-luck dinners, restaurant outings and more. Compassionate Cooks offers cooking classes, nutrition workshops, and a helpful and fun instructional DVD called Vegetarian Cooking. Healing Cuisine is Meredith McCarty's health-supporting not for profit organization. They offer lectures, cooking classes cookbooks, educational field trips to farmers' markets, and more. This is the website of the Center for Informed Food Choices. This group works to expose and fight back against the corporate influence on food policy.  They offer a free, on-line monthly newsletter. The environmental Education Council of Marin works to educate educators and communities about healthy school lunches and other wise choices for the planet. Founded by John Robbins in the 1980s, EarthSave promotes a healthy, plant-based diet.

Patti Breitman's Recommendations:

Facebook page for Muslim vegetarians (Christian Veg Society)>


Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows by Melanie Joy

Farm to Fable by Robert Grillo

How to Create a Vegan World by Tobias Leenaert


The Four Ingredient Vegan by Marybeth Abrams

The Peaceful Palate by Jennifer Raymond

Plus the asterisked books below:

My Books:

*How to Eat Like a Vegetarian Even If You Never Want to Be One (with Carol J. Adams)

*Never Too Late to Go Vegan (with Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina)

Even Vegans Die (with Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina)

How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty (with Connie Hatch)

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